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Early Adopters Report: How do you like your new Motorola Atrix 4G?

Every time a big Android device hits stores we like to poll all the early adopters that read this site and get their initial impressions of the gadget they just purchased. Two weeks ago the Motorola Atrix 4G landed at AT&T and we know a lot of you ran out to pick up the first mobile device with a dual-core processor.

This marks the first time that AT&T has launched an Android superphone, so now it’s time to tell us what you think about the device after using it for several days. If you were one of the first who raced out to buy the Atrix 4G, please sound off and let us know if you are happy with your new toy.

Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the Tegra 2 processor? What do you think of Motoblur? Have you tried out Qik or Tango and made any video calls yet? How do you like the high-resolution qHD display? What kind of 4G speeds are you seeing on AT&T’s HSPA+ network? Are you upload speeds capped? How does the 1930 mAh battery perform? Do you find the fingerprint scanner useful?

Please share your feedback so that other customers on the fence about diving in can make up their mind. Would you recommend the Motorola Atrix 4G to a friend?

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  • http://Website steve

    I love evrything about the phone itself. The screen is WAY better than my old craptivate, as is the gps (thisone actually works and locks in under a second usually), and even the camera. The phone feels solid and battery life is amazing- the best of any Android device I have ever owned. The Tegra 2 is super snappy, even without being optimized/utilitized fully yet. I experienced no lag and have no idea what some of the reviewers were complaining about. The network is what kills this awesome device. Download speeds are fine, but upload speeds are most certainly capped, even in Baltimore that supposedly has hspa+ lit up, according to AT&T…

    • http://Website Richard


  • http://Website Hassan

    Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the Tegra 2 processor?
    yes, I can see how fast it is compare to my other android phones.

    What do you think of Motoblur?
    no thoughts

    Have you tried out Tango and made any video calls yet? ‘
    never worked with me. it crashes all the time. I do not know if it just for the atrix or all the headsets

    How do you like the high-resolution qHD display?
    it super clear and colorful. I love it

    What kind of 4G speeds are you seeing on AT&T’s HSPA+ network?
    awful and not like it. it make the phone like have to drive a sport car in school in a mountians

    Are you upload speeds capped?

    How does the 1930 mAh battery perform?
    no difference from other phones. I do not know why? I charge it twice or three times a day

    Do you find the fingerprint scanner useful?
    it impressive and fancy :) I make all the stupid iphoners ,who think android is just a Chinese brand of apple and just stealing their idea, to shut off :)

  • Lance

    I like everything about it other than the bootloader. The phone can get a little warm during extended Samurai II sessions, but I can live with that. I rooted and ditched motoblur (not so much because I was unhappy with motoblur, but just because I could).

    I still may return it. I’m having a big internal struggle because I miss Cyanogen dearly, but don’t know if that’s reason enough to ditch the Atrix. I don’t see what else I would jump ship to. There’s nothing so much greater about the Optimus 2X that I would want to get it instead. I would probably be returning it without exchanging it and holding out a few months for some other dual-core option. Who am I kidding; I’ll probably keep it. Damn you, motorola.

    • http://Website Max

      Software matters. Personally? I’d rather have the community support of a rom like cyanogenmod over the lastest and greatest hardware any day.

      • http://Website RacecarBMW

        I say you should keep it.

        The SBF file was just leaked on the web that means we are closer to unlocking the boot loader.

        Also there is already a custom ROM available, you could say we are learning to walk before we begin to run.

        Here is a link to the custom rom made by Design Gears. He is very talented

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You get 30 days to return it right? I would wait another week and see if any progress is made on the bootloader.

      • http://Website zedklind

        30 days in some states like california. 15 in most other states. But I’ve noticed i could only do that twice at tmobile. have a g1 waiting for pyramid or g2x. tried the returning on a vibrant and then a g2 then unfortunately no release so i had to go back to my g1 :/

      • Lance

        I’ve been closely following the bootloader thread over at xda. Those who sound like they know what they’re talking about seem to think that it won’t be cracked for months, if ever. DesignGears has moved on to other devices and most of the people who are still working on the problem can’t spell. (More importantly, 2 or 3 of every 5 posts by the people who are still working on it are spent sniping at one another or at others.) I don’t have much hope.

      • zizo79

        Nice tweets..!

  • http://Website Darwin

    I returned mine after a few days. The screen sucks (I hate the Pen-Tile pixel layout). It doesn’t really seem that much faster than any other Android phone and I was still carrying around my iPhone because of a few crucial apps.

  • http://Website Chris

    What would I say about the Atrix? It is as great and as frustrating as the iPhone 4.

    Fast? Yep. Pretty Screen? You bet!

    But at the end of the day, it has two big issues. Android and MotoBlur.

    Android – not built for this phone. Especially Froyo 2.2.1. There are a lot of instances where the OS simply cant handle what the phone wants to do. That doesnt mean its not a capable phone and I dont love it. It just means I have ran into several moments where the phone exhibits strange behavior that I can only dismiss as “Android just is a beta OS”.

    MotoBlur – UGGGHHHH. Its the worst overlay that has ever been created. Maybe it made sense on Android 1.0. But Froyo can be so nice why destroy it by shitting all over it with Motorola’s version of Windows 3.1? In fact to my previous point of Android feeling like a beta, often I think it is what Motorola did to tweak the phone that breaks the phone-OS harmony that could exist. I have rooted and used Titanium Backup to freeze as much of MotoBlur as I can. It makes the phone twice as fast and less clunky. But MotoBlur still lurks in the underlying menus waiting to ruin the good times you could have with your phone.

    Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the Tegra 2 processor?
    Yes. It is quite fast. Gingerbread should make this phone even better with Dual Core support.

    What do you think of Motoblur?
    I don’t need to say more. Atrocious.

    Have you tried out Tango and made any video calls yet?
    Tango currently does not work on the Atrix. They have not updated the drivers for the Motorola front facing camera. However, Qik has created an Atrix version that does work. They made a hacky version of the drivers. Not sure the Atrix will get a true video calling working with Tango until Motorola gets their act together and releases the drivers.

    How do you like the high-resolution qHD display?
    I had the N1 previously. The pentile display is noticeable if you press your nose to the screen. Other than that and a few color tweaks that need to be done to it in an update (yellows are off like the recent Nexus S update) the display is quite nice. I recommend an Atrix buyer purchase Samurai II to see the full potential of the screen. I believe the major issue with the screen is Android does not handle the resolution well causing some less than stellar graphics.

    What kind of 4G speeds are you seeing on AT&T’s HSPA+ network?
    2mbs upload and .2mbs download. Thats the average. ATT has turned off the HSPA features on all phones but the iPhone because they can. They have done this for several reasons: 1) The infrastructure is not in place to handle all phones with fast UL/DL & 2) They have to push new software to the phones to turn it on. Im thinking it will be made into a big splash announcement when they finally turn it on for real. At this point I havent really noticed unless I am uploading a video to Youtube or a bunch of photos. Im sure it will cause issues with Tango if/when the app works.

    Are you upload speeds capped?

    How does the 1930 mAh battery perform?
    15 hours is a normal amount of time. Remember, a large battery plus dual core and bigger screen only means it can keep similar time single core, smaller screen phone with a smaller battery. I believe the larger battery was meant to keep the phone up to snuff with other phones battery life, not impress with some 2 day lasting battery. It was more about keeping the specs going for a full days use.

    Do you find the fingerprint scanner useful?
    I use it. I regret every time I do. It slows down the unlock process significantly. You wouldnt think the second it takes to unlock would be annoying, but it is. Also, the power button is set into the phone because of the scanner making it very difficult to press. I can only say it is similar to a reset button on any other electronics, hard to press down because you have to press into/below the casing.

    At the end of the day I do like the phone. I have been on android for about a year total now. It is an OK operating system. I only stay for Google Nav and the voice options it affords. I miss the cleanness of iOS and how well everything just seems to work without fanagaling it.

    I always tell people, iOS is great for what it does already and Android is great for what it CAN do. You just have to want to make it great for you.

    • http://Website Chris

      Also, as mentioned by D. Sean Kelly -

      Get a car dock. It is fantastic. They did a great job on that.

      The only issue is the Car Dock app should unlcock the phone for you when docked. But that is a minor issue.

      It is a great piece of hardware for this phone.

      • http://Website Montgoss

        Invest in Tasker. One of the profiles I have set up disables the keyguard (slide to unlock) when docked. It costs a few bucks, but it opens up a lot of automation potential.

    • http://Website Chris


      Apparently Tango has been updated. Still sucks. Didnt it used to work with Facetime? If it did, it doesnt on the Atrix.

  • http://Website dave

    Taylor, did you end up buying it? Did it live up to your expectations? Miss the nexus s yet?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m using the Nexus S for person and the Atrix 4G for work. My full report card on the Atrix is coming this week.

      • http://Website Dave


  • http://Website Tim

    Awesome, awesome phone…

    The phone is DAMN fast.

    I love the fingerprint reader: the reason I normally don’t lock my phone is the time it takes to input a pin or password… now I keep it locked all the time because to unlock it is just press and scan …. done. Love it.

    The phone is DAMN fast.

    Hotspot works really well… speed tests on my laptop connected to the Atrix (4G connection) was 1 to 1.5 Mb down and 1 to 1.2 up… impressed. This is in the NYC area.

    Screen is exceptionally crisp and bright.

    The phone is DAMN fast.

    Don’t know why the complaints on MotoBlur (or Sense, or any other UI)… doesn’t get in my way at all. Don’t see any advantage one has over another… it’s a very subjective thing. Personally I can use them all…

    Did I mention the phone is DAMN FAST?

    Bottom line: the phone get the job done with class and hi-tech speed… I left an iPhone for this and will never look back…

    • http://Website Chris

      My issue with MotoBlur is in comparison to Vanilla android coming from my N1. MotoBlur is a bear on the phone resources, takes up 2x the RAM it should and has made the contact syncing process abysmal. It is the worst designed overlay, not because of the Widgets and Launcher but because of what they have done to the infrastructure of the phone. Messing with the settings and how the phone works with apps like Facebook have led it to be a significantly less desirable experience compared to the Vanilla Android I had before.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        I have also noticed Motoblur services eating up a ton of RAM.

        • http://Website Mikey

          Hardly seems surprising, were you suprised by this?

  • http://Website D. Sean Kelly

    Love the phone, the dock is too slow, but it’s handy when you can’t get to an outlet to recharge. Fortunately, that isn’t very frequently for me.

    Fingerprint scanner – I use it to unlock, it’s okay, not a super-feature though. It hits accurately about 80% of the time.

    Speeds: 3mb down; 300kb up – This is a problem, but it’s not the phones problem it’s AT&Ts problem. I suspect they don’t really have the backhaul completed and once it’s done they will boost the upload speed up. They should have been up front about the speeds though.

    Phone speed: I had an Nexus One and it’s faster than the N1. However, that only really applies if you are playing games. Making a phone call doesn’t use much CPU. Still, speeds up the UI, especially if you have a live wallpaper running.

