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Leaked ad shows Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi heading to Staples on March 27th for $599

Anyone holding off on getting the Motorola XOOM from Verizon until a cheaper option is available will certainly be glad to hear they won’t have to wait too long. The new weekly ad from Staples has surfaced which clearly states that the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi will be arriving in Staples stores on March 27th for $599.98.

The price point is essentially the same as what you’d need to shell out at your local Verizon store, but you won’t need to sign you life away for a ridiculous priced data contract. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a store advertising the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi, but this is the first time that a launch date for the device has been spotted in conjunction with its price.

The original XOOM is certainly a great device, but we have a feeling there are plenty of you who have been holding out for the XOOM Wi-Fi.  If the about image turns out to be true, how many of you are ready to raid your piggy banks on March 27th?

Source: DROID-Life

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  • http://Website Mark

    …or just buy a laptop or netbook.

    • http://Website Cookie

      I really wish people would stop saying this. If a tablet isn’t for you and you don’t want one, that’s fine, but please stop telling people to not buy something you don’t want or need.
      Also I’m pretty sure the Xoom is more powerful than most netbooks on the market…at least it has a dedicated GPU instead Intel integrated graphics.

      • http://Website sammy d

        I think the point he is trying to make is that tablets are way overpriced for the amount of functionality they offer. You can get a full laptop (not netbook) for $500 that had a 14 inch screen, 250 GB hard drive, a licensed copy of windows 7, keyboard, and a processor that can outshine the tegra 2 in a heartbeat.

        The difference is that the manufacturer is making a 10% profit margin on the laptop while Motorola is making about 100% profit margin on the XOOM.

        Once there’s some good competition in the marketplace, prices will drop and people will stop making the laptop/tablet comparison.

        • http://Website tornato7

          Don’t forget a tablet will destroy a netbook in battery life and portability, not to mention thousands of apps that work really well for it (using desktop apps on a netbook just doesnt run as fast or feel right). Don’t forget that tablets have expensive, nice touchscreens, better cameras, and flash memory. and IMHO I think tablets are better for general video watching and web browsing than netbooks.

          • daveloft

            I would suggest that droidsam and the four other trolls who downranked me go ahead and Google profit margin, you will see I’m right.

        • daveloft

          They’re making about 50% profit on tablets, 100% would mean it cost them nothing. The lack of competition in the tablet space is keeping prices high. So give it a year and we should hopefully see a big change.

          • http://Website droidsam

            100% profit margin means they charge double of what it costs. If it costs $300 to make and they charge $600, their profit is $300 which is 100% of their cost.

            The whole reason the price of the galaxy tab is dropping so fast is because they have a lot of wiggle room. Manufacturers will soon be sacrificing profit margins to increase market share percentages. It’s the simple law of supply and demand.

          • daveloft

            Sorry droidsam but I think you need to Google the definition of profit margin.

            ‘Profit margin is displayed as a percentage; a 20% profit margin, for example, means the company has a net income of $0.20 for each dollar of sales.’


          • daveloft

            With a cost of $300 and a sale price of $600. It means they are making $0.50 for every dollar of sales which results in a profit margin of 50%.

      • daveloft

        The funny thing about that is Intel is using a PowerVR SGX 535 in its GMA 500 chipset. Other Intel GMA models, don’t use PowerVR but they do use equivalent GPU’s. Also most tablets GPU share memory or have a small amount dedicated and are typically built in with the chipset so they’re not dedicated either.

        It may shock people to hear this but a netbook still has an edge on most mobile platforms in raw computational power. It’s just that their running a desktop OS that makes them fell so slow.

        But to your point I also hate when people say why don’t you just get a netbook or laptop instead of a tablet. They are both very different products that excel in very different ways. I actually plan to sell my laptop to get a tablet. If I need to do real work, I have a great desktop at home to do that on.

      • http://Website Gee

        The Xoom better than my netbook? Huh? My 2GB, dual core 1.6 GHz Atom w/ next gen 512 MB NVIDIA ION, 1366×768 resolution netbook that cost $550 says hello.

