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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 spec sheets spied early: Weighs just a pound and is even thinner than the iPad 2

The guys over at PocketNow managed to evade whatever security might be on hand pre-CTIA and snapped some pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9′s table. Naturally the device itself wasn’t left out for their viewing pleasure, but the spec sheets give us some juicy details to mull over until the official reveal this week.

Major highlights include the incredibly thin body, which at 8.6mm manages to just squeeze in below the iPad 2 just as we speculated, and the overall weight comes in at just over a pound. The 8.9″ screen offers the 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution which will be familiar to anyone that has seen the Motorola Xoom, but should look particularly sharp at this screen size. Finally the processor is simply identified as dual-core, but it is safe to assume it is running a Tegra 2 just like its big brother.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be running Honeycomb 3.0, but it features some Samsung modifications rather than the stock experience offered by the Motorola Xoom. The two pieces of that skin noted here are “Live Panels” and the “Mini Apps Tray.” The former looks like a widget pack offering bits of optimized glanceable information for your homescreens and the latter giving a different take on the multitasking switcher which comes with stock Honeycomb.

Do you think this size is striking a good compromise between the portability of the original Tab and the screen real estate offered by the Xoom/Tab 10.1 and what kind of pricing are you hoping to see?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Spec sheet honeycomb skin

Via: CrunchGear

Source: PocketNow

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    getting the xoom the 27th

    • http://Website susan

      i already got the iPad 2

      • http://Website Ckesr

        Its because you are a girl. Stupid.

  • Galen20K

    Ahhh if only this was stock, looks like I will be picking up the G-Slate, love that 8.9″ form.

  • http://Website martin

    i just got a nook color on friday. depending on the price and availability date of this sucker, i may have to return it……. hopefully its out soon and also competes with the ipad on price (if not beats it!).

  • http://Website Eric

    I really like the thought of that form factor. Unfortunately, the Samsung isn’t the way I want to go (custom UX, likely no HDMI/usb host), and the LG is going to be too expensive with it’s 3D. Dear world, someone make me a 8.9″ stock honeycomb, dual core, maybe slightly better than iPad cameras, minimum of XOOM quality screen, wifi only, HDMI, and USB host for ~$550 32Gb. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Thanks.

    • http://Website martin

      i didnt even think that it would not have hdmi or usb host. hmmm, i wonder if that changes my mind.

  • mac08wrx


  • http://Website Hans

    Hopefully this will be more fine tuned than the Xoom. And it’s still mostly stock,just some added functionality.

  • http://Website LoSesMC

    I hope whatever they add isn’t bolted onto the OS like TouchWiz.

  • http://Website Filip

    If only some of these tablet would finally appear on the european market…
    I’m tired of hearing announcements with availabilities (with dates that are met)

  • http://Website Henry

    No mention of a MicroSD card slot which is a really downside. Seeing as the Tab 10.1 doesn’t have one, I doubt this will either. However, the non-stock Android is a deal breaker. Why does Samsung feel the need to ruin what could have been a perfectly great device. I will hold on to my cash and wait for a manufacturer to do it right.

  • http://Website Sanjay

    To laptop or not..that is the question!

  • http://Website Daniel

    Sounds nice, this is so far my choice. Great dimensions and weight, and 8.9 is an acceptable screen size to me.

  • http://Website poinck

    Such a great device, but why Samsung changes the Honeycomb experience by its shitty propriety code? Maybe I have to wait or consider the much larger Xoom.

  • http://Website MeatRocket

    $450 max for a WiFi-only version is what I’d be willing to pay. It sucks they’re making these things with no SD-Card slot!

    • http://Website MeatRocket

      Well I’ll be damned! $469 & it does have an SD card slot. I will seriously consider this now!

  • Healthy

    I’m going to wait until fall to get a tablet. for two reasons,

    i want to see what HTC comes out with in terms of full size tablet running stock (i like their build quality)

    otherwise, i’ll see which tablet is the mod community’s favorite, this samsung form factor looks great but i don’t like the idea of them changing honeycomb. plus i definitely want to hold it before buying as i don’t have the most confidence that samsung will put out anythinng very solid.

    oh well, with this t-mobile at&t thing looks like i’ll be doing a lot of waiting things out before buying new tech this year.

    • http://Website Andre

      You really expect HTC to release a tablet running stock? If there’s one reason we haven’t seen an earlier tablet from HTC when all other manufacturers are tripping over themselves trying to get a piece of the Android tablet action, it has to be that they were waiting integrate Sense. Unless they’re doing OEM contracts for Google, they never release anything AOSP.

      But you’re absolutely right about HTC’s build quality over Samsung’s. Like you, I’m waiting for a summer/fall release from HTC, but I won’t buy an HTC device until Cyanogen has a stable rom for it. I can’t stand Sense.

  • http://Website Joel V

    Go Samsung! That was an awesome move to change the design of the Galaxy Tab after the iPad was released! I am so excited to get the Galaxy Tab. I really like the 8.9″ tablet. It seems portable and yet still has a large screen. As soon as I get the tablet, I am going to download the DISH Remote Access app. This app when paired with my 922 SlingLoaded receiver will allow me to stream live TV or my recordings to my tablet! As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I have had a lot of time to play around with the app on my Samsung Galaxy S 4G, and I believe that the app will work wonders on the Galaxy Tab! I can’t wait until it comes out this summer. Hopefully it won’ be too long of a wait!