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Samsung Mobile to dual source parts for Galaxy S II, Tegra 2 version for US?

There was a lot of confusion surrounding the hardware specs of the Galaxy S II when Samsung announced the superphone last month at Mobile World Congress. Samsung’s official press release said the device featured a dual-core application processor, but it never mentioned which specific CPU was inside. When we questioned Samsung on this we were initially told it was a Tegra 2 chip and then later informed it was actually Samsung’s Exynos 4210.

NVIDIA then sent out a press release to announce their Tegra 2 was powering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and hinted at an upcoming phone by saying, “the companies are also partnering to bring a new Android-based super phone with a dual-core CPU to consumers, for never-before-seen experiences.”

Since that time three separate sources have all provided evidence that suggest Samsung will dual source some of the components for the Galaxy S II, which includes using two vendors for different regions to supply the processor.

First Pocket-lint discovered a Samsung Galaxy S II product brochure that noted the dual-core Exynos application processor “may not be applicable in some regions”. Then our friends at Anandtech spotted a Tegra-powered Samsung phone with the model number GT-i9103, which is quite similar to the Galaxy S II model number GT-i9100.

Finally we have a post written by Desire Athow of ITProPortal who says an unnamed NVIDIA spokesperson showed him a slide that confirmed they would power an upcoming Samsung phone.

A recent report from the Korea Times suggested that Samsung Semiconductor will quadruple the shipment of their mobile application processors, but 50 percent of the capacity for 2011 will be reserved for Apple. That would be more than the supply for its own products such as Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, so it makes sense that Samsung would turn to another vendor to keep up with the high demand.

Both the Tegra 2 and Exynos platforms should offer similar performance, but NVIDIA appears to have a slight advantage when it comes to premium content. NVIDIA just launched their Tegra Zone app, which highlights games that are specifically optimized for Tegra 2 and over a dozen developers have committed to supplying additional exclusive titles.

Hopefully we should know more in just a  few weeks at CTIA in Orlando. Samsung Mobile announced the original Galaxy S at last year’s event and they have another Unpacked event to reveal their new products for US consumers. I expect we will see the Galaxy S II announced for multiple US carriers, so we will have to keep an eye on the specs to see if they differ.

If you were thinking of picking up the Galaxy S II, which processor do you hope Samsung uses for the US versions? Would you like to see them stick with their Exynos chip or go with the more popular Tegra 2?

Source: ITProPortal

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I was hoping to get the Orion since it was built around it. I dont care to much about premium content. It would be fun but it’ll never be like the official game system. I want it to be the best as a phone. I can settle for a Tegra gutted one. Its this or the Evo II.

  • GuniGuGu

    Anandtech preliminary benchmarks had Tegra2 winning every test. Flash is almost twice as fast. plus when you consider it’s the reference platform for honeycomb.. it’s even more compelling.

    I’m still getting the SGS2.. but I don’t want to wait anymore.. and I’ve got a strong feeling the first lot of devices will be based on Exynos :(

    • http://Website Martin

      Some updated results from GLBenchmark 2.0, Tegra 2 results taken from Anandtech and Galaxy S II results from me, Mali 400MP is also faster than the new “Adreno 220″ dual core scorpion at 1.5GHz.

      Galaxy S II = 42.2 fps
      Optimus 2X = 25.2 fps

      Galaxy S II = 59.8 fps (60 fps cap)
      Optimus X2 = 51.2 fps

  • http://Website zedklind

    I could have sworn that the orion/exynos had an overwhelming mali 400 chip in it that destroyed the tegra 2 graphics but I could be wrong. I think I’ll stick to htc and hope the rumors for the htc pyramid are true. Hearing that the evo3d might be the pyramid is also good news for tmobile since the pyramid was rumored for launch on tmobile as well. Maybe tmo version might be 3d as well. We can only hope :). Htc and qualcomm have teamed up with popular names like onlive and gameloft so it will be exciting to see what they do with that. Plus the new dualcore qualcomm chips have the drm for netflix compatibility! Ctia will be a very exciting event for android fans and superphone junkies alike!