  • http://Website Austin

    I think it’s a good price since Ipad 2 32gig is the same price and this is a much more powerful device with more ram and better cameras. I also believe it’s priced right since the 7inch Blackberry Playbook is coming out April 10th for $499 with nearly the same specs. So just have to decided..10in Xoom or 7in Playbook for $100 less…either device is worth it!

    • http://Website tornato7

      I doubt the playbook will be anywhere as good as the xoom. I’ve used the xoom alot and it really feels like a tablet OS and great hardware. Little things in honeycomb like popup email notifications are what makes it great compared to other OSes

    • http://Website Bruno Campos

      Ipad 2 kickass Xoom, honestly, I’m an android fanboy but Ipad has better hardware and smoth software not buggy like Honeycomb.

      • http://Website tornato7

        maybe it’s just me, but I would rather use an unstable build of an awesome OS than a stable build of a crappy one. That’s why many people use beta versions of software.

      • http://Website tornato7

        PS the only superior hardware on the ipad is it’s gpu and weight. Xoom wins in all other categories (better cameras, screen, processor, memory, etc.)

      • daveloft

        Well when comparing the iPad 2 to the Xoom

        CPU: Xoom (it runs at 1 GHz compared to 900 MHz on iPad 2)
        GPU: iPad 2 (PowerVR SGX 543 blows the Geforce GPU away)
        Cameras: Xoom (5mp rear vs 0.7mp rear camera, 2mp front vs 0.3mp)
        OS: Tie (Honeycomb is a tablet OS making it more functional, but some stability drops it down a notch, iOS is stable, but it’s just a phone OS.)
        Applications: iPad 2 (Apple has way more apps optimized for the tablet)
        Games: iPad 2 (Apple has way more games optimized for the tablet)
        Email: Xoom (gmail on Honeycomb offers a way better email experience)
        Browser: Xoom (Multiple tabs and future support for flash give Honeycomb the edge over iOS)
        Multimedia: iPad 2 (While there are plenty of options to get content on the Xoom, iTunes gives the iPad the edge)

        Which tablet is best for you really depends on what your main use for it is and if you like using iTunes or would prefer to buy elsewhere and drag and drop your content on yourself.

        • http://Website mahmut

          yes the ipad 2 is the best

      • http://Website Bruno Campos

        Ipad 2 kickass Xoom, honestly, I’m an android fanboy but Ipad has better hardware and smoth software not buggy like Honeycomb..

  • http://Website Jaytee1o4

    I’ll grab it! I tried it out today and its pretty cool device

    • http://Website Adam


      • http://Website Adam

        sorry my bad. comments need edits button.

        jaytee where did you try it out? I would like to get my hand on it. Verzion store or what?

  • http://Website Greg

    This is one device that I’m going to not adopt early. Unlike apple (who raise specs but never lower prices) we all know that this thing WILL get cheaper… and fast. I’ll wait till it’s at least $100 cheaper.

    • http://Website 666

      Apple just lowered the price of the iPad 1 so your post = fail.

      • http://Website Greg

        Really? I’m sorry. I did not “de-moron” my comment. I’ll clarify: Apple never lowers prices on current-gen products.

  • McLovin

    I was excited about the Xoom untilI learned it “did an Apple” and has a non-user replaceable battery. Fortunately it sounds like the Toshiba Tablet will have a battery I can replace myself.

  • http://Website ┌◄

    ♥♥♥ iPad 2 ♥♥♥

  • http://Website pax

    Tooooooooooo expennnnsive….

  • http://Website Lactose the Intolerant

    Great! Been waiting for the wifi only release at a reasonable price… closest Staples is 53 miles away… will be there when they open the doors.

  • cobaltleo

    i heard on a podcast that you still have to buy 1 month data plan to activate, even on the wifi only version. can anyone confirm or deny? and if so is this standard practice for tablets?

  • http://Website Mark

    …or just buy a laptop or netbook…