    Battery Life: Only an issue twice, both days were 15 hour days for me. Don’t fault the phone for it. I’m rooted and running SetCPU and scale the CPU; it helps.

    Tanga: Just updated and made a call to my wife (Iphone 4) and it worked flawlessly. Wonderful app, if you don’t have it yet, get it. It does NOT call FaceTime so the iphone person needs Tanga too.

    Car dock: Great, get one.

    I’ll keep it.

  • http://Website Nate957

    Although I like the specs, I hate the Atrix because its made by Motorola and its on AT&T.

    I would much rather buy the HTC Pryamid, which DOESN’T have an encrypted bootloader and the HTC phones have Cyanogen support.

    Plus, since it’s on AT&T, your data speeds are capped slower than 3G speeds on the iPhone so then AT&T gets extra money from Apple as an attempt by Apple to keep users on the iPhone.

    • http://Website Hans

      *sigh* fanboy alert…

      Seriously? What’s up with manufacturer fanboys? They’re oftentimes more annoying than Apple fanboys. I mean, why must we be divided by who makes what phone and diss the other manufacturers? We’re all using android, just different flavors of it. We’re part of the android community, which means we shouldn’t be putting down other manufacturers just because they put their own spin on android. The average consumer doesn’t care if the phone uses stock, Sense, TouchWiz, Blur, or whatever other skin. They want a phone they enjoy.

      Same goes for carrier fanboys.

      • http://Website RED

        I couldn’t agree more!

    • http://Website rfm2113

      blah blah blah fanboy blah.

      Seriously people, just because someone has a PREFERENCE does not make them a fanboy. Did he make a lucid argument, with valid points backing him up? Yes. That should erase any charges of fanboyism. He’s right, the Atrix has a signed bootloader and no CM support, like other recent Motorola phones, and HTC phones are much more mod-friendly. This is a dealbreaker for some, that doesn’t make them fanboys. AT&T also is disabling HSUPA on all non-iPhone phones (and is the only carrier to disable sideloading as a rule), so once again, just stating facts. Nothing he said was wrong; why is he being labeled a fanboy?

      I switched from T-Mo and bought an Atrix because my N1 was falling apart. I love the power and speed of the phone. I love the increased coverage that I’m getting, almost no dead zones. However, he’s dead on: I miss CM terribly, I hate the locks that Moto and AT&T have put on it, and the data speed just sucks.

      Oh wait, I criticized companies. I guess I’m a fanboy too. *sigh*

  • http://Website Nitrog7

    The phone does NOT feel solid. I don’t know what people are talking about. The iPhone 4 feels solid and has some nice weight to it. The Droid X has a nice solid feel to it. The Atrix feels light and cheap. It slips out of your hands easily. Can’t believe the Atrix is made by the same company that made the Droid X. The battery cover is hard to take off, you have to slip your fingernail in to pop it open along the sides. Then after it is on, feels like there is a bit of wiggle room on the top (maybe I didn’t pop it on right, shows how difficult it is).

    The fingerprint scanner can get some getting used to. Sometimes you have to swipe a couple times. I just wish you could customize the settings on it. It currently requires a swipe every time the phone goes into sleep mode. Very annoying.

    Sucks. My reception seems to be worse than what I was getting on the iPhone 4. On my iPhone I was able to get reception in my elevator. Using the Atrix, there is no warning of your reception getting bad. No static or distortion, it just drops your call. Speeds seem slower than the iPhone 4 here in Chicago. Both download and upload.

    I use it moderately throughout the day and the battery seems to last all day without a charge. I’d estimate about 15 hours before I see orange. Now if I play a 3D game like Samurai II, it will drop your battery life like a fat chick off the Sears tower.

    TEGRA 2
    Great graphics. Love it.

    Wish I could get rid of it but better than Samsung’s.

    I like the HDMI interface that comes up when you plug it into a TV. Easy to navigate with a cool interface.

    Suck. Looks like a take photos with my niece’s PlaySkool camera. They are washed out and grainy. Especially when you play it on a large screen. The auto-focus works half the time. Photos in dim lighting come out randomly. Sometimes they are bright and good. other times they are dark. And this happens standing in the same place with the same target. The camera has to be the worst part of the phone. I miss my iPhone 4 camera.

    Coming from the Retina display, not bad. Everything looks crisp and clear. The screen is very bright. I have my display turned to about a third for normal use and when I need it bright, I turn it to half.

    Most of my apps from iPhone’s App Store are on the Android Market., Chase, Sirius, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Living Social, Engadget. The default browser is acting funny (go to on your phone and take a look). I have turned to Dolphin to browse the web. Firefox looks good too but they don’e have the Flash Player yet. Waiting for Skype to come out with video calls. There seems to be no good solution out there. Fring crashes and runs up resources, had to uninstall it.

    Quality is great. Speaker is loud. Syncing is great with DoubleTwist and AirTwist.

    The only thing keeping me to this phone is the Tegra 2 processor. The RAM is split between the phone and the other half for the Laptop dock. So in reality it only has 512MB. The 4G sucks right now. The fingerprint swipe is ok (on the border of annoying) and the photos and videos suck. The bootloader is also locked. The only other option I have is the HTC Inspire which has less specs or wait, again, for the Samsung Infuse. Otherwise my final opinion is mediocre. Best Android phone on AT&T, yet regret trading my iPhone 4 in for it. I just hate being restricted and Apple is a big control freak.