  • http://Website Magnet Man

    The Mali 400 MP wipes the floor with the GeforceULV found in the Tegra 250. It has a superior fill rate, superior sustained geometry, and tile-based rendering, meaning that it will generally perform better and require less bandwidth for scenes with frequent overdraw. Interestingly it does this at a lower clock rate!

    The benchmarks displayed are weak indications of actual performance for T20 or Mali 400MP. They don’t take into account shader performance or HD targets.

  • http://Website JustMe

    I dont care, what chip will be in the US-Vrsion. I am from Germany and as always, we get the harms, when it comes to tech.
    I would like to see the Tegra2 in the SGS2, just because of the Tegra Zone and because of the mostly similar Performance?!
    I await the first Reviews and will buy this sexy Thing as fast soon possible.

  • Caemgen

    I’d rather have the Tegra 2 in Europe… but there’ll be more interesting phones to come later this year.

    I mean, what good is such a great processor when Android STILL doesn’t support GPU acceleration in its core UI? It still wouldn’t run as smooth as iOS.

    No, I’ll wait until Android IceCream phones will come out and if – by then – Android STILL doesn’t have GPU acceleration I’ll switch to iPhone. But I guess that, given the recent rumors/confirmations that Honeycomb and Gingerbread will be fused for the next smartphone-release of Android, we will FINALLY see a smooth and fluid OS with GPU acceleration.

  • http://Website Richard

    Looks like the Htc Evo 3D is the device of the summer of 2011. In my book everyone will see exactly what Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor will be all about. The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be a great device either way…. SOFTWARE updates is will make or break device cause the Evo 3D will arrive with 2.4 gingerbread straight out the box… Htc has answered Lg/Sammy with there evo3d device and some others unknown devices will be ready to make the apperance to. Looks like a great time to be a sprint/tmobile customer

  • http://Website zhect

    @taylor is there a posibilty that this can be the sidekick 4g?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Anything is possible. Samsung is making the new Sidekick, but I have heard nothing about the CPU or any other specs.

    • http://Website alex

      My cousin’s brother told him that the sidekick 4g is due out in May, originally march but date has changed and it will most likely spot a dual core if not it will be obsolete By then, plus some people got a mail saying sidekick service is being cancelled may 30th so yeah. Anyways hopefully Samsung can update their phones. Personally ill stick to HTC and the mytouch series

  • http://Website Mike

    Fragmentation FTW! Not only do you have multiple versions of Android running on different handsets, you now have multiple hardware versions of the same handset! Each comes with its own chipset! lol

  • http://Website JAY

    Ive been doing homework on these phones for a long time however ihavnt been able to understand how it is that samsung is able to get their screens to respond so accuratly. If you touch the screen its unbelievably accurate so noticeable that it leaves you in aww. i have had HTC phones and tried many other screens and its doesnt do the same. Maybe a few can give insight but it seemd to me that htc screens seem to lose sensitiviy the closer you get to the border.

  • http://Website Ramayana

    Thanks for the scoop. Personally, I think I’d prefer a Galaxy S2 with the Exynos chipset installed rather than the Tegra 2 for a number of reasons. In addition to my personal preferences though, I think it would be much more beneficial for consumer, if NVIDIA doesn’t completely dominate the mobile chipset market, which is precisely what their currently in position to do. Qualcomm and TI seem to be lagging behind slightly in getting their dual-core versions out the door, and it’ll be in the Android phone lovers’ best interests if there is more robust competition in the hardware market.

    • http://Website Ramayana

      *they’re – not their

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Qualcomm will always have a large presence in the Android space. They have HTC and Sony Ericsson as major customers. Texas Instruments also has LG on board for OMAP4 and I expect Motorola will ship a few OMAP4 devices as well.

  • http://Website Phil G

    Tegra 2 of course, I have a vibrant and in my experience its a cost benefits issue too, probably cheaper to have in house chipset than outside one. But I’m hoping for tegra 2

  • http://Website squint0241

    Guys/Gals, here’s the deal. Make sure you go to school and finish high school first. Then college so you can land a half way decent job and make some good cash. Then you’ll be set to buy a new tablet/phone every few months when there’s an upgrade and feel good that you have the latest and greatest. You’ll then have nothing to bitch about. It’s really simple math!