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Sprint promises to reveal the latest wireless innovation at CTIA [EVO2?]

Sprint fans who have been patiently waiting for a next-generation, high-end Android phone may finally get their wish in a matter of weeks at CTIA. A special invite was sent out today for a press event on March 22nd where CEO Dan Hesse will be showcasing their latest innovations. The exclusive invite was received by several Android blogs, so we are hoping that Sprint has some surprises in store for us.

Our rumor that Sprint might unveil an Android phone with a 3D display were way off and instead we got the Kyocera Echo announcement last month. That phone contained an interesting dual-display design, but the it also featured an old first-generation Snapdragon processor and the overall specs failed to impress the hardcore geeks.

We have absolutely zero information at this time about what Sprint is planning, but last year they used the show to announce the HTC EVO 4G which went on to become their best selling smartphone. The rumors of an EVO 2 have been growing louder and it makes perfect sense that Sprint could use this year’s CTIA to reveal the highly anticipated sequel.

HTC is most definitely working on a dual-core superphone, codenamed Pyramid, and we assume that design would most likely become the base platform for the EVO 2. I’d expect an oversized device that matches the original EVO with updated specs like a dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor and 4.3 inch qHD display.

Another possible high-end phone that might get announced at this event is the Galaxy S II, but it will be hard for Samsung to produce a Sprint phone that can surpass the hype that an EVO 2 would generate.

If you are on Sprint and looking to upgrade your Android phone, what do you hope they announce at CTIA? Will the HTC EVO 2 satisfy your needs or do you want to see something completely different? For those waiting on the EVO 2, what specs do you hope Sprint includes for their next flagship phone?

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  • fathom614

    Xperia play please sprint.

  • Dave K

    I’ve been holding on to my damned HTC Hero all this time waiting for Sprint’s dual-core phones to come out. If those specs (dual core 1.2ghz, qHD display) are accurate, they’ll finally have a winner.

    • http://Website Phil

      The EVO was a winner too my man, this will just be the successor to success.

      • Dave K

        Yes, I like the Evo, but by the time my contract had run out on my HTC Hero, the Evo was no longer so new. I wasn’t going to buy an Evo in late 2010, when there was all that talk of dual-core phones coming soon.

        • http://Website Chris

          You and I are in the EXACT same situation. I have high hopes for this – the Echo announcement was a huge downer for me.

          • http://Website Adam

            I’m also in same situation too! HTC Hero user here waiting for phone with Tegra or similar.

          • http://Website Jorge

            Same here! I have my hero running 2.3 (thanks XDA) but I don’t know how much longer I can wait!! Software optimization can only take you so far….

          • http://Website Alex

            HTC Hero here. I’m in the Uk though, and on no contract. I just keep seeing a better phone, and a better phone, and so keep hesitating, I guess it’s the never ending problem. But £600 for the Samsung Galaxy S II? If this is the price range for a high end android device then it must have changed dramatically since I got my £240 hero… (over a year ago)

          • http://Website liam

            same situation… and now that i have 2.3 running smoothly on my hero it just makes it that much easier to hold of another couple months.

            Im liking all this htc hero solidarity!

  • http://Website Brandon

    The Evo2 as you have described it (the same as what we’ve heard about the Pyramid) would be perfect. Dual-core + a screen >= 4″ screen and I’m sold. Hopefully Sprint doesn’t disappoint me again as they did with the echo.

    • http://Website Brian

      i wish yall would hold ur head under water until the bubbles stop coming up so yall stop complaining and pay attention. Sprint never has been good on P.R or advertising and promo’s we all know that but sprint has a history of doing things at CTIA and plus the last time i read an interview with their product manager he said that there are alot of phones coming with the EVO moniker meaning that the Evo shift isnt the end of phones with the evo name, im going to guess and say 4 or 5 phones showed because sprint knows that they have to stay with the competition they cant afford to let Verzion and AT&T or even t-mobile to out shine them so im going to say an Evo 2, and Epic 2 and n evo samsung phone n an evo LG phone and probably a blackberry phone.

  • http://Website Edward

    There gonna reveal the Echo 2. Haha

  • http://Website eid3tic

    Nope, it’s gonna be the world’s first quadrascreen phone.

  • http://Website mmark27

    I do hope Evo 2, BUT I’d rather see the Evo2 get announced in the fall with newer tech. With the future of Wimax in question, I’m not dropping 5 benjis on another Evo remake with a Wimax radio in it. If you give me dual core, same screen size, same kick stand, better battery life, a better freaking camera (or optimized software) and less light leakage around the buttons at the bottom with an LTE chip and NFC, I’d be very interested….

  • http://Website Lz

    I wouldn’t be impressed or even be anxious to see a samsung smartphone. Their iphone-like design and UI over android isn’t really appealing.. Hopefully they have something more amazing than the evo was. An evo2 would definitely be nice, but it better be a jaw dropper, whatever its guna be.

