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EVO 3D and EVO View 4G specs leak

Sprint is preparing to show off an impressive Android lineup at next week’s CTIA show after a rather muted appearance at CES earlier this year. Devices that we expect to be announced include the HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO View 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G (maybe), Motorola Xoom, Samsung Nexus S 4G, and a few other surprises. Most of the details for Motorola’s and Samsung’s devices have been revealed, but HTC’s lineup has yet to be confirmed. Read on after the jump for the latest rumored specs of the EVO 3D and EVO View 4G.


HTC Pyramid

The EVO 3D could look similar to this leaked image of the HTC Pyramid.

As the successor to the wildly popular EVO 4G, the EVO 3D is one of the most anticipated Android phones of 2011. We expected Sprint to pull out all the stops and it sounds like they will deliver the first smartphone with a dual-core Snapdragon CPU.

Our friends at BGR just received a tip that details most of the specs for the EVO 3D. It matches everything we described about the HTC Pyramid, so this looks to be Sprint’s version of the device as we expected. New details include 1GB RAM like recent high-end phones and a larger than usual 1730 mAh battery.

Just like the LG Optimus 3D, the EVO 3D will feature a glasses-free, autostereoscopic 3D display and dual-lens camera that can capture 3D pictures and video. Sprint is also said to include a Blockbuster 3D and YouTube 3D applications to take advantage of the new 3D features.

Rumored specs of the HTC EVO 3D include:

  • Android 2.3 with Sense UI
  • 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (MSM8660)
  • 4.3-inch qHD 960 x 540-pixel autostereoscopic 3D display
  • Dual rear 5-megapixel cameras with dedicated camera button, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera
  • 4GB internal storage, 1GB RAM
  • Support for 4G WiMAX
  • 1080p output via HDMI-out (720p for 3D video)
  • 1730 mAh battery

Early benchmarks for the EVO 3D (aka Pyramid and Shooter) have been mixed, so we look forward to seeing how Qualcomm’s new dual-core Snapdragon matches up with the competition.


Next we have the EVO View 4G tablet, which is Sprint’s version of the recently announced HTC Flyer. This 7-inch tablet is similar to the Galaxy Tab, but it includes a faster 1.5 GHz CPU and HTC’s new Sense UI optimized for tablets.

Rumored specs of the HTC EVO View 4G include:

  • Android 2.3 with Sense UI
  • 1.5 GHz single-core Snapdragon CPU (MSM8x55)
  • 7 inch touch-sensitive screen with 1024 X 600 resolution
  • 5 megapixel color camera with auto focus, 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • 32 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM
  • Support for 4G WiMAX
  • Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, DLNA and HDMI-out support
  • 4000 mAh battery

For a complete overview of what the EVO View 4G might offer, see the product page for the HTC Flyer.

Overall it looks like a stellar lineup that most Sprint fans can be proud of. I think I already know the answer to this question, but which Sprint device are you looking forward to the most?

Source: BGR

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  • daveloft

    No way the phone in that picture has a 960 x 450 display, that resolution is wider than 16:9 and that image says otherwise. My guess is 960 x 540 display.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah it should be 960×540. I think BGR had a typo with the specs.

    • http://Website Juliette

      boy what an ugly phone!

      • http://Website the helping hand

        Juliette wrote

        “boy what an ugly phone!”

      • http://Website the helping hand returns

        Juliette wrote

        “boy what an ugly phone!”

        • http://Website the helping hand returns again

          Juliette wrote

          “boy what an ugly phone!”

          • http://Website the helping hand returns again and again

            Juliette wrote

            “boy what an ugly phone!”

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Yea, all they did was get the 4 & 5 mixed up beast mistake. It’s between this and GS2 for me, whenever that decides to come to states. I would go for the Eimax Nexus but it most likely won’t be dual core.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Yea, they simply had the 4 and 5 mixed up. Easy mistake.

      One thing that I welcome but not to excited about is the HTC tablet. It seems like it’s more mobile like then a tablet experience. They say it will have the upgrade to Honeycomb, but will they keep the skin? If not then why even come with the mobile skin? It’s a little optimized different but still.. Well, at least we know the XOOM is coming. I hope it doesn’t need a contract. I mean that’s dumb. Who thinks of these things.

      Hmm, it’s the Evo 3D or whatever they call it when it’s out or the GS2 for me. I have a feeing I might just get this because the GS2 Tegra version is rumored to have Super Clear LCD instead of Super Amoled Plus. It takes away as to why you wanted it initially. Sammy should have came ready with materials. Lots of choices though. Something else may come by ends year. If the NS was dual with the Wimax, then you bet I would get it.

