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Droid Charge by Samsung will add a new Droid to Verizon’s stable

The phone formerly known as the “Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone” has settled on the much more memorable moniker of the Droid Charge and according to the image above which was uncovered by PocketNow it will be sporting a shiny new stylized eye as further evidence of its Droid lineage. Why Verizon deigned to grant it the coveted Droid status, while leaving the Thunderbolt out in the cold is anyone’s guess, but it does perhaps explain the delay in committing to its name.

For those that don’t remember this phone; the Droid Charge impressed us at CES with its solid build, stunningly beautiful 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen and of course the blazing fast Verizon 4G. The two knocks against it were the now less than screaming fast Hummingbird processor and the fact that it will launch with Android 2.2.

With those caveats in mind, if you aren’t particularly sold on the need for the dual-core power of the Droid Bionic I would advise at least taking one of these for a spin at your local Verizon retailer (whenever they get around to launching it) as the screen is gorgeous and it also offers a very distinct feel from the rest of the early 2011 lineup on Big Red.

Any screen enthusiasts looking forward to the Droid Charge or is the slightly outmoded processor and less than stellar OS upgrade record for Samsung enough to keep your wallet holstered?

Source: PocketNow

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This makes me wonder what will be the US variant GSII. It’ll be so similar besides the internals and thiness. Oh, & OS.

    • http://Website AME

      So you mean to say that EVERYTHING is different?

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        No, I’m not saying that. It has everything the SGSII has. Just physically differ & processing power. Oh, & Gingerbread. I just think for another LTE device Verizon should of made it the SGSII. Not a big deal but say if this does get an update, then it’ll just be the hummingbird & Tegra/Exynos differ.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      So you get marked negative for just wondering how another phone will stack up due to similarity. Nice.

  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    Not going to lie….. That new droid eye looks pretty cool!

  • http://Website Samsuck my dick

    boy what a fugly fugly phone! Im starting to vomit…
    Droid PUKE is a good name for this junk!

    • http://Website Name (required)

      boy what a fugly fugly phone! Im starting to vomit…
      Droid PUKE is a good name for this junk!!

  • http://Website panic

    It’s really ugly and the design reminds me of the behold 2 …. ew

    • http://Website Nick

      The picture above doesn’t really do a great job of showing off the handset’s look. We played with all the new phones as CES and this one was my second favorite handset in terms of design and feel. The physical hardware buttons below the screen feel incredible. Anyone who’s not a fan of capacitive buttons will love how this phone feels when you use it.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    This thing is OLD NEWS before it even launches…Verizon eats EGGS all there devices are LAME.

  • http://Website Bo

    I can’t believe they would let a samsung be called a droid. SAMSUNG SUCKS!!! I’ve had the droid 1 & 2 love them both.I’m waiting for the BIONIC. This phone seems like a huge be waste of time very disappointed by this phone, hope it doesn’t hold up the launch of the BIONIC

  • http://Website B

    I’m still good with my x for at least another year ill wait it out

  • Justin Williams

    I love my Samsung Fascinate despite the the slow update, it’s a kick @ss piece of hardware. I rooted my phone and installed a 2.2 ROM, but even with the Stock 2.1 Android, I found the phone to be superior to the Motorola Droid. I’m a loyal Samsung fan-boy, so I may be a little biased. I glad Samsung is going to be using the Droid branding, and look forward to what they have to offer in the near future.

  • http://Website Hans

    Haters gonna hate.

  • http://Website Tony

    If this has vanilla Android and a working aGPS and ext4 then eff yes!

  • http://Website Anonyomous

    Wow Verizon & Samsung don’t match at all, but I got to say if this phone comes out with 2.2 instead of the fascinate 2.1 ill take it I don’t mind the wait for gingerbread but I can’t stand the wait for froyo… I’m still waiting for the update to froyo on my fascinate it’s really annoying with verizon holding it up for this long when all other galaxy s phones got there’s already through different carriers.. I want my apps on my bigger 16gig sd card than keeping them on my small 2gig phone memory thats just insane verizon making the fascinate like that

    • http://Website Eli

      Well thats why there is rooting. Sorry to say but I happen to like samsung phones and this one looks pretty good. Not that Im a big fan but how the hell can you compare my DX and its old age square body to this nice and sleek design. I like my DX but I would definitely traded it in for this Samsung Droid. Besides, who ever said that the hummingbird was slow? I had a vibrant with tmo and boy was that thing fast!!!!! I was doing 36mbps on that thing, no droid has ever come close to that, not even the Lg 2x has been seen to do that, You got to know how to work your stuff if you ask me.

