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Official Gingerbread ROM for the Galaxy S now unofficially available

Forget about the Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update!  How would you feel about a fresh serving of Gingerbread? We’ve heard for a while that Samsung’s Android team has been hard at work on their Gingerbread update for the Galaxy S line, but if you’re not in the mood to wait around for a long, long, long time (I can’t remember, is that how long we waited for the Froyo update?) for Samsung to roll out the update you can grab it yourself over on XDA-Developers.

According to Lorbas, the Gingerbread ROM for the Galaxy S comes directly from Samsung.  The build is skinned with TouchWiz 3 and has a functional Android Market, Swype, and even GPS. 

As of now, the Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread build only works on the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (European version), but we may see developers port the ROM to the U.S. variants of the Galaxy S sometime soon.  To get a quick peek what Samsung’s Android 2.3.2 build on the Galaxy S looks like, be sure to check out the video below. 

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • http://Website Hans

    What was that about Samsung sucking at updates? ;)

    • Andrew

      They still do. This is an unofficial port of a samsung rom for other phones. I bet the official version won’t be out until July, by which time, Google will have released the successor to Ice cream sandwich…

      • http://Website mkrmec

        Every manufacturer is one version behind Google. what’s your point? samsung stepped their game up and started updating faster. As for US versions of Galaxy S phones.. don’t hold your breath whine at your carrier that is slowing down the updates.

        • http://Website UniqueNate

          Very true.

          I wonder how the US will handle this. I’m pretty sure the Galaxy S phones can go past 2.3 and some. Just based off the built quality. Its on Carriers to get it done.

          Only if carriers took phones native and let manufacturers handle it. All Galaxy S phones would be good.

      • http://Website Hans

        Oh, you mean how they sucked with their Froyo update on their international Galaxy S phones? Wait, they didn’t? That’s right! They had a great Froyo rollout overseas!

        • http://Website Daniel

          No, it still sucked. Much better than in the US, sure, but still way overdue.

          • http://Website Hans

            So a few short months after the GS was released is too long? The same can be said of the other manufacturers then.

          • http://Website Daniel

            Where by “a few short months” you mean 5? Yes, that’s a lot, particularly when they promised it for September.

            It took HTC less than 2 months on their flagship phones (two of them, not just a single model), and that still wasn’t ideal.

      • http://Website clocinnorcal

        Actually its a leaked build for the I9000 FROM Samsung. Any other variant of the galaxy s is most likely a port of this build.

    • mark
  • http://Website Alex

    Is there a way to change the look of the notification bar/menus in CM7 because I think the black notification bar is very ugly.

    The white notification bar in 2.2 looks a lot better.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Perhaps, but now that all notification icons will be flat light gray with no background, your notification bar will be horribly unreadable.

  • Sérgio Lopes

    I should be excited, but I’m depressed. Now I want Gingerbread on my Vibrant, but I know it will take a very long time again.

    • http://Website Eric

      No it won’t. If you’re on this site, it’s probably safe to say you flash custom roms? CM7 is already available as a test release, and if that runs into a snag, this will be released no problem to your phone.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    It looks like Samsung may actually be turning things around. From what I can tell, this is actually the first Android 2.3 update for an older phone to get leaked.

    Will anyone change their opinion on Samsung if they are the first to roll out an Android 2.3 update?

    • http://Website Patrick

      Except that the Nexus One which has already received 2.3 ….

      • http://Website Sally G

        The Nexus One really doesn’t count since Google manages the software rather than the manufacturer (HTC).

  • http://Website GalaxyGuy

    I’m not sure if I’d change my opinion on Samsung, but it would be a HUGE deal is Samsung is the first to roll out a gingerbread update. The Galaxy S is still an amazing phone and it’ll only get better with Gingerbread.

    Did anyone catch the Quadrant score in the video? It looks like gingerbread boosts performance by about 10%. Score was right around 1000.

    • http://Website elijahblake

      If only Samsung would Convert to EXT4, we’d see some REAL impressive Quadrant Scores… Oh well, there’s always Voodoo!!

      • elijahblake

        and sadly Touchwiz ruins most of the fun of Gingerbread!!

        Alternative Launcher is a Must!!!

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        Notice its not the best in scores but one of the best in every day use. Its smooth. Qd scores don’t mean anything. Its the quality performance with everyday use that makes it fast. Samsung is always compared to Apple in hardware. Thats quality.