    • WickedToby741

      You may actually find you like the Inspire better. The Tegra 2 is a killer processor, but if MotoBlur is whats getting you down and the lack of a premium feeling phone, HTC’s Sense UI is much better (and lighter I believe) and the build quality is also better. Sure, the processor isn’t quite as good, but for a single core processor its easily one of the best. The Inspire only has 3/4 the RAM of the Atrix, but then again, I believe Sense is less taxing on your RAM than MotoBlur and is certainly more visually appealing and has a better layout. Especially coming from an iPhone, the Inspire may better suit your tastes.

    • HackNet

      Correction: The 1GB RAM is not split. You will notice that sometimes you will have above 512MB of available memory if you check the memory status. Almost half of the memory is used by the Android OS and MotoBlur just to run the phone. I spoke with a Motorola Level 2 Specialist and he confirmed on this. The phone outputs more power and more memory to handle the size of the dock screen, so your experience with the laptop dock will be slower than what you see on the smaller screen of your phone. In actuality, when connected to the dock, your phone actually has 384MB memory available for applications. That is why the browser and flash videos are slow.

      -knowledge is power

  • http://Website Jason

    My wife and I have had the Atrix for 5 days now. Coming from iPhone 3G’s, this is obviously lightening fast. We love the phone – customization, screen, speed, etc. I’m having 2 main issues:

    1. The default email client on Motoblur. Yes, I know that I can purchase a different app, but I haven’t found one that can handle Enterprise 2010 corporate syncing and a universal inbox. Most of the apps out there only work up to Enterprise 2007. The only ones I found were Enhanced Email which isn’t syncing as it should and Touchdown, which has a horrible UI. Right now, I’m using the default email client for Exchange and K9 for my other POP accounts. This isn’t a “return the phone” issue, but an annoyance.

    2. The battery life is not that good. I’m getting 10-12 hours if I don’t touch it and 8-10 hours with normal operations (email, web, etc.). This is similar to what my wife is experiencing. The fact that I have to keep a charger at work just to get through the day (I just plugged my phone in w/ 30%) is frustrating to say the least. I’ve read many forums that say to let the battery drain and then charge powered off, hard resets, etc, etc. Nothing seems to make a difference.

    Some people that have commented here seem to have a range of battery experiences from good to bad. How are you using the phone? Did you do anything to the phone to increase battery life? Has it gotten better or worse over time? Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

    • http://Website Chris


      Im not sure if you are rooted but you may want to search the Nexus One forums on XDA. They have compiled a version of vanilla android Exchange Email as a separate apk. It may solve some of your email issues (Not sure about Exchange 2010 but I think it does).

      It also has a universal inbox for the email, but not connected to motoblur.

    • http://Website Tim

      Turn off services not being used… limit autoupdating in apps to only those you absolutely need.

  • http://Website Oliver

    Everything is great about this phone EXCEPT: The unecessary wake up lag.

    Usually on my previous Android phones I would wake it up and unlock it instantly and everything runs fast and smooth as you would expect. For some reason on the Atrix when you wake it up it is very laggy when trying to slide to unlock and also pulling down the notification bar. That is my only gripe so far. With a dual-core processor it shouldnt have to do that at all..

    • http://Website Jeff

      I have noticed this to. Didnt happen on my N1

    • http://Website The_Omega_Man


    • http://Website The_Omega_Man

      I think that this is a MotoBlur (like) issue as the same exact thing occurs on the Motorola Droid 2, at times.

    • http://Website Montgoss

      I’ve never noticed any lag like that. Maybe there’s something running in the background that’s hogging your resources?

  • http://Website Jim

    I love the Atrix. Having come form a first gen Cliq, I can’t tell you what a relief this phone is. I thought I’d miss the keyboard but Swype and the voice commands makes one unnecessary for me.

    My favorite feature is the finger print reader. I can pickup, turn on and unlock the phone in one motion. I never used to lock my phone because it was such a PITA. Not so any more and I love the heft, size and width of this phone.

    The speed of this phone is fantastic. I can actually use Swype with this phone. On the Cliq it was so sluggish as to be impossible to use.

    All in all this is one fine phone

  • http://Website Jeff

    Simple response really.

    My first android was the N1, my second is the Atrix.

    The memory, Tegra, storage make this thing so much less frustrating than my N1. Runing out of space was a constant issue and toying with apps to SD would only do so much. I feel I have more than enough space at all times to DL and run whatever I please.

    I hesitated to wait for GS2 simply becuase of all the complaints about Motoblur, seeing as I never really got a clear answer why it was so terrible I went ahead with it anyways and I dont really mind it. It may slow it down a bit but there are some advantages to it, the phones power is hardly affected by it.

    I am def satisified but have noticed some things. Heres a list of things I liked about N1 I no longer have for the Atrix.

    Ocassionally when using the home button ill get a black background with low resolution icons and doesnt correct until I push home screen again.

    I do get some random lock ups at times which I never experienced on the N1.

    The notification LED is ONLY green and very small compared to the ball on the N1. I for one really enjoyed the scroll ball despite its minimal use. Ill take it anyday over finger navigation to select text.

    The charge input being on the side makes it difficult to use while plugged in when in portrait mode (which is what I use it most in)

    What annoys me about all Android phones is the hard buttons are never placed the same. Im on my 2nd and im already annoyed with having to learn new positions.

    • http://Website Nitrog7

      You can change the color of the LED. I forgot what I did exactly but I have my texts coming in blue and other notifications in green. It may be because I have Handcent as the text message app. I do miss the ball on the N1. So much easier to navigate through the letters in your text to correct. Moto’s selector is like a jacked up version of iOS.

