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Cricket launches LG Optimus C, shows off 2 new Androids, gears up for 4G LTE

Now that T-Mobile is going away, I wanted to focus on some of the value carriers that are beginning to embrace Android. Cricket Wireless started offering their first Android phone last August and soon their lineup will grow to five handsets. This bargain carrier operates the seventh largest network in the US with coverage in all 50 states and offers no-contract, flat-rate plans. Could Cricket be your next carrier? Read on after the jump to see what they are up to.

LG Optimus C

This week Cricket started selling the LG Optimus C for $129 after a $50 mail in rebate. The Optimus C is one of the cheapest Android phones around, but it is also one of my favorite entry-level models. Virgin Mobile has been selling the same phone since last month and it has been so popular that it sold out everywhere.

Cricket’s Android plans start at $55 per month, but that includes unlimited everything and there is no contract to sign. We would like to see some lower tiered plans for Android (like Virgin’s $25 per month), but it still beats the unlimited offerings of all the post-paid carriers.

Huawei Ascend 2 and Samsung Indulge

Samsung Indulge via Engadget.

Most of Cricket’s Android phones have been on the low-end, but that is about to change soon. This week at CTIA, Cricket showed off their version of the Samsung Indulge which features a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. It is similar to a Galaxy S in terms of specs, but it features a smaller non-AMOLED 3.5 inch display. MetroPCS recently started selling a 4G version of the phone for $399, but Cricket’s model will only be 3G so it should be priced lower.

Cricket is also planning a sequel to the Huawei Ascend that they launched back in October. The Huawei Ascend 2 will feature an upgraded 800 MHz CPU and 5 megapixel camera, plus Cricket is promising to debut the device at a sub-$150 price like the original.

For more information on Cricket’s upcoming phones, check out the hands-on report from Chris Ziegler over at Engadget.

4G Roaming Agreement with LightSquared

Finally Cricket announced they had signed a 4G roaming agreement with LightSquared, who is launching their LTE network in the second half of 2011. Cricket plans to deploy its own LTE networks over the next few years, but it will use LightSquared to supplement its coverage.

LightSquared will have their LTE network up and running in limited markets this year and it will cover at least 100 million Americans by December 31, 2012; 145 million by the end of 2013; and 260 million by the end of 2015.

Cricket will start LTE trials in the second half of 2011, followed by some LTE “hotspot” networks in early 2012, and full LTE market launches in the second half of 2012.

Source: Cricket

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  • http://Website Frank

    Thats what im talking about! 4G with unlimited everything at 55 bucks a month on a decent all around Andy inspired celly..well hell that’s just plain WOWZERS!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Cricket doesn’t have 4G yet, but it should be available next year. However, MetroPCS currently offers unlimited 4G for only $50 per month.

    • http://Website بخير.؟؟ اشتقتلك وبس سامحيني

      ازيك حبيبي…استنيتك كتير… انت فين ومش بترد لا على ايميل ولاcricket شي…خير حبيبي…انتsuck

      • steven

        your mother has sex with goats ,,,,i have the video

  • http://Website Anonymous

    I used to like Cricket, they aren’t a bad cellular provider.

    The only issues I had with Cricket when I flashed my Motorola Droid & HTC Evo was:

    1. Their customer service call centers have foreigners working there.
    They barely speak English, I had to repeat myself & ask them to repeat themselves many times.

    2. Their $55. (close to $60. with tax) gives you 1GB of data before they throttle your data usage.
    I use pretty close to 4-5GB per month, and find the throttle unfair seeing as they charge for more.

    3. Going into a Cricket owned store takes 45-60 minutes to get called to the counter.

    While I did enjoy using top of the line phones from Verizon & Sprint being flashed over for use on Cricket, I just found the customer service & throttling to be the worst part of it.

    Cricket is okay, but definitely not for everyone.

    Virgin Mobile USA is ran by Sprint on the Sprint 3G network, and perhaps soon on their WiMax 4G network to keep up with MetroPCS LTE & Cricket’s 4G LTE. And VM is $60. (including taxes) for unlimited too, and they don’t throttle after 1GB. So, perhaps that might be the better way to go.

    • http://Website LG Optimus Prime

      Lawrence Taylor is a rapist, too

  • http://Website Gypse Boxten

    IMHO…Worse carrier, EVER!

