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Motorola Xoom update rolling out tonight, Flash Player 10.2 coming soon

Starting tonight, Verizon will begin rolling out a software update for their Motorola Xoom tablet which will prepare the device to receive Flash Player 10.2. Back in February Adobe said Flash Player would be available for Honeycomb tablets within a few weeks after the Xoom launch, so it looks like they will meet their goal.

If you unlocked your Xoom, it will need to be restored. According to the Motorola support forums, you can receive the update over 3G or WiFi if your device has not been modified.

Google and their partners have pushed Flash Player as a big advantage of Honeycomb tablets over the iPad 2, so they had to be disappointed that it was not ready for the Xoom launch. Honeycomb has been in development for a long time and everyone knew this big launch was coming, so my guess is the blame lies with Adobe.

When it comes the availability of Flash Player 10.2, Motorola says to “stay tuned as we’ll have more info regarding availability very soon.”

More information on the contents of the update can be found on Motorola’s site (pdf).

Update: Adobe has confirmed that Flash Player 10.2 will arrive in the Market on March 18th.

Motorola tweets about update.

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Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website bobbyb

    That preproduction tegra 2 flash does not work with the xoom. It doesn’t support honeycomb

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for the update. I just got a Xoom, but had not tried to install Flash yet. Hopefully it will be out any day now.

  • http://Website Dags

    “so my guess is the blame lies with Adobe”

    Before casting aspersions, perhaps you should find out when Adobe were given access to the Honeycomb SDK. It was only released to the public a couple of weeks ago and although Adobe presumably works closely with Google, Google are usually very secretive about their private Android branch and it’s not clear how long before this, if at all, Adobe had access. More to the point, how long before release was Honeycomb in an advanced enough state to develop against? It seems they are still working on a lot of areas in Honeycomb such as media support and CSS3 transition/animations in the browser. The fact that the Xoom requires an OS update before Flash can be installed also suggests it’s not all Adobe’s fault.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Ok that makes sense. Adobe couldn’t finish their work because Google kept changing things on Honeycomb up to the last minute. Adobe had to wait for Honeycomb to stabilize before they could optimize for it.

  • http://Website Derek

    Is flash 10.2 only for honeycomb? Or will it be available for froyo? I have a viewsonic Gtab with Tegra 2.

  • http://Website Nitrog7

    Just bought a Xoom last night and love it. I also have the first iPad and was holding out to see what Apple was going to offer.

    This thing rocks. I mean the interface, graphics, everything. Google usually slacks on their UI, giving the very basic design to their great functionality (look at their online tools like gMail and Docs). But in Android 3.0, they have really paid attention to detail and aesthetics.

    I am very happy with my purchase and can’t complain about a thing (well at least until Adobe Flash Player is out).