      • http://Website jeff

        Thats def for Handcent only. i tried it out a few months ago. The atrix doesnt have an option and even if it did its only visible up close. People who used the N1 know what I mean.

  • http://Website Riley

    For battery: i got rid of my task killer. Especially with motoblur. Every time it kills tasks, it resets motoblur which has to re-launch and use battery. But i noticed a 5-6 hour increase in battery when i got juice defender. It is an amazing app. i can get 2 days of normal use if i put it on aggresive battery saver at night and normal during the day.

    Otherwise its a great phone. now that motorola released their motosync for mac (thank god) i can easily sync my music. even with a launcher its faster than my old backflip. and once the new motoblur (droid bionic) comes out. ill be running that.

    qHD screen is great, looks better than retina sometimes. When i look at my friends iphone 4 screen, it looks miniture. But the photos are pretty shitty

  • http://Website Nathaniel

    Yesterday I:

    1. Unlocked teathering
    2. Unlocked Webtop without dock
    3. Tango started supporting forward facing video chat (to iphone, android, and pc)

    Now i have the ‘superphone’ that At&t sold me that has everything i could possibly want except netflix and hulu plus.

  • http://Website Zack

    I love everything about the Atrix ! Battery life is great and I like how smooth the navigation is in it ! Unfortunately, AT&T isn’t letting this phone to be used to the fullest !

  • http://Website joshua

    Love the atrix looking forward to gingerbread update battery good not impressed with 4gn good screenv

  • http://Website Riley

    Actually the application “blink” is a great one for changing the led notification light. They have red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and turquoise. It works great and is a noticible difference. you can change it for missed calls, low battery, sms, mms, Memory space, voicemail.

  • http://Website Derek

    How is the Atrix the first android super phone on at&t? They had the captivate. At the time it was THE super phone. In three months there’ll be a different super phone. Especially considering that the new dual core snapdragon will smoke Tegra 2. Same with TI dual core.

    • http://Website Hans

      By that time, Kal-El will smoke TI and Snapdragon. :)

      • http://Website Derek

        Not necessarily. Its still a A9 architecture chip, its just ramped up to 1.5Ghz and has 4 cores instead of 2. No apps are multithreaded yet. Its like in the windows world, you can have 16 core CPU, but if you run programs that are single threaded, the other 15 cores sit there idle.

  • Vidan

    I’ll preface by saying that I just upgraded to this phone from the HTC G1/Dream. Android phones fascinated me from the very beginning and I researched my next Android phone heavily after my contract with T-Mobile was up. This device seemed very promising and for the most part it’s lived up to my expectations. I’m happy with my purchase.

    Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the Tegra 2 processor?
    Yes. The phone is blazingly fast, even with multiple apps open and background processing running. It’s very responsive and I can multitask with no problems. Having come from using the G1, this is a big leap.

    What do you think of Motoblur?
    Some of the included widgets are useful. The calendar and weather app have found a place on my home screen, as well as a widget icon to bring up messaging for someone I text frequently. (Though I’m disappointed it doesn’t bring up the thread of the conversation, only a blank messaging screen.) Most of the widgets are superfluous and a waste of desktop space. I realize there are seven home screens available, but that doesn’t mean I want to be constantly switching between them.

    Widgetsoid, an app available for free from the Market, is a very good alternative to the little widgets for turning on/off wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, etc. and I’m going to guess less of a resource hog. You can compress the “buttons” up to 2 per icon space and even add shortcuts for apps and frequently called upon links and documents.

    While I like the fact that your contacts can be integrated with various accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and, you can keep certain info separate from your Google contact info, and you can merge multiple contacts into one, it’s hard to keep track of what info is saved where; on a certain level I’d prefer to sacrifice total integration for using a more fully featured app exclusively (particularly for Twitter).

    Have you tried out Qik or Tango and made any video calls yet?
    I haven’t, though I downloaded the Qik Video app and appreciate that they made one especially for the Atrix.

    How do you like the high-resolution qHD display?
    It’s fantastic. Probably not as good as the retina display on the iPhone 4, but very crisp nonetheless. The screen is extremely (almost overwhelmingly) bright at 100%. Even 10% is good enough for an indoor environment. I like the ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness automatically, and have kept it on that setting most of the time.

    As far as using the browser is concerned, combine the display with the blazingly fast rendering of pages (and loading of pages over wifi) and I finally feel like I can browse web pages nearly as easily as on a computer. (I say nearly as touchscreen typing is slow and my fingers will never be small enough to tap on the little links with 100% precision.) That and finally being able to see web pages rendered with Flash, I am very impressed.

    What kind of 4G speeds are you seeing on AT&T’s HSPA+ network?
    I haven’t found the HSPA+ performance to be very impressive in the suburban area outside of Philadelphia where I live and work; I’ll have to test it in Philly itself and next month in San Francisco, where I’m hoping I’ll get better results. That being said, I keep the phone on wifi at home, work, and other places I frequent so bandwidth hasn’t been that much of an issue, and when I am not on wifi, I don’t really fret if things take a bit longer. I suppose my answer to this question would have to be that I don’t have enough information as of yet, but hope AT&T’s upgrading of their network continues at a good pace.

    Are you upload speeds capped?
    Again, not enough information as I am on wifi more often than not.