      • http://Website CTown

        Eugene (from XDA) posted this (which makes me believe that Samsung is switching to ext4 in their 2.3 upgrade):

    • http://Website Brock2galaxy

      i just ran the quadrant on my galaxy s with 2.2.1 and scored 1089 froyo.xwjs5

  • Mike Wood

    I am surprised that it is actually being rolled out so quick (quick being a relative thing of course). I would have thought that offering g’bread on the Galaxy S would detract from potential buyers upgrading to the Galaxy S2 which should be out later in the year. Here in Canada most Galaxy’s either ship with 2.2 (Bell )or have it downloadable.(Telus) or not at all (Rogers) – according to their web sites. I imagine the official gingerbread for North American phones wont come out till after the S2 is out.

    • http://Website Gman

      I don’t think a Gingerbread update would keep anyone from buying the Galaxy S II. The S II is a much getter handset with a dual-core processor Super AMOLED Plus display and better battery life, GPS, and much more.

      People who own the Galaxy S have only had it for a maximum of 9 months. Unless you live and breathe new Android phones, most Galaxy S owners will be skipping the Galaxy S II simply because they are not eligible for an upgrade yet.

      • DavidM

        don’t forget that the skin(which is unnecessary) looks suspiciously similar to Windows Mobile 7

        • http://Website Brian

          What the hell are you talking about Dave? Don’t hate the TouchWiz.

  • http://Website Gladiator_Posse

    I have been wanting to buy a wifi only android tablet…Out of my samsung froyo spite I ruled out the new 10 inch Tab, but if Sammy sends my Vibrant the gingerbread love prior to my purchase, I just might forgive them and strongly consider sticking with them.

  • http://Website James!

    Well, Samsung did make the Nexus S, so they’ve had access to Gingerbread for a while now.

  • http://Website htatc

    I for one am at least calmed by the fact that they are working on ginger. But, I will not consider count my chickens until I see this on my Epic. Also, I will not be considering Samsung again once my contract is up…but then again that is still some year and a half away…..oh well.

  • http://Website Mark

    Where is gingerbread for the G2? I thought stock always got updates faster or first. This was the main reason I got the G2…sigh.

    • http://Website Nick

      See! This is what I’ve been trying to tell people for a year now! Stock Android has nothing to do with which phones get updated first. HTC has proven that over and over agai nwith their HTC Sense phones and how Samsung’s ahead of the pack with a TouchWiz 3 Gingerbread ROM.

      The G2 update will come (I’m currently runnung CM& Gingerbread on mine) but it’ll be a while until T-Mobiel rolls it out.

      • http://Website Daniel

        Completely agreed, I’ve been saying the same. People overestimate the time it takes to port changes (between relatively small platform changes like the entire 2.x line, no less) and severely underestimate the time it takes for testing. Once they port the changes for, say, Sense from 2.1 to 2.2 *once*, it’s pretty much a finished job for all their phones. After the Evo got 2.2, bringing Sense 2.2 to the Desire is no harder than it would be if it were a vanilla phone. The rest of the task is purely device-specific adaptation and testing, which is unavoidable.

  • http://Website

    We tend to forget that HTC is the original company that made android phones. Samsung is still fairly new to this and it seems they are understanding what consumers want which is updates. And they are very advanced in making the phones.. galaxy s is still a top of the line phone and I bought my vibrant day one… evo, Droid x, Droid 2 still lagging in gpu screen quality… galaxy s has it downs but everyphone has its bugs.. so lets move on as far as Samsung sucking we know carriers are really the ones holding back the update.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Samsung released their first Android phone in June 2009, 8 months after HTC, and are founding members of the OHA. They’re not “fairly new”. As for screen quality, that’s very debatable, there are several different aspects to it. The original Droid (unsure about later models) has excellent color accuracy, for instance, something Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens lack. And then there’s the horrible PenTile bleeding, quite noticeable on a screen that only has 233 DPI.

      • http://Website

        True but who is more seasoned HTC is and I’d rather have bright colors than faded ones and my point was the other phones.. I’ve put all the phones I mentioned side by side with friends and there screens seem to have no color and the gpus can’t keep up with humming bird.. they don’t come close…. that’s enough said for a phone I bought over six months ago

        • http://Website Daniel

          They “have no color” because whatever you were watching was meant to have no color. A faded red is meant to be a faded red, not the oversaturated color the Galaxy S and iPhone 4 (and to an even greater extent the Nexus One and Desire) show.