  • http://Website @thankudarimuch

    The fact that they are holding all phones til after April makes me exttemely upset. I can pray for the optimus 3d or an evo2 but really since I’m going to be downgraded 4/1i don’t care

  • http://Website DroidCLH

    I hope that a Dual core HTC phone comes to Verizon, I want style and power!!!AND A BOOTLOADER WITHOUT A GOD DAMN CHASTITY BELT!!!!

  • http://Website Carlosesque

    I’m be happy with a Sprint version of the LG Optimus 2X; the specs (despite a 4″ screen) knocked my socks off!

  • http://Website Doug Dog

    Nexus S 4G, trust me I have seen it!

  • http://Website Daleeee

    The screen HAS to stay at 4.3inches with the same features as the original EVO, with a qHD screen, dual core, better camera, better FFC camera, and a better version of Sense. with that……my heaven has come down to earth :) lol

  • http://Website Matthew

    It is the evo 2. I work for sprint and a htc rep told us the evo 2 will be out by june of this year. And then handed us lanyards and shirts for free. And it works great for me because that’s when I got my evo so I can do a 1 year upgrade.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    It needs a better and thiner design if it’s the Evo II. It needs a better screen. It needs to be dual core. A higer res. Better software. A better quality camera. Notice I said quality. Makes no sense that most 5 megs were better. Oh, and when I said better design I meant something sexy and high class like. Aluminum and glass. Nothing we’ve seen over and over HTC. VGA front facing camera. Don’t be afraid to beat people. Stop going with the crowd and matching people. Even HTC has been dropping the ball by leaving out simple things or taking the next step up and beyond. All that stuff adds up eventually.

    Just a dual core alone won’t do it for me. It needs to be better all around and inside and out. It really needs to be a quality device. Otherwise I will wait for the Galaxy S II proudly. Samsung honestly puts quality into their flagship phones compared to Apple. Im talking about a daily usage and not silly stuff of incosistants.

  • http://Website Richard

    Yes baby this is exactly what I have been waiting for and talking about for over 1 month now. The granddaddy of 4g is about to be replaced by the Evo2 as a current evo owner it has done using extremely proud now evo2 will step its game up and will be the best device for the summer of 2011. Evo 2 4g must have either 1gig dualcore snapdragon processor or 1.2 dualcore snapdragon processor, with 4.3 or 4.5inch screen, 2.0 front facing camera, 960 by 580 resolution screen, new htc sense 3.0, Near field communication technology, Dnla technology, mirroring technology, better kickstand similar to the current thunderbolt, 1gb of ram, these things will make me line up again june 2011 as I did on June 4th 2010. This device has been a total joy. Sprint/Htc rocks

  • http://Website alex

    What’s a qhd screen

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It’s the new high-resolution (540 x 960) for mobile displays. It stands for quarter high def.

      • http://Website alex

        thanks :D

  • http://Website Madcharliesheen

    EVO is boring… They need the Optimus 2x… The original optimus is one solid device… So, the 2x would lure me.. Also, for me the deal closer at sprint would be atrix with the dock… But, they likely will underwealm again…

  • NitroExpressNY

    enough of sprint’s bullshit it’s gonna be another shit phone this time with 12 screens

  • http://Website Rashaan

    i hope it is a evo 2. i need to replace my hero. richard those are some awesome specs. hope they have something like that in the evo 2.

  • http://Website T72018

    Sprint has to drop a Evo 2, if not they are doomed. THe Evo sold so well so they will keep it going with a successor. THat echo phones sucks. I expect the Evo 2 so I can upgrade my Rooted Evo.

  • http://Website Richard

    @Rashaan…. Htc Evo 2 will RULE the summer of 2011 just like it did in 2010

  • http://Website Hans

    Whatever Sprint announces is going to have stiff competition with the Atrix/Bionic, Optimus 2X/3D, Galaxy S2. I’m personally holding out for the GS2 or a Kal-El powered Super AMOLED Plus Samsung LTE phone. :)

  • http://Website zehner

    I would love an Evo 2…… these would be my dream specs of course… 4.3″ to 4.5″ qhd screen… dual core…. 8-10mp back camera…… 2mp front camera…..better kickstand.. 1gb of ram… 32gb micro sd included…full hdmi out…. sense 3.0……. better battery life…… 1080p recording….. 4g LTE…….anything even close to these specs an i shall be waiting in line on release day

  • http://Website Kenny

    Lol……sprint is gonna announce the iphone5…lol

  • http://Website SoSerious

    I would take the Samsung Galaxy S2 over a Evo 2 anyday.

    • http://Website MedioGringo

      I would take a nice phone that exists over one that doesn’t any day too!

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    It’s going to be an EVO 2 like I originally said when the Pyramid rumor came to light! It’s going to be a winner you better believe it. I’ll wait until I see the specs but I’m pretty confident that HTC will bring enough awesome. The S2 is no piece of crap by far, but I’d rather have an EVO 2 with sense with hopes of the media cloud storage and gaming hub to follow right behind. Fingers crossed!

    • http://Website Paul Atreides

      lol haters gonna hate smh

  • http://Website AceoStar

    I’m a compulsive procrastinator, but I’ve mostly made up my mind to get the Atrix at the end of the month. I know it’s lame, but having HTC and 4.3 is a really big deal to me over Atrix’s 4″. What’s the chances pyramid would be out by mid April if it was announced at the end of March?