    • http://Website Guillermo

      Dude, no way you are stupid enough to not read the description of the picture. IT SAYS MIGHT LOOK LIKE THE HTC PYRAMID IN THE PICTURE. THE PICTURE IS THE HTC PYRAMIC, NOT EVO 3D! Now I am wishing it was the Evo 3d because that Pyramid is so sexy!

  • http://Website Scott

    The phone actually looks more impressive than the tablet, spec wise.

  • http://Website nate957

    The Evo 3D is for sure my next phone!!!

    • http://Website ArcaneAndy

      Your dang straight this is your next phone. FYI everyone the renders above are NOT the Evo 3D. It is far sexier. Can’t tell you how I know other than I do. And it is one damn Sexybeast. But im definately willing to jump ship from tmobile for it.

      • http://Website gladiator_posse

        Yeah…this pic can’t be it (although I like the looks of that one too) because where are the dual cameras on the back?
        I’m glad you said it looks good Andy because due to those specs, this WILL be my new phone regardless of appearance (unless it’s pink or something).
        I have to ditch Tmobile for saddling me with AT ‘effin T.

    • http://Website God bless Apple

      The iPhone 5 is for sure my next phone!!

      • http://Website God bless Apple

        The iPhone 5 is for sure my next phone!!!!

  • http://Website manny

    Might be a coin flip between the Atrix and Evo 3d. If the Nexus s came with a dual core then I’ll get that instead, but it’ll most likely be a single core.

  • http://Website adc123456789

    tmobile = better
    1. already has nexus s
    2. getting htc pyramid
    3. has gslate
    4. gettin optimus g2x

    • http://Website zedklind

      cmon buddy! we’re all in this together! its about the os and its open-source-sauce! modding as we choose! theming to make the device our own! not a carrier war. I’ll be honest, I’m on tmobile now and ive been thinking about moving to sprint. im jealous of the epic 4g and they have WAY better marketing, but 5 years of tmobile and i have hope. I think both tmobile and sprint are going to have very competitive line ups this spring and its a competition for the carriers… not us! Either way its a win-win for all! (except at&t. i have a couple buddies with the iphone grandfathered data plan and i feel their sorrow with recent news of loss of free tethering :/)

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Yes exactly what I thought it would be. I am proud of Htc they saved there best for Sprint this proves all I knew from the jump street I predicted 98percent of these specs now we need to see the device. This makes that thunderbolt look TOTALLY USELESS. Now what does all the verizon FANBOYS feel about this.. 2010 Sprint had the best device in the htc evo 4g now again in 2011 Sprint rains supreme. I really don’t want to hear anything else from anyone on this site or anywhere else when your right your right and I called it

    • http://Website B

      Why don’t you check for polyps while you’re up there. Jeezus relax with the cheerleading.

    • http://Website Hans

      I wonder how long the battery will last with 3D on. It can’t possibly be worse than the original Evo’s, can it? ;) and really, always trying to start a carrier war with your overzealous posts about Sprint. And since you want to start this carrier war, that’s one(two with the Nexus S) phone that Sprint is getting. Did you already forget about the Droid 3, Droid X2, and the Targa? Oh, and the Samsung Stealth V. Oops, forgot about the Bionic. Darn, I forgot about the LG Revolution! There is very stiff competition this year so your “predictions” of this Evo 3D being the 2011 smartphone of the year are signs of fanboy delusions.

    • http://Website zedklind

      idk why people continue to brag carrier fanboyism. its the os that brought us together to tackle the impossible. its an os feature battle not a carrier war

    • http://Website Richard Yarell worshipper

      Yes exactly what I thought it would be. I am proud of Htc they saved there best for Sprint this proves all I knew from the jump street I predicted 98percent of these specs now we need to see the device. This makes that thunderbolt look TOTALLY USELESS. Now what does all the verizon FANBOYS feel about this.. 2010 Sprint had the best device in the htc evo 4g now again in 2011 Sprint rains supreme. I really don’t want to hear anything else from anyone on this site or anywhere else when your right your right and I called it.

  • http://Website panic

    #shout out to all the haters that complained about HTC not having enough internal memory or RAM space ! And as for the t-mobile fanboy sprint got the nexus offer first but we skipped out and got the HTC Evo so shut it ! And besides T-mobiles nexus runs 3G ours will run 4G so take ur phone and shove it.