      • http://Website Lewsky

        Amen to that brother. I don’t care about them haters. Know your phone. My Vibrant is running Bionix 5 with voodoo kernal ext4 and DOW Oc running at 1.4Ghz. No problems and damn smooth. The hardware is there, you just have to know it well enough to do something about it.

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    The design of this isn’t too bad. I just think the physical buttons suck due to the placement at the very bottom and those hard keys are sooo oldschool.

    • http://Website Jay555

      I hate hard keys too but I’ve found soft keys to be pretty unresponsive at times – maunder the technology just isn’t ready for prime time yet. I’ll take functionality over aesthetics these days.

      • http://Website Paul Atreides

        I have to disagree I’ve been using the EVO for almost a year and from what I’ve experienced I had the same issue when I had the G1 it’s not the actual buttons that aren’t responsive but hiccups in the OS that cause actions to delay. I’m not sure about other devices with soft keys however…

        • http://Website Eli

          Sorry bro but your wrong. Physical keys over soft keys anytime. The G1 wasnt “hiccups” it was improvised hardware. HTC was trying to make a big hit in the smart phone world that they hurried up the g1 to be able to compete with apple and its iphone. There were so many rumors about an iphone killer, samsung tried it with the instinct, BB thought they were ok with there 8900 series, but it wasnt until htc came into the market with the g1 that we got our true “Iphone Killer”. But of course, it was the first of its kind and had many drawbacks, but then yet back then there were not even rumors about 1 gh processors so we have to handed to the little phone that could.

  • http://Website Grey Beard

    This phone looks AWESOME! Have you guys heard of Cornerstone for Android? Lets you truly multitask on Android tablets running Honeycomb or Gingerbread:

  • http://Website Mikey

    This phone will never see 2.3 so it’s a pass.

  • http://Website 55


  • http://Website pcman

    this phone is gorgeous in person. trust me.

  • http://Website carlos

    I actually like the design. Its different and not Iphone like!

  • http://Website Android Sensei

    If you are thinking about upgrading or switching to Verizon, here is an excellent chart to help you decide. It covers the iPhone 4, BB Curve, HTC Thunderbolt, Droid Bionic and LG Revolution.

  • http://Website sneakin up ya ass like OJ simpson


  • http://Website Jaul

    wait I though the top of the crop phones get the DROID name. Letting samsuck have the droid name on their phone is like when some one places a bmw name plate on a honda and calls its a bmw. Retarded…..

    • http://Website srth

      You kidding? Nothing with the “droid” monkey compare with Samsung’s Android hardware thus far and with the tool’s horrible battery, the hummingbird might stillbethe best option.

      Sent from a bolt at the vzwstore.

  • http://Website Mike Hawk

    i wanna hold it in my hands, but where do i put the phone?

  • http://Website jay

    I seriously hope that people have more common sense and stay away from samsung phones after all what that company has done to its customers. If not let the next batch of suckers wine about it and then get laugh at because your too dumb …..

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell


  • http://Website mikeymop

    Boo, 4.3 inch :/

    I hope Samsung makes a 4 inch Orion phone with AMOLED+ The physical buttons and the size killed it for me. I was excited for this release too.

  • http://Website vrios

    Verizon sucks…no offense to anyone who has Verizon. Another thing…they’re really gonna name ANOTHER phone Droid? LMAO they should come up with a new name…Droid is getting old VZW!!!!

  • http://Website JClean

    This looks like a really cool phone. The screen is going to be absolutely AWESOME if it’s even better than the touchscreens on Samsung’s other phones. Even though the Droid Charge was pushed back today because of Verizon’s network glitches, I’ll still be checking to find the best deals I can on the Droid Charge when it launches. This one is a Thunderbolt killer.