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EVO 3D, EVO View, and Nexus S to be announced by Sprint at CTIA

It’s been a few days since Sprint sent out invitations to their press event at CTIA. While we certainly have our own ideas as to what Sprint will announce, an anonymous tipster has come forward, possibly revealing Sprint’s big announcement agenda.

The source claims that Sprint has three Android devices waiting to be unveiled at CTIA. Two phones and one tablet. The first phone will be the Nexus S which will be equipped with WiMax capabilities. As you may recall Sprint did have plans to launch the original Nexus One last year, but changed their mind since the handset wouldn’t offer anything unique over the T-Mobile and AT&T versions that were being sold by Google.

The second handset Sprint will unveil at CTIA with be the HTC EVO 3D. As the name implies, the HTC EVO 3D will feature 3D capabilities (though we’re not sure what those are at this moment) and we’re pretty sure it’ll support Sprint’s 4G WiMax network. We do not know the specs of the HTC EVO 3D, but the hope is that the handset will be similar to the rumored HTC Pyramid (dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor [MSM8260] and a 4.3 inch qHD display) which should be heading to T-Mobile later this spring.

Since Verizon has the XOOM and T-Mobile has the G-Slate, Sprint has decided to offer up their own Android tablet: the HTC EVO View. The only detail we have right now is the tablet’s name, but we’re assuming that it will be pretty similar to the HTC Flyer which is running a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor, with a 7-inch display, Android 2.3, and HTC’s new Scribe technology.

While everything above may sound feasible, we’re still labeling it all as rumors until we can get some concrete evidence. But that doesn’t mean we’re not excited! If the report does turn out to be true, which of three devices will you be picking up?

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Nexus Eddie

    Nexus S on Sprint? Yeah right, I don’t see that happening without putting their, NASCAR and ID crap.

    • http://Website Nexus Eddie

      Ok maybe I was a little harsh on my previous comment but I really want it to come out on Sprint so there can actually be accessories for the Nexus S! I mean is it really hard to make a case with a built in kick stand for the S? All I see is cases made w/stand for that stupid fruity phone!!!!!!

  • http://Website Brandon

    if the Evo 3D is the cdma Pyramid (MSM8660 instead of MSM8260) then i would buy it in a heartbeat!!!!! I’ve been waiting for something amazing to come to Sprint, hopefully they don’t disappoint me like they did with the Echo

  • Josh

    OOOOOHHHHHHH! If I get to replace my samsung Transform, with a Nexus S, I think I will piss myself!

    • wwJOSHdo

      Ooops! I wasn’t logged in!

  • http://Website Mikey

    But the Pyramid will steal the spotlight xD

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      If Sprint puts as much marketing into the EVO 3D as they put into the EVO 4G, trust that it’ll get plenty of spotlight. :p

  • http://Website worldbfree4me

    Although I’m a little excited about the new phone announcements, I was kinda hoping for next gen hardware. The Nexus S has poor battery life (1st gen cpu) see link below for battery life, the EVO 3D seems like interesting however, but we’ll have to wait and see!

    • http://Website Nexus Eddie

      What’s wrong with the Nexus S CPU? It still outperforms the second Gen Snapdragon and kicks my friends G2 (I know its 800mhz) and Mytouch 4G.

      • http://Website DROID Sam

        The Hummingbird is a great processor, but Samsun’g can’t seem to get it to take advantage of the new improvements in Froyo and Honeycomb. The Second Gen Snapdragon Qualcomm processors outperform the Hummingbird in almost every category except 3D gaming.

        If you’re not playing games on your phone, the Qualcomm processors are the way to go (for now at least).

    • http://Website joey

      after update, my battery life is great! it was a software issue.

  • http://Website Matthew

    I planned on getting the flyer and if it is going yo be on sprint I will definitely get that. or something similar.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Not a big fan of SPrint, but I’m definitely excited that the HTC Flyer will be coming ot the U.S. this spring! I know a lot of people thing the HTC Flyer is DOA since it’s not running dual-core processors and Honeycomb, but I think it’ll be the perfect tablet for me.

      HTC mentioned that the tablet would get a Honeycomb update later this year and I think they did the right thing to offer the experience they wanted rather than just pushing out a generic tablet experience like Motorola, LG, and Samsung.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    If they do get the Nexus S, I hope it comes with the Super Amoled Plus display, Dual Core, and 4G

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    “We do not know the specs of the HTC EVO 3G”


    • Sean the Electrofreak

      You’re quick! :)

  • Taylor Wimberly

    My guess is the HTC View is the 10 inch Honeycomb tablet codenamed Verdi.

    • http://Website Nate957

      Hey Taylor,
      what have you been doing the last 2 or 3 weeks because recently you haven’t been posting very many articles?

      When can we expect to see an increased rate in articles again?

      • Taylor Wimberly

        I was out of the country, on vacation, and sick. Posting will pick up after this week and SXSW is over. The main thing to look forward to is our new site re-design which should solve the content-demand problem.

        • http://Website Manny

          Tell me everything you know about the Pyramid

    • http://Website Hans

      I have a feeling that the EVO View will be the HTC Flyer.

  • http://Website panic

    Everyone knows that Sprint always makes sure their phones are different from the other carriers (for example the epic which had more features then the rest of the galaxy s phones) so what makes you think that Sprint won’t add a few things to the nexus s to make it better than tmobiles version ?

  • http://Website Dre

    Thinking Nexus S with QWERTY. Every Android Samsung Sprint ever gets has had a sliding keyboard

    • http://Website Andre

      Unfortunately, you’re right. Sprint really needs to get over its fixation on sliders. Fortunately, I can stick with my Evo if the NS loses its slatehood.