  • http://Website Charlotte

    Please don’t bury T-Mo yet, I’d like to have just a little hope that this merger will be denied by the FCC.


  • ayocuz

    This will probably be my last year with tmo. If at&t try to get more money out of me for my even more plus plan I’m out

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Well, I heard from a T-Mobile employee that they received an internal memo from AT&T that they were going to grandfather our current plans after the merger/buyout. As long as we don’t change our plans.

      • http://Website Anonymous

        Well, perhaps I was misunderstood.

        I am not wanting this buyout to go through. I would love to have T-Mobile get the prize of AT&T’s money & tower space, which keeping T-Mobile in tact.

        What I am saying is, (according to a few T-Mobile employees at the local store, referring to the internal memo they received) “IF” AT&T ends up with T-Mobile, & “IF” we as T-Mobile customers keep our current plans after the buyout, then our T-Mobile plans will be “Grandfathered”.

        Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

        They also said they agreed with me when I said, I hope the FCC/FTC would deny AT&T the buyout.

  • http://Website watbetch

    CricKet offers cheap plans.. but that’s really where the good stuff stops. Coverage is way worse than T-Mobile in nearly all of the markets they share, lower data caps, horrible voice quality (dropped calls, muffled calls, garbling, etc.) slow EV-DO 3G speed, absolutely horrific customer service and garbage phone selection. CricKet is barely an option for people that have T-Mobile now. Their “50 state” coverage is a roaming agreement with Sprint and that doesn’t even work right.

    With the specs the Indulge has, it’s barely mid-range. $399 for the 4G version and anything in the $300 range is too much for this phone.

    T-Mobile isn’t gone YET, and apparently there are some grumblings coming from the FCC that there will be major hurdles before this deal is a approved. I can only hope that there is one AT&T doesn’t want to take on..

  • http://Website Salman Khan

    I have no complains with cricket so far. I am impressed with the low price as well.

  • http://Website ¹

    cricket can licket my dicket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website T

    Cricket is fine,good for major cities bad for hillbillies like roaming charges but hey check the map in your area or wherever your going there still are options for roaming …. service and price compared to big brand name just as good to me, I had cingular and then ATT ,now they suck.
    I have had cricket with an android since Oct 2010 excellent service no monkey fees Approx $58 total a month no contract. Keep your penny phones and your tethering 2yr contracts it keeps prices low for me.
    Its like with computers,most people are not savvy at all with electronics and get all bent…..over nothing others are youngsters that need the latest and greatest I think.

  • santiago

    I used to be one of those people that thought that in order to get good service I had to go to one of those big companies with contracts and stuff. Yeah…they have some very cool phones and all but I’ve been using cricket for the past few months and I bought a used android hawei and it hasn’t been bad at all. The phone is a little slow and the internet browsing could be faster but for the price I’m paying a month ($55) I can’t complain.

  • Therese lugar

    Cricket android is the worst phone ive ever had in my life, paid $400 for two of them and they freeze every two minuets, I cant even use the damb thing!!!!! I hate this phone!!!!!

  • nun-yaa

    Cricket Needs To Hurry & Get 4G For My Evo 3D (:

  • big don juan

    I’ve had cricket for about a year in san antonio tx. The coverage is better then sprint,T-mobile and verizon. I have heard people say that cricket sucks so we compared our phones. In a skyscraper basement theirs did not work or in an elevator .mine did. In a week they had more dropped calls,and ther phones are always distorted.I think other then the 4g internet being 10sec. faster, their phones suck.Plus they pay too much.

  • Dabitch

    Just fyi to all you that have a sim card gsm phone, (SIMPLE MOBILE) you can use there pay as you go monthly unlimited plans starting at $25 a month. Blackberry plan is $50 unlimited for 3g or $60 for 4g . Any unlocked phone gsm sim card. just go to there web site and they have a list of approved phones! Cricket sucks my …. and t-mobile took double what they do. Oh and they are an affiliate of t-mobile only half as cheap and I have never had a dropped call or any problem what so ever with them. they even text you two days before your bill is do. all the convience stores sell there cards now to pay with or you can do it on line. So quit paying those high ass prices at the phone store and make it simple…mobile!

  • ken

    More and more new technology! Great information on this phone. Glad I found this page, just not sure I can keep up with all of it!