    • http://Website B

      LOL and another one. What’s all this “we” talk? You holding stock? Why do you even care about T-Mobile? Just pick your device and be happy with it.

      • http://Website panic

        WE meaning I’m a loyal Sprint customer therefore I’m part of OUR movement so hush up and stop hating damn I even got haters ONLINE ! LMAO

    • http://Website adc123456789

      it doesnt matter if it is sprint 4g it still will be slow as hell tmobile gettin better speeds without 4g on nexus s

  • http://Website paul atreides

    BOOM! I knew that was dual cameras! Sweet I’m all over this bad boy, can’t wait until the announcement next week! Sprint means business like it or not!

  • http://Website Mohsin

    4000 man battery?? Are you sure?

  • http://Website elnene20

    I have a motorola atrix now n love it the battery is great dual core is a amazing one word beast!!!

  • Dave K

    The Evo 3D finally seems like a worthy upgrade to my long-in-the-tooth Hero. I hope it’s available very soon after the announcement. As for the Atrix, I’m a bit wary of getting a Motorola phone. HTC’s phones are more quickly rootable and therefore I’d be able to get CyanogenMod 7 on it pretty soon.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Ok Mr. Hans… You talk too much on this site everytime you turn around you have something contrary to say so let me straighten you out for a change… Droidx2 is a 3g model no comparison, your lg revolution is what definitely not dualcore, your Samsung Stealth looks promising, and your tagra is December or next year nothing to be discussing today that is for sure. I won’t mention Qualcomm and there quadcore that they too have been working on come may of next year I am sure the Evo 2 will have quadcore if that is the name they will use at that time. As for being a sprint fanboy yes I am one and proud to say I am and while your at it I am also a htc fanboy every great device made comes from them who else is better??? As for tmobile i like them alot and wish them well they have great devices on there network and I am happy they have stepped there game up they are a very nice secondary thought. As for sprint i have every right to feel they are the best cause yes they do take care of there customers and I know nobody is perfect all carriers have issues just some has less. You sound like a verizon fanboy discuss that I don’t here you talking that up for all I know you might be a iphone owner if so great for you. I will place my carriers lineup against anyone’s at least we have every device announced on Tuesday running gingerbread so ice cream will be next. What does all the other carriers have 2.2 froyo on newly released devices how is that??? We all know at&t and Verizon are LOUSY WITH UPDATES SPRINT PIMP SLAPS ALL OF THEM CLEARLY IN THAT CATAGORY. Droid Bionic has 2.2 froyo how is that revolution has 2.2 froyo, thunderbolt has 2.2 froyo that was last year my current evo 4g has the same bet that gets gingerbread before the thunderbolt or Bionic. Inshort this site is about expression yours is your’s mine is mine and everybody else’s is everybody else’s we are all entitled to that.. Case Closed on you.

    • http://Website SpringWishes


      btw quadcore is not coming to phones from qualcomm anytime soon. They are making “up to 2.5Ghz” dual core chips for 2012 and a quadcore for tablets. A new architecture + ridiculously high clock speeds on a dual core = win. BUT THEN OMG WHAT WILL COME IN 2013!!! ;)

    • http://Website zedklind

      he was stating facts. u need the right drm to get netflix and on android you need it at the hardware level. they showed off videos with netflix on the revolution. the only chips with drm securities are the tegra 2 (being work on, just needs a switch) and the new qualcomm processors msm8260/msm 8660. all of those chips are dualcore… you dont even directly reply to ANY of his comments.. you just toss them out there all the way down the thread.. verizon, sprint and tmobile all have lots of great rumored and announced devices for spring. its called carrier competing.. we all win.. stop the carrier fanboyisms..

    • http://Website Hans

      Lol,good one.

      Droid Bionic can match your Evo 3D. 512mb more RAM? From what I’ve read on comparisons between the Atrix(1gb ram) vs Bionic(512mb ram), there wasn’t a notable difference. 3D screen/video recording? Yeah, good luck having with having decent battery life(Nintendo 3DS ring a bell?). Like I said, can’t be worse than the Evo’s. Or maybe it can. Qualcomm quad-cores? Better sit down because you’ll get tired waiting standing up. Those won’t be available until mid-late next year, while Nvidia will most likely have theirs by the end of this year(Motorola Targa). Sprint will have 5 WiMax phones and Verizon will have 3 LTE phones(faster speeds), 4 if the Targa is LTE. We also don’t know of the Incredible 2 will have LTE or not. And you never know, the Droid 3 might be LTE as well. I love Verizon, but I appreciate handsets from other carriers as well. The only time I point out the flaws of a carrier’s phone is when people like you talk smack and act like you are part of the company. I will say this, though. I highly doubt the Evo 3D will take “2011 smartphone of the year” with all this competition.