    How does the 1930 mAh battery perform?
    Having used an extended battery on the G1 where I could use the phone heavily for 2-3 days without recharging, I’m not expecting the world of the stock battery on this phone, but have found I’m able to get through the day just fine without putting it on a charger. Heavy use of the phone with the screen on (i.e. heavy active use) tends to drain the battery much more quickly, which is why I’d recommend turning the brightness down. I text heavily so am pretty concerned about battery usage do to the screen being on. I think the one day where my battery nearly depleted in the early evening I’d been playing Words with Friends actively for an hour or more, had been texting heavily, and watched a few YouTube videos; basically using the phone much as I would a normal computer. With a more typical usage pattern I find I’ve been able to keep wifi and GPS on all day and still be in the green, or just hit yellow, by the time I go to sleep.

    Do you find the fingerprint scanner useful?
    The fingerprint scanner works, it’s just picky. I find I need to be very deliberate with sliding my finger to unlock the phone or else it will not read. Also the placement of the scanner (which doubles as the power/lock button) takes some getting used to.

    As such, I have the phone configured to use the scanner and keep the phone scanner/password locked whenever I’m out and about, but it’s just too much when I’m at home or at work and want quick access to the phone. I have a Widgetsoid button on the home screeen to turn password/scanner protected screen locking on or off, as well as a button to just lock the phone, for this purpose. Basically, reaching to slide/push the scanner/button on the back of the phone with the index finger is not always practical or convenient, so I like to have that functionality on the home screen as well.

    Other considerations
    The phone feels very solid and is well built.

    The speakers (front and rear) are very loud making speakerphone calls quite clear. From my initial impression the microphone can pick up some unwanted noise, and tends to pick up your finger tapping on the screen if you are multitasking while on a call, which could be potentially annoying for the person on the other line. From my experience so far the sound quality is clear and loud for both parties. If you are listening to music, I would suggest placing the phone screen down as the rear speaker (which is ideal for listening) can be muffled otherwise.

    I’m satisfied with the quality of the camera. I don’t find it exceptional, but definitely adequate for most purposes. I wouldn’t feel too badly about leaving the digital camera at home on a vacation. The flash is very bright and works exceptionally well as a flashlight if you use an app to make it such. (I’d recommend Tiny Flashlight + LED, as the other ones I’ve tried are buggy, including the Motorola flashlight app from the market)

    The lack of buttons that push in (other than the power button) is a bit disconcerting. When I’m on a call it seems weird to have to wave my hand near the screen to get it to turn on again to hang it up, put it on speaker, or use the dial pad. Recording my voice greeting on voicemail took about a dozen attempts because I was poking at the screen trying to find and press the # key and that resulted in dead space and tapping noises at the end of the recording, prompting me to have to do it over again.

    Of the available accessories, I own only the car dock. $40 may seem overpriced, but it is solidly built and works without a hitch. It comes with a USB cable that has an integrated 3.55mm audio out jack that can run to your car stereo’s aux input, allowing you to play music and hear calls. Note that the cable is not attached to a 12V to USB car adapter, nor is one included. I was a bit surprised at first that it didn’t come with one, but considering many car accessories are USB powered now, I ultimately don’t think this was a bad thing as, like many people, I had a few of these laying around already. In any case, the car dock works as advertised: place the phone on the dock, and a car menu comes up on the phone, from which you can access various apps. By default they are music, calling, and My Location, but you can add nine others from your list of pre-installed and Market apps. (I’ll mention that I recklessly added Text Messaging, and found the voice recognition to be capable enough that I can speak and send a quick text at a stoplight. But shhh, you didn’t hear that.)

    This review is getting long winded, but I’ll briefly mention I did try the other accessories at the AT&T store. The laptop dock works, though somehow I was expecting it to work as fluidly as a regular laptop would, but found it to be lackluster in practice. As others have mentioned, I’m not sure why they didn’t put Chrome into the webtop instead of the included Firefox, which seems bloated compared to the rest of the functionality. Overall I think it’s overpriced. I’ll wait for the price to go down and take advantage of my company’s discount with AT&T, and then maybe I’d think about it.

    The standard dock is really nothing more than a charging station that turns your phone into an alarm clock with shortcuts to apps. Why I would pay $50 for that, I’m not sure.

    The HD dock actually seemed like an interesting concept. Using the phone with a mouse seemed way better than messing around with the trackpad on the laptop dock, and the multimedia interface reminds me (favorably) of Windows Media Center, which I use. Maybe I’ll get one down the line. For now, I’m perfectly happy using my phone as a remote for WIndows Media Center on my PC (via myRemote), which has much more media than I’d ever be able to fit on my phone. Note the phone comes with an HDMI cable, so if you really want to watch video from your phone on your TV, you can already do that with just the phone itself.

    IN SUMMARY: This is a very good phone and I definitely don’t regret the purchase. Is it perfect? No, but it’s a big step forward from my G1 and in my opinion a logical step up from other Android phones I’ve had the opportunity to play with.

  • http://Website ben

    i freakin love this phone. my only problem is the4g speeds which arent bad better than what i had b4 with sprint but even still it could be better. aside from that. EVERYTHING else is solid. camera 360 is a great app for those who dont think the cam is good

  • http://Website Matt

    I got my first atrix the day before official release. Over all I was pleased with it but noticed some oddities. I gave it until the end of the week before I would exchange it… turns out that the phone was defective. I returned it and they gave me a new one. I love the new one. Its a great phone. No video chat though.

  • Adam

    I like the phone itself as a device. Great speed opening and within apps, however AT&T is crippling this device and falsely advertising their network speeds. I wish I kept my Nexus One so I could actually return this phone and switch networks!

  • http://Website Nitrog7

    Something else I noticed. A day after I bought my phone, I was out at a bar. I dropped it and the paint on the rim around the screen chipped.

    I was pretty upset… Until something weird happened, the exposed silver metal turned black after a couple days, making the chipped paint unnoticeable.

