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Google’s Samsung Nexus S 4G likely headed to Sprint next week

It’s been rumored for awhile that Google and Samsung would bring their Nexus S to Sprint’s 4G network and the guys from Engadget just uncovered the supposed logo for the device. The Nexus S 4G is said to be exactly like the T-Mobile version of the Nexus S with the additional support for Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network.

Sprint is holding their big CTIA press conference on Tuesday March 22nd, so that’s likely the big day when the Nexus S 4G will be announced. We are still waiting to learn if the Nexus S 4G might appear in Sprint stores, but it’s a good bet it will be on Best Buy shelves like the original Nexus S.

The first Nexus S arrived in stores just days after Google officially announced it, so there’s a good chance that Sprint customers should be able to purchase the Nexus S 4G later this month.

I still use the Nexus S as my daily phone and it’s the only device to ship with the latest Android 2.3, so I would recommend it to any Sprint user who is looking for a pure Google experience. However, Sprint is also expected to announce multiple dual-core phones (EVO 3D, Atrix 4G, and maybe Galaxy S II) so it might be best to wait if you want to get a more future-proof device.

How many Sprint users are interested in picking up the Nexus S 4G?

Via: Engadget

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  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Just speechless what needs to be said here. Sprint without question rules

  • http://Website db

    I’ll be running Nexus S on Sprint. The release date can’t come soon enough!

  • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    If it is exactly like the T-Mobile version, then does that mean it doesn’t use CDMA+EVDO? How does that work out?

    • http://Website Omar G

      Sprint is just getting everything, im so happy im on sprint.

  • http://Website Omar G

    i didnt mean to reply that.. oh well

  • http://Website mikevo

    The only thing I’ll drop my Evo for is a 3 Gen nexus w/dual core but I’ve been wondering why sprint didn’t have a nexus.

    • http://Website Lumpia

      Because of both of ours Evo 4g : ) The Nexus One was SUPPOST to be a single phone for the big 4 in America. Sprint wanted to stand out and along with Verizon got HTC to give them their own N1 cousin phones HTC Incredible and Evo4g whole passing on the OG. Plus they couldn’t load their bloatware crap on a pure google phone. It looks like they learned from their mistake.

  • http://Website mmalakai10

    honestly im not happy about this rumor. i dont understand why are they releasing a sprint nexus version of the nexus s in 4g. so what about all the tmobile customers that have the 3g version? i dont think that fair becuz tmobile’s hspa+ network was up and running before the nexus s release and google didnt make it 4g capable. if this is true thats wrong to do that to customers, that make us that is faithfull to android from day one back when it was the G1days. dam im kinda upset

    • http://Website panic

      Incase u didn’t know Sprint was lined up to get the original first nexus before t-mobile but it was turned down for the Evo

      • http://Website mikevo

        Woops. Forgot about that.

  • http://Website anthony

    Thats laughable lets see if they get the 2.3.3 ota like us nexus s owners didn’t get yet 4weeks since it was going out and hopefully they don’t get random reboots and yeah keep a data connection.
    nerve can’t fix one but continue to pump and dump like frikin Bernie did stocks

    • http://Website mmalakai10

      well i havent seen the update yet as well and a part of me doesnt want it either. i have been hearing complaints about google watering down the saturation of the nexus s screen. that is depressing to hear when i love the color on the screen itself showing so much color the way it does. to me it actually shows the true colors to me. im currently running stock 2.3.2 at this time. im not at all egar to get the 2.3.3 update i hope they hold it back and fix the color issue back to the original state. i honestly think they are holding the update back becuz of that issue itself.

  • http://Website jkeene81

    Any chance of this phone coming to Verizon?? I’m due up and all Verizon has out is a shitty Evo rehash with 3 hours of battery life

    • http://Website Hans

      Nexus S with LTE? sweeeeet.

    • http://Website jkeene81

      Hate the big screen, dont like sense, battery life sucks, I really like the idea of a 4″ screen with pure google already on board.

      • http://Website monkeydroid

        Dude, a nexus s is a rehash of a galaxy s minus the micro sd slot and LED notification lights. So it has pure google on it. Same screen, same processor, oh but it has different back and a curved screen.

        • http://Website jkeene81

          You got me there dude, all I am saying is I like the 4inch screen, NFC chip and the fact that it will get updated unlike all of samsungs other products

    • http://Website Jbn

      Evo rehash with 3 hours batt life? 14 hours 28 mins since unplugged at 60 % data usage text phone calls, that is on my tbolt an its far from a evo rehash!!!

      • http://Website jkeene81

        same screen, same camera, same processor, same small battery, oh wait the back is different. dude its an evo, not saying its not a great phone but its an evo with verizon 4g on board.

  • Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    I’d be impressed if Google manages to put out a version that supports both HSPA+ and LTE. The problem is that LTE chips that work on all the bands being used in the USA don’t exist yet. LTE in the USA is being implemented on Band Classes 4 (AWS-1) and 12-17 (700 MHz block). There is a possibility that it could be implemented on Band Class 2 (PCS) as well, but we’ll have to wait a year to see if T-Mobile plans to go through with decommissioning their 2G network and replace it with LTE.

  • http://Website Matthew

    Not at all…anything with samsung in it I’m out. Samsung products just feel like cheap material.

    • http://Website Andre

      I have to agree. I picked up and handled the T-Mo NS for a few minutes at a Best Buy a few weeks ago. I was actually thinking about switching from Sprint to get one. While I prefer the NS’ design, the build quality of my Evo is way higher. Since I’m already using CM7 on the Evo, getting a phone with stock Android out of the gate isn’t as alluring as it would’ve been if I was still saddled with Sense. I’d also lose the microSD slot and HDMI (which will be supported by CM7 once the code for fullHDMI is baked in). I’m probably going to wait for Cyanogen to hot rod the Evo 3D before upgrading devices.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    As nice as it sounds, I think it’s a little to late. What if a dual core comes later in the year. Google needs to have it ready for all carriers. This half and half is really dumb. Have it ready spec and marketing wise.

  • http://Website SocalTeknique

    I have the Nexus S and it great that Sprint is getting it. But Sprint getting the NS makes the T-Mobile Sprint merger more plausible.

    • http://Website Tito!

      No. That’s Stupid. That makes no sense.
      All carriers have their own version of Galaxy S,
      I don’t think that means they’re all gonna merge, are they?
      I didn’t think so.


  • http://Website Adam

    I hope Sprint version doesn’t have reboot problem.

  • http://Website Tito!

    I don’t get why they must call it the Nexus S “4G”,
    when ours is just as much 4G
    & T-Mobile is faster!
    Sooo, nice try Sprint.
    But i Hope you #Fail with this Marketing attempt. :)

  • http://Website Casey

    It’s about time sprint gets some better android phones. Definitely wasn’t looking forward to the Echo, that piece is a joke. I just hope ns4g and evo3D are substantial improvements over their predecessors. Can’t wait to see them in action.

  • http://Website Solrac924

    i’m holding off for a Nexus with a Tegra3 quad-core :D

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Rumored specs leak for the upcoming Sprint devices

  • http://Website Nathan

    Commenting just to register my interest! I’m 1.5 years into my contract with a failing Pre. No Pre3 on the horizon so I’m jumping ship to Android. Can’t wait for this phone!

  • http://Website bob

    Wow, this is great! Im getting a new contract in april, but i cant decide whether to get the nexus s or wait for the atrix and evo.

  • payslip

    I can’t wait to try this one. The Nexus S is good in its functionality but I guess the Nexus S 4G will be much better.