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Sam’s Club prices WiFI-only Motorola XOOM at $539

If the $800 Motorola XOOM from Verizon sounds a bit steep, you might want to reconsider what you really need.  If you really don’t want a 3G/4G equipped Android tablet or don’t want to pay for an extra data plan, you might be interested in knowing that Sam’s Club may have plans to offer the WiFi-only version of the Motorola XOOM for a mere $539. 

For anyone wondering how the price compares to the new iPad 2, its $60 cheaper than the 32 GB model.  We still have no clue as to when Motorola plans on rolling out the WiFi-only Motorola XOOM, but since a handful of European e-tailors are claiming an early April release we don’t see any reason why the U.S. launch would be any later. 

From what we can tell, most people’s main complaint about the XOOM and most other Android tablets has been the price.  If Motorola does manage to bring the WiFi only tablet to market for less than $550, would any of you non-tablet enthusiast reconsider your position? 

Source: DROID Life

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website DeBusk

    I don’t get it. Is the Xoom available now at Sam’s or not?

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      The article states that it is not available but the image shows that it’s in the store. Confusing, but I’d say you won’t find one if you mosey on over to your local Sam’s Club.

      • http://Website Labrat

        Vouchers, not boxes

    • http://Website alexander

      NO, this is a photo from their test store. there are even spelling errors etc on the sign. price nor availability have been confirmed.

  • http://Website sungam

    Can you put the Source DROID Life in your RSS feed too?

  • http://Website Aaron

    I would probably jump at $550, though I’m sure we’re going to see prices driven even further down in the near-ish future. Apple has really defined what the “right” price is in the tablet market, whether Moto likes it or not.

  • http://Website Eric

    If this is true, I’ll probably jump at some point. To be honest, the XOOM isn’t the best hardware to me. Weird button placement as well as weird headset jack placement make me think other stock Tegra 2/Honeycomb tabs would be nicer. If some other maker price matched this, I’d go for that instead I think.

  • http://Website Stella

    Wifi only Cook for $539! This makes me happy. That’s an amazing price for the hardware the Xoom offers.

    • http://Website Stella

      *Xoom. Damn you, autocorrect.

  • http://Website Michael

    That’s still way too expensive for me. This things are going to be a commodity soon, and I’m planning to buy an Android tablet when they go below $200. I figure that will be around the holiday season of this year.

    • Andrew

      People like you are never happy. That is the price range for that type of product. guess what, when a great tablet is worth only 200, That is because a way better one is available. Which means your tight ass will still be squeezing, while the rest of us will enjoy life. Snowmobiles will never really be “Financially Smart”, but I will still by one every year. WHY? Because I like it…. Whats the price for that? its up to us all. As for you. I don’t think anything is “cheap enough”.

    • Jes

      I’m a tiny bit with you on that one. Tablet prices are a bit high, but no doubt they’ll keep dropping as time goes. And although Andrew is right — the super-affordable tablet you’ll have in your hands will most definitely be well-beaten by the newer and more expensive models — I don’t think I’ll be happy playing with my new toy knowing I payed so much for it. Surely a tablet will come along in the future that hits that sweet spot of price and not-too-limited hardware (Viewsonic GTablet, anyone?).

      Anyway, thriftiness FTW!

    • http://Website wbmanx

      Cheap whiny bastard ………Why don’t you just say you want it free….better yet….why don’t Moto pay you to use it?

  • http://Website reddragon72

    The 539 is not wifi only. There is another site that is showing all three prices and the 539 is for a 2 year contract model. This sign hanging is supposably a “pre” sign and is subject to change. Think about it, they remove 30 dollars in hardware of the 700+ price tag of the 3G version without contract and sell it for 250+ less???? think about that, just think and you will realize that this sign cannot be right in any way.

    • Nick Gray

      Motorola’s CEO claimed that the WiFi-only XOOM could launch for $200 less than the 3G/4G model. He said the reasoning for the high price point of the Verizon product weas due to their ability to deliver LTE support.

    • http://Website jake


      Come on…

  • http://Website doctagadget

    I need a tablet to hook up to a projector to display PowerPoint and for my kid to play educational games. None of the android tablets offer that.

    • Nick Gray

      The XOOM has HDMI. That should work for many new projectors. If not, you can pick up a $10 adapter from amazon which will. As far as education games go, now that Android has an official tablet OS with quite a few tablets on the way, we should see developers introduce more titles in the months to come.

      We’re still on the cutting edge, but the Android tablet market should mature quite a bit during 2011.

  • http://Website Haggie

    I have an eLocity A7. Wants I was able to get access to the Android Market, the tablet rocks. Luckily, I only paid $250 for it.

    I would gladly pay $500 for a Tegra 2 10″ tablet that was Android Market-ready out of the box and didn’t require all the work the A7 did to make it usable.


    Hmmmmm wifi only XOOM tethered via my Nexus S sounds very very interesting and enticing

    • Jes

      That’s exactly why I never even give the carrier-supported versions a look.

    • http://Website Maximus

      U and I are on the the Same page

      I have a Nexus S and it just Made Logical Sense to Buy the Wifi version and use Wifi Tethering which comes on my phone

      Although i am tempted at the 4G speeds

  • Dom

    For more on the Motorola Xoom go to

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Why is this site blocked by my work’s firewall “This site may potentially damage your computer”?

  • http://Website protandim

    I would pay $540 for a tablet with the Superboy chip not a dual core.

  • asifriyaz

    still high price
    around $400.00 be fine

    • http://Website Ali

      I’d have to agree. I’m not a fan of the XOOM’s size and price. I want something for around $350 with a 7 inch display. I know a lot of people don’t like the HTC Flyer because it has Android 2.3 but it’s just the right size for me and will have flash and memory card support from the start. Also, I’m entrigued by the pen input. If this is goign to be a device for work and play, a pen makes perfect “sense”

  • asifriyaz
  • http://Website alexander

    the sam’s club thing was just a picture of a display someone took at one of their TEST STORES, NOT A REAL LOCATION!!!!! This is not a confirmed price nor a confirmed in-stock find. come on android and me, fix your post.

  • http://Website Hans

    I don’t know why people are so cheap. Who in their right mind would expect a tablet to be hundreds of dollars cheaper than a smartphone?

  • http://Website Redeye

    If they made that the actual price, I would be there when the store opened. Was wanting something from htc, but very disappointed with the flyer.

  • DonChinga

    Why not Costco?

  • http://Website Sam Walton

    Better check the price now stupid’s……hint, it’s not $529 dumb-ass !!

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  • bashmaki

    I bought a WiFi Xoom on nearly 2 years ago and have never looked back. It is a very good outfit with a dandy camera and nice choice of ereaders to download and many other gadgets one doesn’t need.
    1.Only complaints are the charge plug is a weird one of a kind deal but the battery last a long time.

    2. The WiFi might be a little weaker than a laptop. That said; it does work well.
    I love this thing and use it daily . . .many times daily!