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T-Mobile G2x confirmed as first dual-core phone with stock Android

Today T-Mobile officially announced the G2x with Google by LG. Expected to be available this spring (around April 20th), the G2x will become T-Mobile’s first smartphone with a dual-core CPU.

“More consumers than ever are turning to their smartphones to stay entertained wherever they are with access to their favorite video games, TV programs and more,” said Andrew Sherrard, SVP marketing, T-Mobile USA. “By combining the latest innovative hardware and pre-loaded content with our 4G network and the power of the dual core processor, the G2x offers the mobile gaming and entertainment experience our customers crave.”

The G2x is T-Mobile’s version of the LG Optimus 2X, so it features the same exact hardware as the global version. Highlights of the G2x include a Tegra 2 mobile processor with dual-core CPU, 4-inch WVGA display, 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash and autofocus, front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera, 8 GB internal storage, 512 MB RAM, and support for T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network.

However when it comes to software, T-Mobile stayed true to the G-series and went with a stock version of Android 2.2. It would have been nice if it shipped with the newer Android 2.3, but we hear an update is already in testing and should be available shortly after launch.

For an idea of what to expect from the G2x, check out our LG Optimus 2X report card.

Pre-loaded games and apps include:

  • Need for Speed SHIFT HD, developed by Electronic Arts (EA), is an award-winning, authentic racing game that combines the true driver’s experience with real-world physics, pixel-perfect car models, and a wide range of authentic race tracks.
  • DTS Ultra Mobile, which includes two innovative audio technologies — DTS Envelo and DTS Boost — for a premium surround sound experience. When listening to music or playing games on the T-Mobile G2x, customers will enjoy rich, enhanced sound that adds depth, dimension and volume levels that are robust without distortion.
  • A demo of Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance – N.O.V.A., developed by Gameloft, is a fast-paced sci-fi action game in which players operate as Kal Wardin, an elite soldier established to protect humanity from alien threats.
  • T-Mobile TV, offering live and on-demand TV including news, sports and full-length entertainment, plus full episodes of your favorite shows.
  • Zinio eReader, the largest online newsstand, enabling customers to shop for, search inside, read, share and save digital content in new ways with more than 75,000 digital magazines from 26 countries.
  • T-Mobile Video Chat powered by Qik, enabling video conversations with friends and family through T-Mobile’s network and Wi-Fi.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website Mohsin

    That looks sexy!

  • http://Website Noriega713

    Yes!!!!! STOCK ANDROID!!!!!

    • http://Website Noriega713

      One more things why does it say 4g instead of H (on the status bar)?…I mean im not complaining, just asking.

      • http://Website watbetch

        4G is easier to identify than the “H” indicator.

        • http://Website tomnewtn

          I agree. I did not like that H being displayed even when UMTS was being accessed vs HSPA+.

          See the TMO spec page-

          It appears this is coming with ATT 3g bands intact.

          • http://Website Toddy

            Fuck yeah!!! I’ve been waiting for an android stock experience high-end phone with the 850mhz hspa band for soooo long >_<! finally!

          • DavidM

            allright, I hope that this comes to AT&T as is. So long Craptivate

      • http://Website BilliBolas

        Devices usually only display “H” (G2/MT4G) when they are at 14.4 Mbps. Devices that are running at 21Mbps or greater will show “4G”. (Dell streak/Galaxy S 4G)

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Great device for tmobile. I don’t like this 2.2 froyo business this should’ve released on 2.3 this would people how serious you are about your device. Reminds me of what samsung did last year releasing android 2.1 on there phones when 2.2 froyo was updated on the nexus one and Evo 4g. I just hope Lg keeps there word plus i also hope the Pyramid launches with 2.3.ginerbread that would make it the device to get before the G2x cause the pyramid has 768gig of ram compared to the 512gig of ram on the G2x

    • http://Website AME

      Taylor mentioned that the Pyramid will be shipping with 2.4 in his “HTC Pyramid spotted in the wild, still headed to T-Mobile this summer” article.

  • http://Website Cyberdan3

    In before the AT&T flamers…..

    I am getting it. If it comes down that in a year AT&T won’t support it, they will have to do something to resolve it such as buying a new phone for you or let you get out of contract. By that time there will be a quad core that I’d be itching to try anyways :). I also want to get this before any data plans go up in price with the hopes that I will be grandfathered into AT&T’s plans.

    • http://Website mvp

      TTotally agree. I’m getting this asap. I will worry about the switch when it happens. I haven’t had the same phone as a daily driver in over a yr. I’m sure att will offer some kind of upgrade for tmo customers and I will just use the upgrade on the next exciting device.

      • http://Website Snake

        This phone comes with both bands. Att and tmo

  • http://Website monkeydroid

    What’s the point of buying this if tmobile 3g bands will be useless in a year?

