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HTC EVO View 4G trademark application filed by HTC

We’re still a ways away from confirming all the leaked details for Sprint’s CTIA announcement, but HTC’s latest trademark application does confirm that at least one of the three products Sprint is expected to unveil in a few weeks.  According to a new file listed by the U.S. Patent Office, HTC is looking to trademark the name “HTC EVO View 4G” which pretty much confirms that Sprint is planing on launching an Android tablet with WiMax support. 

The assumption is that the HTC EVO View 4G is simply a CDMA and WiMax enabled HTC Flyer running on Android 2.3 with a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.  But Sprint and HTC may deliver something even better.  Since we have no real details to go off of, we could just as easily assume that the HTC EVO View 4G is the HTC Verdi, an Adroid tablet which will feature a larger 10-inch display, Honeycomb and may possibly be powered by a dual-core Snapdragon processor. For now, it’s simply a guessing game.  We’ll have to wait for more details to leak out before we can call it either way. 

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when buying an Android tablet;  but would you rather have the HTC Flyer with Android 2.3 and a 7-inch display or the HTC Verdi with a 10-inch display running on Android 3.0?

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Source: U.S. Patent Office

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  • Galen20K

    Hmmm tough choice, I think both sizes have a draw for different reasons. I absolutely love the compromise 8.9″ size tho, thats the size I”m getting.

  • Nick Gray

    For me, the most important features are size and batter life. I’d rather have a 7-inch tablet with Android 2.3 since it’s more portable. HTC has promised that Android 3.0 is coming to the HTC Flyer once they are able to port Sense to it.

    • http://Website y to the o

      I prefer a smaller form factor as well but having Sense on top of Honeycomb would be an abomination.

  • kevin

    I would have to say honeycomb and a 10 inch display. Htc is known for releasing game changing products on sprint like the evo 4g last year. Hopefully their plans are consistent though

  • http://Website Matthew

    I thought the flyer was good enough for me. If it’s better then flyer with the same kind of concept of the flyer I’m will definitely get it. I have been waiting for a HTC tablet and now they have made it on my carrier. Yes!

  • http://Website Richard

    I am so happy today for both htc/sprint silence has been golden for sprint. They had one handset announced before CES and that was the Htc Evo Shift 4g. They totally had no appearance at MWC… And now They have just hit 2 grandslams and clearly lead all carriers with there total lineup of y. Everyone should sit back and TAKE A VERY GOOD LOOK AT THIS… Smartphone lineup.. Htc Evo 3D, Nexus S 4g, Htc Evo 4g, Htc Evo Shift 4g, Samsung Epic 4G… Tablets.. Htc Evo View 4g, Samsung galaxy tab, Blackberry playbook.. THIS IS THE BEST LINEUP ON ANY CARRIER.. Sprint launched 4g with the granddaddy of them all The htc evo 4g in june 2010 and as of today have the most 4g devices in the industry. Today and as the days draw near I will be preparing to purchase my Htc Evo 3D the new flagship device on sprint.. The htc evo view 4g has passed filing for trademark today SO YES IT IS REAL..

  • dalex7777

    Actually, the Flyer has been updated to run on Gingerbread 2.4. I’m really looking forward to this device. I have a NOOKcolor and I really like the 7inch form factor for a tablet. Also, HTC has done some very sensible things with making this your primary device for “living with” as far as Scribe and the note-taking and the inclusion of OnLive gaming service and also their own Media Hub.

    In comparison the XOOM and Honeycomb look less than half finished. I believe the XOOM really should have been released as a developer only product, but instead was unleashed early, because once again the competition–ok, let’s just call it Apple–was on a tear with a successful business that is generating an addition ONE BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH.

    The EVO View will be a great product and with the inclusion of the Sony Play core built into every copy of Gingerbread, could be the best gaming tablet in the world.

  • Love @ trademark application

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