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HTC Thunderbolt drops to $175 for the weekend on LetsTalk

If you were balking at the elevated expense of the Thunderbolt direct from Verizon or the “Backordered” message hanging next to the Thunderbolt for $180 on Amazon then I’ve got some good news for you this weekend. You’ve got about 36 hours to pick up a Thunderbolt with either a new contract or a contract extension for the relative bargain price of $175 from LetsTalk .

I haven’t had my hands on the Thunderbolt since CES so if any of you recent Thunderbolt buyers would care to impart your wisdom based on your experience with the phone thus far in order to help the undecided either pull the trigger or hold their fire I’m sure they would appreciate it.

If you find that you aren’t quite sold on making the purchase, but are interested enough in the Thunderbolt to accept one for the low price of free then you can try getting in on the contest that LetsTalk is running through April 7th.

Via: Engadget

Source: LetsTalk

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    firesale!! they know iphone is coming!

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      firesale!! they know iphone is coming!

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      This news hit me like a tsunami. Never thought this would happen and didnt see this coming. Well, this is bad news for competition.

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    Awesome! I’m leaving T-Mobile (myTouch 4G) and getting this! T-Mobile’s 4G in Miami, FL is a joke. I average 2 to 2.5mbps with them.