  • http://Website watbetch

    The best news would be to know how much of this is unfinished, to give an idea of when they are ready to push it via Kies or OTA on whichever carriers elect to do so.

    • http://Website tiger4j

      Looked pretty flawless to me. Hopefully they will release it by the time the S2 comes out.

  • http://Website tiger4j

    At 2:40 it looks like they have continued working on their hw acceleration in the browser….Looks smooth. If they nailed that it would be a big +.

  • http://Website Skyler

    Why do they insist on slapping crappy TouchWiz on there… all we want is stock gingerbread… Samsung stick to the hardware and let the best software company in the world deal with the software… and get rid of kies… we need an over the air release for this

    • http://Website watbetch

      If they removed TouchWiz I and others would be completely pissed off. There are major enhancements that come with the TouchWiz overlay that are the main reason why I bought the phone. Like unobtrusive notifications/lock screen widgets for multiple apps. Samsung sold the phone with TouchWiz and that’s what we’re going to get..

      Stop pipe dreaming. They won’t remove the overlay, too many people would be upset over the dramatic change and reduction in features.

      • http://Website Vep

        What on earth do you mean with “unobtrusive notifications”?

    • http://Website cristi

      Totaly agree with you here, and i also saw that they might switch to Ext4 file system wich is much faster then RFS.

  • http://Website Dags

    Surely this isn’t an incredible software engineering feat by Samsung. The hardware in the I9000 is almost identical to the Nexus S which already has Gingerbread. Froyo was released in May and HTC upgraded the European version of the Desire in August. Samsung should already have Gingerbread officially released for the I9000.

  • http://Website Ragflan

    This is still a pre-release. Some things don’t work yet.

    I’d say the first fully functional Gingerbread firmware will be available by end of March as Samsung announced. I’m speaking about the International Galaxy S. I’m sure more firmwares will be released as they update and tweak stuff but the first -official- update should be in this month. Here’s hoping anyway.

    Looks like Samsung’s partnership with Google is clearly shown. HTC upped their game last year after Nexus One, and looks like Samsung is doing the same after Nexus S. Hope the US carriers bring the updates quicker after Galaxy S2 is out. I guess that’s the only reason for the delay.

  • http://Website Raptor

    I upgraded to Froyo from 2.1 a month ago and am extremely unhappy with it shutting down background apps when you look at another application even for a a minute or so. This comes sporadically, but with probability >80%. Say, you are reading some website with Opera and then switch to iStockmanager or K9 and when you trying to return to Opera it is gone, webpage lost and Opera loads from zero. It is enough RAM memory to keep both, and happen even if the phone is on charger.

    Anyone knows how prevent stupid OS 2.2 from “optimizing” this way things for me ?

    • http://Website ANDY

      Odin is your friend

      • http://Website Raptor

        Unless i do not know something, Odin flashes the firmware like Kies. Are you suggesting me return back to 2.1 as the only way of proper multitasking?

        Does 2.3 or 2.4 have manual adjustment of how OS treats background tasks? Say, even andient Windows is allowing that since its start in last century.

    • http://Website Daniel

      I don’t have a solution, sorry, but this is more of an issue with Opera. Android apps (and other platforms too) should know how to properly save state and restore quickly, Opera has to step up their game. Also, considering the stock browser seldom shows this behavior, it’s very likely this is Opera consuming large quantities of RAM, which just increases its propensity of being kicked out when it’s in the background.

      • http://Website Daniel

        Also, are you sure you don’t have any background task that consumes lots of resources? I don’t personally know of any app that does this, but could be a reason.

  • Harsh

    I thought the XWJV1 was a leaked beta build, and not an officially acknowledged one?

  • http://Website freakfingers12

    It’s a leaked beta build. Not an official rom, androidandme.
    I was surprised that they got hold of Gingerbread as early as March for the SGS. I figured since SGS2 is out, development for SGS will be slowed down. I really hope they have a stable version by the end of the month. This JV1 firmware imo, is still buggy.
    For instance, the build.prop has some herring product.board floating around that made Swype not working. I wonder how Samsung could have left that behind.

  • Abdin

    My galaxy i9003 swipe is not working after i done the last update… How to resolve it?

  • Abdin

    My galaxy i9003 swipe is not working after i done the last update… How to resolve it?