    • http://Website watbetch

      Because AWS HSPA+ will still be up and running after the merger. The amount of people that think their T-Mobile 3G phones will stop working on 3G (or completely depending on the people you see commenting) the day T-Mobile merges into AT&T is shocking and growing by the minute.

      • http://Website tomnewtn

        This should serve its owners well until it’s time for another upgrade. Very professional looking, and powerful. As a Nexus One owner, I’m very happy about stock Android.

    • MorphiusFaydal

      Because even after the merger, the AWS bands won’t just stop. It will take a while before AT&T shuts down the T-Mobile spectrum completely. And even then, they will likely give us some sort of discount on new devices, so it’s not completely wasted.

  • Brian Campbell

    I’m so happy its stock!! I wonder if it will have some of the cool gesture features that it did with the LG skin!!!!!!

    • http://Website common sense

      …..then that would be a skin. facepalm

      • Brian Campbell

        that sucks….cause the phone had a lot of cool gestures that LG put into it…like the tap spacing, and the ability to silence your phone if you just turn face down..oh well im still getting this phone.

  • http://Website Enrique

    does any body know when this phones is coming up???

  • http://Website Anonymous

    Well, the “G” line continues to chug along that “Vanilla Android” road.

    I just hope it is root-able so I can flash a custom ROM on it. I have never liked the notification bar icons of stock Vanilla Android. But I have been spoiled, used to have an iPhone in 2008 b4 the G1 arrived, but my 1st Android was the HTC Hero with Sense UI. So, I have never really had to deal with stock Vanilla Android.

    To each his own. And I am happy its stock Vanilla but I just hope it has a way to flash some kind of Custom ROM or something that others like just as much.

    Wonder which will be the better phone, this awesome device or the HTC Pyramid…

    And yes, the 4G icon is easier to determine a 4G signal. I’ve seen an H on phones that were HSPA+ 3G too…

    • http://Website Eric

      I agree. Anything before gingerbread looked ugly. However, I love gingerbread stock looks.

    • http://Website zedklind

      modaco already has clockwork mod and a custom rom ready to flash on the global version of the optimus 2x and cyanogen and team douche are picking it up. i speculate that the phone will have cyanogen 7 2 weeks after release.

  • http://Website Raptor

    Who now cares about T-Mo…
    How about V-Mo (Virgin mobile)?

  • http://Website Rayyan

    The best part is that cyanogenmod is very likely going to support this device!!/kmobs/status/49245409985560576

  • http://Website android guy

    Lg is a very open company and will be easy to root!
    I am buying this when it comes out.

  • http://Website Canadian Android Noob

    Apologies, longtime lurker, first time commenter. Does anyone know if t-mobile tends to offer these phones at full-price but unlocked without contract, similar to the Google Nexus S? I’d like to purchase this as Canada is always miles behind the world in getting new phones. Case in point, they’re still selling the Google Nexus One for $499.

    • uzunoff

      You can buy any phone from T-mobile for the full price, or if you are a T-mo customer ,make payments for the full price of the phone.
      After you buy the phone you can call T-mo Support, give them the IMEI and they will send you an e-mail with unlocking instructions and code.

  • kwills88

    i really really want the Galaxy SII, but it seems like i might get this instead since the SII seems months away.

  • http://Website irnotsmart

    FML…I just got the G2 last month. :( :( :(

    • http://Website Joshua

      Wow, why did you wait this long to upgrade to the G2? With Cita and the new dual core releases you should have just waited. You effed your own life, lol!

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    Goodbye Vibrant hello G2x!!!

    • http://Website ACR

      Same here lol.

  • Android Jet

    Another dual core CPU mobile, nice.

  • http://Website tomnewtn

    See the TMO spec page-

    It appears to be coming with ATT 3g bands intact?

    • http://Website mark

      Taylor, can you please comment on this. It does look like it has bands most T-Mobile phones have not. If it had att 3g bands I would be happy and no longer having to think about sprint.

    • http://Website mvp

      Quick google search

      “AT&T uses both 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands for their GSM network data and voice services. Therefore, it is important to ascertain which frequency AT&T is putting into use in your area. “

  • Marcos

    When came to brasiil?

  • http://Website AME

    Just because AT&T will be taking over T-Mobile a year from now shouldn’t discourage us from going with T-Mobile now. T-Mo isn’t dead yet! They still offer great stuff. I’m stoked for the G2x.

    AT&T won’t be getting a single dollar from me until I am contractually obligated to give them one.

  • http://Website anon

    Has any other carrier delivered a stock android phone?

    • http://Website Paul Atreides

      Verizon Droid 1 is stock

    • http://Website some internet dude

      The Nexus S 4G coming to Sprint soon will be pure Google.

  • ayocuz

    Two words “Bring It”

  • http://Website AceoStar

    Too bad the Thrill got the 4.3

  • http://Website weee

    im ready for this phone. i been waiting for it every since ces and mwc and tmobile and att might be mergering i’ll deal with that later when it happens or if. because if they do merger i’ll most likely get a discount on phones on att and if the fcc or doj disapprove this im still happen. i wonder how much this phone will be.


    does this mean hotspot is in tact like on my nexus s?