  • James

    Just give me (before the end of april) the galaxy s2 or the evo2 with a more compact body and better battery life and Ill be happy…

  • http://Website Rashaan

    Definitely hope it is the evo 2. also maybe the galaxy s2.

  • http://Website MedioGringo

    The EVO2 will be my next phone IF they bring a next gen screen. And I’m not just talking about high-res. The screen on the EVO1 is huge, but doesn’t support very many colors so you get banding on lots of images, and it really pales in comparison to what LG and Samsung are doing. I want something similar to super AMOLED plus or I might either wait, or go for a Galaxy S2 IF Samsung gets their shit together concerning updates.

  • http://Website zdrman

    I don’t really care – I have CM6 running on my Hero (its still a mystery why a bunch of enthusiasts can do produce such a wonderful upgrade to my phone and Sprint professional grade can’t…LOL…not really). My rooted Nook has all the over-sizing I need – plus I’m still on the Sprint everything plan (minus the $10 “smart” phone surcharge) – no phone insurance either (so minus $194 per year in costs when both are added up – bet Sprint could use that extra revenue!) – if the phone breaks I can go pick up the deal of the moment (don’t you like those “free phones” from other companies – do you want to that $250 “premier” upgrade fee Sprint charges its best customers for a new phone). Also,when that new phone arrives, I bet it will have an industry standard protocol like LTE on it or at least something that works most everywhere in the world with just the change of a SIM card.

  • http://Website Rashaan

    They definitely need a high res screen support 16 million colors

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Taylor, glad to see your better. How is the Atrix treating you?

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    They or you put a ‘s’ after innovation. I hope yhat means more then one possible superphone from sprint.

  • http://Website squint0241

    I’m holding out for the “LG” 2015 Tri-lar luminescent dihedral display, with the 15nm quad-core xenon processor, 2GB RAM, 10 mp rear and 5 mp FFC, 64GB Flash storage…lol If we all just wait 10 years…we’ll get what we eventually have been waiting for…LMAO. Joking aside…just get what’s out now and buy another one in a few months when your current device is outdated. We’re all just chasing a wagging tail. You’ll never catch it and you’ll never be satisfied…

  • http://Website DeBusk

    If indeed the EVO 2 meets the “Pyramid” specs, I will be waiting in line on release day. No questions asked.

  • http://Website goober

    no samsung for me when was the last time sammy updated anybodies software once they purchased their phones. best hardware don’t mean squat if the os is 2 generations behind. at least htc updates some phones.

  • http://Website blast

    same boat as a bunch. Had hero a year now id get the evo but my mother got it six months ago, cant have same phone as her. lol. but seriously mar. 22 industry first…….First network carried rotary dial mobile phone. I cant freaking wait., Or better yet hero 2 , with qwerty. I have my fingers crossed for a superphone, but i bit so hard on the echo, i refuse to get excited. Been thinking bout swithching for higher end phone. So I am hoping sprint comes through, cause I sure don’t want to lose all my premier perks. : )

  • kai99

    “Sprint’s Innovation Leadership” You gotta luv how firmly in cheek that comment was made in a picture that is black & white and has the old school projector type movie screen background. Considering our last Sprint announcement was a DS type of crap phone that no one loves. LoL at T.Wimberly and the Android and me crew for another hilarious Photoshop job, that many failed to notice. I do hope their announcement puts my into a better phone than my rooted Evo though. (fingers crossed)

  • http://Website RupanIII

    Going TMobile.
    I’ve been on sprint since my very first smartphone. However, I really just don’t believe in their WiMax network (and I live in Baltimore, one of the Launch centers).
    The coverage per tower is very narrow and the signal particularly high. I’d rather go with the upgraded HSPA network and always be able to do Voice/Data so I can take phone calls while navigating my google maps. I’ve also noticed lately if my phone is checking mail when I get a phone call, I get the message and the data is NOT placed on hold for me to actually pick up the call! If sprint upgrades their cdma to sdma than i’d be glad to come back, they are world class in customer support, but, for now, i’m planning to go either for the Optimus 2x based G2X or the potentially more badass Pyramid based platform supposedly happening in May.
    I’ve been dying for a 4.3 in phone, but, the EVO didn’t do it for me.
    Other reasons are that ATT is unacceptable quality and Verizon just rubs me the wrong way on service and pricing.
    Thoughts? Does anyone else see these as valid everyday points?

    • http://Website RupanIII

      Correction, i meant SVDO for sprint instead of EVDO. I referenced SDMA tech instead. My bad.
      Sprint’s current tech/towers/phones are all SVDO compatable but not upgraded to handle the load yet. Not sure why Verizon/Sprint do that.

  • http://Website brent

    Longer lasting battery and V.O.I.P. oh and make it to where when using hdmi vid. Out , it shows what ever is on the.screen. not just YouTube…

    Those are the biggest things for me. Bad ass phone tho…