  • http://Website Lamont

    1. I highly look forward to the EVO 3D, that’s if it actually happens, and for those who complain about HTC SENSE it’s benefits are worthy love how when I pick my phone up the finger volume decreases it also detects (with combination of the light sensor and accelerometer)when the phone is up to your ear during a call and turns the display off. EVO 3D must also come with the new HTC SENSE( access)

    2. Nexus S currently only has two things over all other androids which is NFC chip and first to update which isn’t much there’s nothing on Nexus S that could make me give up my EVO even if they give it to me free.

    3. I’ve been planning my whole car audio/video redesigning idea around my EVO simply through Bluetooth deck that stays hidden and leave my EVO as the center of attention.
    My point is soon car companies will be make Android the center of audio/video in-car entertainment so with the HTC VIEW(if true) I will be years ahead of the game make VIEW my entertainment power house for the auto.


  • http://Website Richard

    Silence is GOLDEN… 2 or 3days ago right on this website I had stated that sprint would come out with the htc evo 3d anyone can go back to check. Now I will state what the specs on the Htc Evo 3D will be… Specs in the upcoming EVO3D… 4.3to4.5 inch screen, 2.0 front facing camera, Super LCD screen, 1.5 dualcore snapdragon processor, 10megipixel Camera, 1080P video recording, 1800to1950 mil amp battery, internal phone storage 8gig, 32gig microsdcard, Near field communication, Dnla technology, mirroring technology, hdmi out, New htcsense,… This will be the best device out for the summer of 2011… EVERYONE REMEMBER THESE SPECS… Come march 22nd we will see how right I am… Sprint 2011 lineup of devices will be.. The Htc Evo 3D, The Htc Evo 4g, The Htc Evo Shift 4g, The Samsung Epic 4G, The Nexus S 4g… Tablets.. The Htc Evo View 4g, The Blackberry playbook, The Samsung Galaxy Tab… This lineup CLEARLY BEATS ALL CARRIERS TODAY.. This is a grand time to be a sprint customer they was extremely quiet for CES, totally absent at MWC and completely will PIMP SLAP everyone at CTIA on March 22nd at 1pm. Now whoever HATES on sprint clearly will be expressing the JELOUS NATURE

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Not sure how Sprint’s lineup is any better than any other carrier’s. T-Mobile surrports the Nesux S already, has two Android tablets with the G-Slate on the way. myTouch 4G is one of the most feature rich Android hpones on the market and they should have the HTC Pyramid by mid spring.

      I’m also pretty sure that HTC will be releasing the Flyer on as many carriers as possible and we want over the the HTC Verdi before too long! Everyone loves their carrier, but lets be objective here.

  • http://Website panic
  • http://Website zedklind

    I think tmo should get a superphone. Idk. I just don’t think tmo has phones that AMAZE. Best phones tmo has are vibrant(or galaxy s 4g which in my opinion should have been that way from the get go), mytouch 4g(which is awesome and everything but the vibrant still outbeat it) and the g2(which should be overclocked and have a better gpu and better keyboard like the g1). Nexus s was just disappointing. Plus with the random restarts didn’t help. It was tech that was out in may in korea but with stock ginger. Cmon tmo, atleast try to compete. I’m hoping for a couple phones for tmo to announce at ctia. Galaxy s2, optimus2x (rumored g2x), htc pyramid, and the new sidekick. Since tmo pushed an email about discontinued sidekick services and offered 50% off samsung phones I highly doubt that they won’t announce the next sidekick that’s been rumored since. Atleast. July last year

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    Eff yea!! It’s starting to shape up that Sprint will own the summer once again. I’m praying that with these devices, they will announce the HTC media hub with the gaming center I’ve seen some rumors on. If all this pans out and the EVO 3D has a better battery than the original, I will cry tears of joy. Richard I salute you, I did see you’re comment last week about the EVO 3D, hope your speculations on the specs are dead on as well. Cheers

    • http://Website Hans

      Wow,you seem as much of a zealot as Richard. :/ the specs he posted are just what he would want on the phone. He mentioned the evo 3D last week because a supposedly a sprint worker mentioned it to him. Everything is still just rumors. Remember when people(Richard included) were saying so confidently that Sprint will show things during this year’s first two major tech events? Yeah, nothing happened. I just think it’s best to take all rumors with a grain of salt. That way,you won’t be disappointed.

      • http://Website Paul Atreides

        You’re some what right, but I’m still excited about this said rumor. You’re reading a wee little too much into my statement. CTIA can’t get here soon enough…

    • http://Website Lamont

      @Paul this media or gaming hub you’re speaking of HTC has officially announced its not just rumor anymore its like PLAYSTATION NETWORK or XBOX LIVE for HTC androids

      Oh and with PLAYSTATION SUITE coming as much as I love HTC I’m pretty sure it’ll make them regret this investment with onlive

      • http://Website Paul Atreides

        Thanks Lamont. You may be right about playstation suite but its just speculations who will dominate at this point especially with Sony’s track record overshadowing them. Plus we don’t know if HTC or any other phone maker besides Sony will get the suite when it arrives…or do we?

  • http://Website Joshua

    Want Nexus S on Verizon so bad so I can replace my OG Droid! This is just teasing me.

  • http://Website Rashaan

    @ Richard you were right bout the Evo 3D hopefully those specs r close to what you described Nexus S 4g hopefully we see SAP screen tegra 2 processor nfc 8 rear camera 2 mp front camera 1080 hd video recording.