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New information points to March 17th HTC Thunderbolt launch date

It’s coming! It’s not coming.  It’s coming! It’s not coming.  We’ve been playing this game with the HTC Thunderbolt for over a month now, and it’s all starting to get a bit old. We’ve shared nearly a half dozen possible launch dates with you since the Thunderbolt was fist unveiled at CES, but every single date has come and gone and Verizon’s first LTE handset is still MIA.

If you’re looking for another date on your calendar to circle, new information indicates that the HTC Thunderbolt may be launching on March 17th. A leaked email shows a list of Verizon product update and handset launches, though it clearly notes that “Launch Dates Are subject to change.” We can’t tell you when Verizon is actually planning on launching the Thunderbolt, but with all the ads on TV, in magazines, and the web, you’d think that the Thunderbolt was going to launch tomorrow.

With the HTC Thunderbolt launch delays and CTIA right around the corner, how many of you are actually still planning on buying the HTC Thunderbolt?

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Source: Android Central

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  • Deter

    If only we could see the whole screen to know when the Bioniv is coming. And why is an HTC Trophy? Intriguing.

  • http://Website Ryan

    I sure hope so….my brother and I are both waiting on this phone….as long as the 4G pricing doesn’t turn out to be insane…I’m still wanting this phone.

  • http://Website dagamer34


    • Sean Riley

      I had the same reaction when I saw this, I’ve been waiting for those 4G hotspots to pop up.

  • http://Website HC

    I would have bought if it had come out the middle of Feb. Now at this point I am gong to see what happens at CTIA. I know Verizon has never officially announced a date and the delays are about ironing out the kinks, but I still think they treat there costumers with contempt, its in there DNA. The thunderbolt almost sucked me back to Verizon but the delays allowed me think long and hard about heading back to big red.

  • http://Website MEH

    thunderbolt is fugly

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    As I stated here before and earlier on Phandroid… THIS IS OLD NEWS GENTS.. By the time this comes out does it really matter??? With all the upcoming devices..IE.. Evo 3D, Nexus S 4g, Galaxy S2, Lg optimus 2x, Lg optimus 3D, Lg Revolution, Droid Bionic, Droid X2, Samsung Infuse 4g, Samsung Stealth.. All these devices the thunderbolt can’t compare too AT ALL. 2 months ago this might have been nice but honestly this is so last year software small increase in ram 768 not worth the purchase but it fits verizon just perfectly

    • http://Website Hans

      You mean how your precious Sprint got the Evo Shift 4G and Kyocera Echo? ;) last year’s tech, today.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    I’ll be waiting to see what comes out of CTIA, but everyhting unveiled there will probably be released in early summer. The main draw of the Thunderbolt is its LTE connection. Right now there are not a lot of games that really utilize the dual-core Tegra 2 so I really see no reason in buying the Atrix or any other dual-core phone until the holiday season.

    If it launched before the end of the month, I’ll be picking one up. Most of us here only hold on to our phones for 6-12 months anyways and I’ve always wanted to getmyself a phone with a kickstand. The Thunderbolt should allow me to retire my SmartPhone Coaster or at least hand it off to my wife for hew N1.

  • http://Website wayne

    Why would someone buy this phone with dual core phones coming out so soon

    • Sean Riley

      The two best reasons would be that they either don’t know that dual-core phones are coming out so soon or they simply don’t care. Obviously our readership isn’t filled with folks from either category, but trust me they are out there.

    • http://Website Tom

      Because of LTE and wanting an HTC phone.

  • http://Website BSLugnut

    Are there any dual core – LTE phones slated for Verizon this year?

    • http://Website dagamer34

      Droid Bionic is a dual-core LTE device.

  • http://Website Oscar

    Meeeee!!! Am going to get it!!

  • http://Website Nate957

    With so many dual core phones coming out in just a few months, especially the HTC Pryamid, I think this phone sucks.

    Since this Phone is pretty much a low end phone, it doesn’t deserve this many news stories on the Android blogs.

    • http://Website andy

      Low end? Not at all. Explain that reasoning

  • http://Website dagamer34

    I’d argue if you’re a person who’s going to buy a phone just for LTE, you should wait until next year when VoLTE is fully standardized and tested and LTE chipsets are fully integrated so that battery life doesn’t suffer tremendously.