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Motorola shaves $100 off the price of the Xoom with new coupon

It may be a little early for an actual price cut, but Motorola has seen fit to offer potential Xoom customers a $100 discount via a new coupon code.

I don’t know how long this particular deal is going to last so if you are interested you should probably get in on it as soon as possible. Just make your way to the Motorola Store and enter the code MOTOXOOM when you get to the checkout page and be sure to select 2-day shipping as that is free for the taking.

At $699 the Xoom, which is already more than a match for the iPad 2 by the specs, would take a slight lead in pricing as well so hopefully Motorola makes this a permanent price cut sooner rather than later.

If you have no interest in the 3G/4G then you are probably going to want to keep holding out for that sub-$600 wifi-only Xoom, but if not this is a good deal for early adopters.

Update: Sorry if you missed out, but the deal is dead. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any new deals and if you happen to find any go ahead give us a shout.

Via: Droid-LIfe

Source: Motorola Store

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  • http://Website Ben Johnson, GA

    Everybody knows this is an act of desperation.
    We will all purchase the new star-tablet iPad 2 from Apple, two weeks from now.
    Nobody is interested in this cheap knockoff anymore, noo…folks!
    I already sold my iPad1 (my friends and my family did too) and we are now preparing for the upgrade!

    cheers, Ben
    sent from my iPhone 4
    Note: it does NOT reboot

    • http://Website Hans

      “You are one sad strange little man. You have my pity.”

      Seriously, taking time from whatever life you have to waste it on android forums? You must be desperate. I guess the iSheep mentality is strong with this one.

    • http://Website Steffen

      I don’t believe in a God, but if I did, your existence would prove that he/she has a great sense of humor.

      I can hold my phone however I damn well please and it will keep it’s signal. Even without a “bumper”. How bout that!

  • http://Website Richard

    I am not a Motorola person nor do I like Apple products but I have to admit that the Ipad2… BITCH SLAPS… The Motorola Xoom senseless… Motorola FAILED ON PRICE and just showed to much GREED… I am not saying that the tablet isn’t nice because it is but not 800 dollars worth then all the stupid things you have to go through to upgrade your device to 4g just way OFF BASE..? Motorola messes up everything… This helps to make ANDROID look bad to people which isn’t kool cause we all know ANDROID IS BETTER THAN APPLE ALL DAY LONG…

    • http://Website Hans

      Hm, let’s compare.
      The 32GB 3G iPad 2 with the 32GB 3G /LTE Xoom. Price wise, is the much of a difference? No. Are the extras worth the extra money? IMO, yes it does. Is the Xoom perfect? No. Is the iPad 2 perfect? No. The Xoom is the blueprint for future Honeycomb tablets , just like how the G1 was the blueprint for the first android phones.

      • http://Website Hans

        *yes they are.
        Typed all that too fast.

  • Dave

    Wow… it just became so much more affordable…

  • http://Website Richard

    Apple can have the tablet market…. cause Android has the smartphone industry locked down… We are ready to PIMP SLAP the iphone5 this summer when the HTC EVO 2 makes it’s apperance at CTIA on March 22nd just like the Evo did in june 2010… Ben your iphone5 is USELESS BEFORE IT EVEN COMES OUT… Sent from my Htc Evo 4g

    • http://Website Hans

      The Evo2 is going to have to be a major beast to compete with the Atrix/Bionic and SGS2. We’ll see what happens.

  • brad

    wow it went from outrageous to really expensive :P

  • http://Website mobile brazzers


  • http://Website Steffen

    I generally despise Apple but they do get one thing right.. Product announcements.

    Apple Announcement: This is the iPad 2. These are the different versions. . They will all be available for these prices on this date.

    Motorola Announcement: This is the Xoom. It will be out in the future… … here is that product again. You can buy it for your left arm and a lot of money. There is one version. You can buy a cheaper Wi-Fi only version sometime later.

    So annoying.

    • Avi

      I really wish I didn’t agree with you but you summed it up perfectly. What is so hard about giving a freakin’ release? We are the ones buying it so what can they possibly be gaining from keeping that information from consumers? And I somehow thought it would different after their big Superbowl campaign. I’d own a Xoom now for a reasonable price. It simply isn’t worth $800. Hell, my laptop only cost me $629 with shipping and tax.

  • http://Website Doug

    Not working for me…?

  • http://Website Comet

    The thing is other than having more apps ready to go, what are the advantages of the iPad 2 over Android 3.0 based “tablets”?
    I’ve read the news and from what I can tell price wise, the competition is going to be agreesive and offer more options.
    Features wise you’ll find USB ports, SD-CARD support and so on that are not available on the iPad 2. Yes the iPad 2 is very gorgeous and thin but its not like the iPad 1 form factor wasn’t good enough.
    Right now I would rather NOT be limited by the hardware. And finally, the “platform”. Right now Apple no longer has the advantage of a hardware accelerated UI. But Google has tons of platform advantages.
    Widgets, home screen customization, keyboard customization, SIP support, activities that can be used across applications. No need for devs to recode the “share to facebook” on any app they create.
    Completely cloud based synchronization. Install apps from web, auto-sync your contacts, calendar, apps and so on.
    I’ll take the time to focus one small yet for many people important factor. Google Video chat. Apple has been praising Facetime over and over again but lets face it. Its video chat locked to Apple platforms.
    What if I want to video chat with someone that doesn’t have an Apple device? That’s the thing.
    If you’re really dishing out $600 for this type of devices than you might as well go for what is more future proof. Do you think the iPad 2 is future proof?
    If you want a tablet and think the $600 price tag is too high, then by all means go for a previous generation device like the iPad if not then buying an iPad 2 because it has “more apps” isn’t the right choice. Android fast growth shows that apps will come.

  • http://Website Danny

    Anyone else try the “MOTOXOOM” coupon? Just tried it and it didn’t work

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    No matter how much you love Android, this was a big price fail by Motorola. People are going with the cheaper more familiar brand of tablets because of that. If Motorola had priced this at $400 it would of been a major smackdown for Apple. Why buy the Xoom when you can get a Ipad 1 or 2 for a really reasonable price? The average consumer isn’t comparing the specs of the Xoom versus the Ipad 32GD. They will look at $300-400 price point and roll their eyes at that $700+ price point. I really could care less, they don’t do enough for me, so I can wait until it drops this summer to probably 400 bucks and then I’ll consider playing with one or wait until the Winter for a real steal!

  • http://coupondeadalready? jason

    Tried testing the coupon just now and i get an invalid coupon message when i go to check out :/

  • Gregg

    Anyone know if Best Buy is doing a price match on the Xooms already sold?

  • Deter

    Code not working for me either.

  • http://Website jgarrido

    Not working :(

  • http://Website JERRY

    They should do the same for the Wifi Xoom

  • http://Website Kemp

    I tried it and its not working for me