  • http://Website MM3

    Any guess as to the ETA for the HTC EVO 3D ?

  • coyotejbob

    I don’t know if its just me, I have used an Evo and wasn’t all that impressed. I ended up switching back to t mobile for the MT4G which I am very happy with. Ever person I know reminds me of an iFan on just how over zelous they are and how they think since they have an Evo they are king. Ya it was a decent phone. Great when it came out but come on you don’t see me raining the king parade with a MT4G. Just be happy that you have an android device and quit pissing other people off…stupid Evo/sprint sheep. On that note hoping the HTC pyramid is a T Mobile beast. We need it.

  • http://Website alex

    This is great the more the phone the better the competition will be hopefully tmo counter attacks with the mytouch 4G 3D

  • http://Website panic

    Sprint ! FTW

  • http://Website Nate957

    One question; how well does Sprint WiMax network penetrate walls as compared to T-mobile’s HSPA+ network, because a few people have claimed that WiMax is worthless when you go inside any buildings.

    • http://Website paul atreides

      I use the tether for my ps3 sometimes no lag on netflix or playstation network games indoors

  • Prasad

    nice set

  • wwJOSHdo

    Oh ho ho ho ho! I am so excited! I really wanted the Epic but I had just bought my Moment a couple months before! But now my upgrade is next month and I am GETTING a dual core android phone! I am so FREAKING excited! I have the chills now!

  • http://Website revs1227

    wait guys im veryyy confused
    are the evo3d and pyramid same ?
    if so is the pyramid gonna be on t-mobile and in 3d? if so …booo yahhh
    no way i can deal with sprint again

  • http://Website JoshL

    Was it not just discovered that Sprint was moving on to LTE? Why would someone want a phone that uses WiMAX then? It’s going to be obsolete quite soon. Just my take on it.

  • http://Website EVOMIT 3D

    yeah, im waiting for IPHONE FIVE too!

    • http://Website EVOMIT 3D

      yeah, im waiting for IPHONE FIVE too!!

  • http://Website rewwr

    lol @ iphone 5
    i got word tht its not gonna b 4g? can u imagine !!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website nate957

      Hope you enjoy not having Flash
      Hope you enjoy not being able to download stuff that’s not in the App Store
      Hope you enjoy your small 3.5 inch screen
      Hope you enjoy the A5 dual-core processor that’s only 900 MHZ
      Hope you enjoy not having widgets
      Hope you enjoy not having an useful notification bar
      Hope you enjoy not being able to use a SD card

      • http://Website REVS

        AND U FORGOT NOT HAVING 4G !!!!!!

      • http://Website Jason

        Hope you enjoy your lag

        Hope you enjoy your battery life

        Hope you enjoy your clunky os

        Hope you enjoy your media player

        Hope you enjoy your 2nd rate apps

        Hope you enjoy your fragmentation

        Hope you enjoy your phone freezing up

        Hope you enjoy your malicious apps

        Hope you enjoy your task killer

        Hope you enjoy your sluggish os

        • http://Website nate957

          What the hell are you talking about???

          My iPod touch 4th gen lags MORE than my overclocked Android phone.

          I get extremely good battery life on my Android phone, and Android is totally not sluggish.

          Tell me, do you enjoy not having 4G???

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    @coyotejbob… It would be hard to rain supreme with a mytouch 4g because everyone already knows that nothing is special about that device just another prop to the original King. Yes htc made but the didn’t give it any of the true multi media specs as the king. Plus the Evo 4g was announced in March 2010 at CTIA and came out in june there was never no announcement on the mytouch 4g it just came out sometime in November or December 2010.. I will tell you like i told Hans your opinion is your’s enjoy it don’t worry about what others feel worry about yourself.. and @Hans.. Your Incredible 2 will only be 3g just like the Droidx2 and the Droid3 none of these devices will ever see LTE speeds on Verizon nor will they have an LTE radio.. The Samsung Stealth whenever that comes out might be a challenger to the Evo 3d.. Honestly right now as of today verizon has a week lineup even with the thunderbolt because that is there only 4g devices they are waiting on the Bionic when will that come out??? Probably will have 2.2 froyo that’s a waste. Guess I can see why everyone flocked to Verizon for the iphone4 last year’s phone because verizon had a week 3g lineup anyway. Now I know why verizon has decided to separate there 3g and 4g networks knowing the Iphone was going to clog it up worse.. I am sure the new iphone5 WILL NOT BE LTE cause verizon don’t wanna take a chance on there new shinny network having data problems… plus apple never rushes into new technology anyway