    I guess the way it oxidizes. If this was done on purpose, it is a nice touch.

  • http://Website Montgoss

    I moved from a Motorola Droid to the Atrix 4G. So, because of that comparison, my opinion is probably artificially high. But I love the phone.
    It does require rooting, but that’s just AT&T being AT&T. Once rooted, I could actually install my apps (the few I wrote) and then it started feeling like my phone. If the root process had been more difficult, I’d have returned the phone. So, the bootloader lock is a little concerning. Of course, I went 1.5 years with stock ROM on my Droid before trying a custom ROM out of a desperate attempt to boost performance (didn’t help since the Droid just didn’t have enough RAM for my usage).

    My only hardware complaint (besides the fingerprint/power button nag below) is the slickness. I almost dropped the thing a half-dozen times the first day or two. Even today, I have to be careful setting it down or moving it for fear it’ll just keep sliding and go right off the desk. :-/
    I’ve ordered a silicone cover to try to fix this issue. I don’t expect any problems after I get that case.

    Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the Tegra 2 processor?
    Everything is lightening fast. That 1 GB of RAM doesn’t hurt things either!

    What do you think of Motoblur?
    I haven’t really noticed Motoblur. I installed ADW.Launcher pretty early on. I’m not really sure what all Motoblur touches…

    Have you tried out Qik or Tango and made any video calls yet? Nope. I barely make voice calls. Who am I gonna video chat with?

    How do you like the high-resolution qHD display?
    The display is bright, crisp, and colorful. Definitely no complaints there.

    What kind of 4G speeds are you seeing on AT&T’s HSPA+ network? Are you upload speeds capped?
    I get about 2.5 – 3.5 Mbps down most places (.5 – 2 inside work) and 200 – 350 Kbps upload every where (being indoors where download speed takes a huge hit doesn’t noticeably affect upload). So, this definitely looks like an artificial cap and I’ve added my name to the Groubal complaint.

    How does the 1930 mAh battery perform?
    Pretty good most days. Lasts longer than the battery in my Droid. I have had one day where something was chewing battery like mad. The Battery Usage screen appears to have been broken on the Atrix. The Droid would show me if things like Facebook or other apps were draining the battery. But on the Atrix, I just see display, cell standby, wi-fi, and phone idle. It’s like they’re filtering out the rest…

    Do you find the fingerprint scanner useful?
    Yes and no. I like being able to swipe the scanner to unlock and it’s a pretty cool feature. However, the scanner makes the power button really hard to press. It’s indented so far, so flat, and has so little give that you really can only turn on the phone if it’s in your hand the “proper way”. I used to turn my Droid on all the time when it was laying on the desk without having to pick it up, turn it, and position it “correctly” to hit the button, like is required with the Atrix.

  • http://Website JAG

    I Like it all…

  • http://Website Bob G


    The Tegra 2 processor has been superb, there has not been a slow down at all and it is very quick, too fast sometimes which is just fine by me. I love Motoblur on here because it isn’t the intrusive one that they first released a long time ago. This one is easy and having it being my first Android superphone, everything was easy and the Motoblur dialer is simply awesome. I’ve only used Qik for video calls and it works great. Over HSPA, there is some lag but not noticeable enough to be a bother. Over wifi, it works just fine like any webcam/webchat experience. I’m getting about 5mbps down and the usual .3-.4 up. Doesn’t bother me as I do not upload a lot of data.

    The battery has been phenomenal. After the first few days of it running 11-12 hours on a full charge, and the breaking-in period has worn off, I am now getting a little over 16 hours on a full charge with me using the phone above average use: this includes GPS, wifi, sync with gmail and calendar, phone calls and text messages, with some light internet browsing.

    Very impressed with this phone, as it is the first time I am an early adopter. Would recommend it to anyone and everyone! (already did to 4 people and they all love it so far too!)

    p.s. the Fingerprint Scanner is ridiculously helpful when I don’t have 2 free hands and am on the move. The security of it is a big plus too :)

  • http://Website Raptor

    Taylor, i am really concerned with the battery life of this phone. Sounds like total disaster to me.

    When you will review this phone, please use Battery Snap or similar app which monitors battery use graphically. It will save you many hours, since by the slope of the curve you will calculate how long battery lasts while running different applications. Say, if curve show linear drop while watching 1.5 hour movie which took the battery from 78% to 53%, that means that battery lasts 1.5 * 100/(78-53) = 6 hours. You do not have to wait 6 hours to estimate the number with good accuracy.

    Also please do not rely on words like “10 hours on heavy use” or “12 hours using the phone above average use”. Everyone’s “light”, “moderate” or “heavy” use differs by orders of magnitude! My T-Mo Vibrant may last 2 weeks. Or 3 days. All of them on light use. On Airplane mode, no social, no background data, no background tasks besides Battery Snap and no calls, just rear use of Alarm, Watch and calculator – the discharge is just 2.5% per day or battery life is 100/2.5=.40 days ! LOL

    For pure experiment, i just switch off background data and autosync. Here is an example for Vibrant

    - DivX Movies, full brightness – discharge 16% per hour means 100/16 = 6.25 hours.
    - Browsing on super-min brightness, on 3G – 15% per hour = 6.6 hours.
    - Games around 3-4 hours
    - RunKeeper works for 4.3 hours,
    - iStockManager spreadsheet monitoring realtime 30 stocks simultaneously on 3G, screen mostly off – 5.7 hours
    - MP3 music on max sound, headphones, screen mostly off – 4-5 hours
    - Google maps car navigation on full brightness, sound ON ….
    - Talking on the phone … etc etc etc …

    you’ve got the idea.

