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HTC prepping software update to enable HSUPA on the Inspire 4G

AT&T has gotten quite a bit of bad press over the past month since their new HTC Inspire 4G doesn’t really support 4G speeds.  As you may know, AT&T chose to launch the Inspire 4G without support for HSUPA out of the box, leading to upload speeds that barely make it over the 500 kbps threshold.  While we all breathed a sigh of relief when AT&T announced they would enable HSUPA on some of their devices, today is the first time we have seen any progress on the situation. 

An FCC Class II Permissive Change document for the HTC Inspire 4G has just been uncovered which states that the “HTC Corporation will enable HSUPA function of this product, Smartphone (FCC ID: NM8PD98120), by software.”  There is no indication as to when the software update will be hitting the HTC Inspire 4G, but we’re hoping that once HSUPA is enabled on the device, the HTC Inspire 4G will finally be able to live up to its name.

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website B

    So is the HTC Pyramid a myth or is it just the EVO 3D?

    • Nick Gray

      From what I know, the Pyramid is still coming. It’ll essentially be the same as the EVO but without dual cameras, WiMax, and all other 3D capabilities. It should also be a bit smaller than the EVO 3D, making it a bit more appealing.

      • http://Website B

        I can’t understand why they wouldn’t show it at CTIA then

  • http://Website panic

    How the hell do u release a 4g phone when its not 4g capable? Isn’t that considered false advertisement?

    • HackNet

      No, false advertisements are only for people like us. Big companies like At&t can write it off under the table.

    • Nick Gray

      They can call it a 4G phone as long as it has access to their 4G network (which it does). Since 4G has been belittle to a marketing term rather than a technical specification, there’s nothing anyone can do about this.

      It’s truly sad that carriers have stooped this low.

      • http://Website josh miskin

        Calling it 4g and advertising it as 4g up and ready to go.compatible are two different things. They shouldn’t hsve put it on market when it’s not even running 4g.

  • http://Website Jake Tijsma jr

    We here in Rainsville Alabama don’t even have a 3G system yet because AT&T does not want to spend the money to upgrade there system,but they sure don’t mind taking my $193.00 a month!!!!! They suck!!!!!