    • http://Website Hans

      Ah, what a one track mind you have. Quite sad. All carriers have a good lineup, though some have better lineups than others. What does Sprint have currently? Only the Evo,Evo Shift, Epic, and the LG Optimus. What does T-Mobile have? The MyTouch4G,Vibrant, G2,MyTouch3G, and the Galaxy S 4G. AT&T? Atrix, Captivate, Aria, and not sure what else. Verizon has: Droid, Droid 2(plus R2D2 and WE), Droid X, Fascinate, Droid Pro, LG Vortex, LG Ally, and the HTC Thunderbolt. All have great android phones, but everyone has a different opinion about who has the best lineup.

      Though I do keep hearing every now and then “Why does Verizon get all the good phones?” :)

  • NitroExpressNY

    i don’t think this is the EVO 3D i don’t see 2 cameras on the back, anyway i can’t wait to get mine and take some 3D footage with it at the apple store

  • coyotejbob

    So what the Evo sheep is saying is that because their wasn’t a giant media hype over the MT4G it isn’t a great phone? So ya another sheep. Get real dude the Evo is an expired product and you are getting all but hurt that a year later sprint finally came out with another good/great amdroid phone. Hopefully the new Evo isn’t capped like the original Evo was at 30fps and crappy updates that tried to block root. Not to mention if the Evo is so supreme how come it doesn’t have Android 2.3? T Mobile has TWO phones with that right now with more to come. So sure be an Evo fan I am not stopping you loving your phone just quit being a trolling sheep that’s all.

  • http://Website pax

    Now, the question is whether Sprint will still charge for “Premium Data” for these phones or extra like “Super Premium Data” fee since these phones are superior to others????

  • http://Website metzger

    we dont get all that carrier fanboyism in germany since all phones are available on all carriers right after release. regulations do not allow for exclusive distribution, everyone can buy the phone they like. on that note, all 4 carriers use gsm and umts (thats hspa+) so you can change carriers whenever you like, you can take your phone and number along, no problem. there is no extra fee for tethering since regulations see tethering as a device feature and not a carrier feature. the only thing one might criticise is that the devices are being released much later than in korea or usa. this wimax/lte stuff is pointless in germany because people have 50 mbit internet at home, paying for the landline and mobile internet together costs about half as much as one mobile contract in the states. i am desparately waiting for htc to announce a dual core phone but with a good camera for once!

    • http://Website pax

      You see all that is good, but you guys don’t have democracy for big companies, but we do. So our democracy allows big carriers to tie phones to their own networks, spare us a few bucks on the phones and then stick it up our asses for 2 years.

  • http://Website crap

    poor specs

  • http://Website AT&T-Mobile

    RIP T-Mobile US

  • http://Website panic

    Lol I gotta laugh man all the tmobile fanatics now ur owned by at&t

    • http://Website nate957

      Yeah, I hope you’re still laughing in two years when the price of your phone bill is extremely high, because there won’t be enough competition.

      If this merger gets approved, Verizon will quickly buy Sprint, leaving us with only two national carriers.

      Less choices = higher bills :(

  • http://Website Sprinter

    Not starting a carrier war here just noting my own experience. Sprint has come a long way. I’ve been with them for 10 years now. They had the best service in my area and I couldn’t stand AT&T even back then either. They have proven to me that they can handle customer service well. (Again none of this is saying anything against any other carrier, just my experience. If your happy with your carrier then by all means stick with them.)

    They had some really crappy phones but have come a long way. I’ve very excited for this current line up. Looks like I’ll finally be getting rid of my Samsung Moment this year. It’s been a trooper but it’s time to retire.

    [Shout out] Thanks to sdx-developers for extending the life of my moment!

  • expense

    These are good gadgets. Their specifications tell it all and definitely a must-try.

  • http://...? Tigger

    “The EVO 3D could look similar to this leaked image of the HTC Pyramid.”

    i want the REAL image of EVO 3D…

    also the real image looks like that leaked one exactly!!

  • http://Website Rebecca

    I have the Evo now and cant wait for the evo 3D.. They always seems to come out around my birthday so I have my fingers crossed. I want it BAD!!