    NO VAGUE “LIGHT” OR “HEAVY” USE HERE, everything is almost scientifically precise. And only after that from these numbers above i can define my light or heavy use more precisely if i know what percentage of time i am jogging, browsing, watching movies or listen MP3s per day

  • NovaCep

    While turkey I’ll take a great mobile phone.

  • http://Website kfort

    I have had my iphone 3gs for two years and decided to get the affix. So far I am enjoying the phone and having minor” issues” getting used to the android os. The only big problem I have is not. Being able to see the android emoticons (little green men) when I send and receive a text message. The default keyboard allows you to see them but when you select them all I can see is the symbols( :-) ) people w android os that I send them to can see the emoticon and send me one back and I still can’t see anything but the symbol.

    I have downloaded an app but when I use it I get. Two of the same txt. One with the app and one with my default txt. I have called Motorola. And they said they hadn’t heard of those problems, eventhough these same comments/issues are all over their forums!!! A REAL answer would be nice!!

  • http://Website Adam

    A phone without a decent way to copy & paste and at&t calls it a there high end phone?

    A company designs a phone… the software… the hardware… every piece is put together to make a perfect product. The issue here is… yes it has tegra 2… yes the ram is there… but what happened to the design of the phone? what was Motorola thinking when they put moto blur on it?

    All people really want is a solid device with a vanilla android… or at least give me the option to turn that dam blur off… Until these companies stop thinking with there heads… no matter how good the specs are they simply would make a product which seems incomplete… and at the end of the day thats what Atrix is…

    And it goes on and on.. Inspire 4g … great phone but 1250 battery?

    motorola xoom… yeah buy it now mail it in later to get 4g… what are they thinking?

  • http://Website GP

    The phone is probably a sweet device as it comes off the assembly line, but after the motoblur crapware and ATT bloatware it becomes another piece of junk.

    Why can’t we get a device with just the OS added by the manufacturer and no BS?

    Motorola and ATT both put their crap on here. You will have data UPLOAD charges from junk THEY put on the device and which runs without your knowledge, and I am talking LARGE UPLOADS. Until the day when the carriers stop billing for UPstream traffic (don’t hold your breath), you better install a firewall and block their underhanded bloatware from sending them data from your phone. This really ought to be enraging all consumers. It is not just the nightly 8MB of uploads which I personally have seen, and the fact they want ME to pay THEM for something I didn’t initiate (at 3am while I was sleeping), but someone tell me just what the heck they are retrieving from my phone???? I mean seriously, 8MB+ in a single upload, that HAS to be my PERSONAL data because it sure isn’t anything they have any business seeing.

    Don’t take my word for it. Google it and see the complaints from countless angry consumers…they are not difficult to find. I don’t know what Moto and ATT are up to, but you can be sure they are up to no good.

  • http://Website Rod

    Blurware, ATTware, Locked Bootloader made me return mine 14 days later, awaiting another Vanilla phone ideally from HTC or LG

  • http://Website big girl

    its the best phone ive ever had i love the screen and the awesome resolution it has and tango works perfectly it looks amazing, i just dont like the way it looks outdoors, over it is way faster and way better than the iphone 4 that i used to have.

  • Zach

    I love this phone.

    However, my battery life is ATROCIOUS!!! :*(

    I’ve heard from many reviewers that the 1930 mAh battery is a beast, and offers great battery life so mine is probably a defect. That, or I have a rogue app.

    But the phone.

    Oh, the phone…gasm.

  • I2 IE V O IL T

    Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the Tegra 2 processor?
    yes very happy, battery life is so much better than other smartphones because of the dual core cpu. comparable to the iphone 4 battery lifespan.

    What do you think of Motoblur? Have you tried out Qik or Tango and made any video calls yet?
    i hate motoblur so i did an aroot and now use launcher Pro and love it. i havent done any video calls or anything yet though.

    How do you like the high-resolution qHD display?
    it is no retina. i like the vibrant colors of samsungs S-AMOLED more too, but it still a great deisplay. recording in HD is amazing.

    What kind of 4G speeds are you seeing on AT&T’s HSPA+ network? the highest ive had was a 10 Mbps download and .79 mbps upload. AT&T is still favoring their iphone users.

    Are you upload speeds capped? How does the 1930 mAh battery perform? upload speeds are horrid, the battery like said earlier is amazing.

    Do you find the fingerprint scanner useful? not really…

  • http://Website cerberus

    My atrix is 3 days old and it sucks. Motoblur? Really? It is not just att and motorola, its homeland security. Why else to route entire data stream thru it? The screen crowds out text with keyboard and jumps up and down at times when scrolling especially when i am trying to make small adjustments. I often am typing in the blind as inpug window is hidden. Landscape orientation.
    Screen sucks, next to my old evo the font is tiny and the only place you cam make it larger is in browser which has those other glitches. Hd dock worked twice. It is a software lock and it doesnt release when docked so entertainment center is all you got as webtop wont display. Speed of processors is useless when the basic setup is as poorly executed as this is. Fingerprint reader is slow and using it just records your prints to be uploaded. It does nothing well except get folks fooled by the stats. Oh and go ahead and root the phone but claims it is reversable are questionable and off the table when gingerbread arrives.
    At least it has a proper name A Tricks.
    Mine will be returned this week. I really wonder at how you all can enjoy paying hard cash to be data mined by att and others using such poor hardware. At least i am not paying anymore. Thanks and good luck in the cyberwar you are unknowingly on the frontlines of..

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