  • http://Website Greg

    I’m on the fence about this phone, but if it’s actually released on 4/20, I have a feeling I’ll hazily make my way to a T-Mobile store and buy it. And then I’ll stop at Taco Bell and feast my face off.

    • http://Website zedklind

      sounds like an amazing day haha. play dungeon defenders all dayyyy lol. i think i have to preorder it from because i have been saving gift cards for this phone. the best buy in my area doesnt have tmo :/. bad news is i wont be able to wait in line and experience hype, good news is i might get it sooner than 4/20 if bestbuy has preorder it might ship earlier :)

  • WickedToby741

    This should have been the Nexus S (or perhaps the Nexus 2x?).

  • http://Website g1andonly

    well now 512 ram isnt so bad now that its stock and there UI wont take up memory…yea

  • http://Website eadred

    Do not get too excited, some people already got it in Europe and they are all complaining about such a crapy battery runtime that no one is able to go through the day…

    • http://Website Jon

      That probably has more to do with the lg skin which many say is one of the worst out there. We’ll have to wait and see. If this thing had a better screen and dock connections and get it in a heartbeat. For now, I’m in a holding pattern.

  • OnIn2

    Got 1 of my 2 wishes with the announcement…Stock Android. Sorry it only has 512 of memory.

    Has anyone which 4G speed the G2x is using ?

    • OnIn2

      Oh and someone tell me what that stuff is at the bottom of the screen,,,,handset, bunch of dots and a circle(world). Is that some kind of toolbar? is it removable ?

  • http://Website Jampac9

    Since its stock and the pyramid isn’t, this will be my next phone if the release date pans out. Haven’t had android phone with anything else but stock and really don’t wanna make an adjustment, hopefully I’ll be able to get my full contract out he way before the new landlord comes in and ruin the relationship.

  • http://Website jay

    You know guys this is a great phone! however its concerning that it will only have 2.2 at release that should raise some eyebrows. If this is the latest and greatest where is the commitment to implement the poper UI on it. You have the Pyramid with .3inch on the screen with higher resolution and 2.4 android. 2.4 is the proper software to make the dual core work at its best potential. Im waiting until benchmark results are out and then make the decision but from what i see you guys should not set you minds already on this phone.

  • http://Website paul s.

    I agree with Jay…don’t get Overly excited…dual core is NOT supported in froyo or gingerbread. HTC, even with Sense, is using the Only version for 2x phones. LG & updates??? They Did update their Optimus lines from 2.1 on release to 2.2 6 months later…hmmmm…not the greatest scenario but at least they Do update in a ‘reasonable” timeframe, but they could’ve gone all the way to 2.3…so we still need to know just where they stand. While both Tmo & att bands are good, shipping with an outdated OS is NOT the way to launch their Flagship phone.

  • Ricky Olivarez

    Been wanting to buy the Nexus S but now this phone is perfect. AND I can use my even more plus plan :D
    Just worries me, they always say update will be available shortly and it never happens.

  • http://Website Dylan

    I’m getting this phone and if there is any problems ATT can deal with it… I’m not waiting any longer, especially only to find the Pyramid to be running non-stock android; the benchmarks for that thing scared me enough.

  • http://Website Ray

    Just give me a G-damn smart phone with a large 4.3 high resolution screen with dual processors, front facing camera, DLNA support and 1080p recording so I can go home Pleeeeezzzzz!!

  • http://Website DB

    Any clue if this phone will have the 1500 mah battery that’s in the overseas version?

  • http://Website Russ

    If I didn’t have a year left on my VW contract, I would be getting this phone. Even with the looming AT&T take-over. hell, I my pay the cancellation fee. Hear that Verizon, get this phone stock or else!

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Taylor, do you think Google will have another phone this year coming out that is dual core? I know eventually they will, but this year you think. Maybe close to the end of the year I’d say. They’ve been yearly since N1 right? If so, I hope it comes to all carriers.

  • http://Website dumbo

    am i the only one bothered by the fact that,
    1. tmobile chose lg to make this phone not htc
    2. they branded it g2 and it has noooooo keyboard?

    • DavidM

      with a screen that size, you really don’t need a keyboard

      • http://Website dumbo

        why did you speak?
        do you think every one needs touch screen only?
        its not about the touch screen.
        g1, keyboard
        g2 keyboard
        g2x no kb = wtf

        • http://Website semajhan

          I really don’t understand why people prefer physical keyboards.
          They just make the phone bulkier, easier to break, and have all sorts of problems.
          I’m going to go ahead and place my bet that physical keyboards on phones will get outdated.

          • http://Website KnocturnalPhx

            a lot of power users prefer physical KB’s cuz we pump out over 12,000 text messages a month and emails, etc… Physical KB’s make it easier cuz you can blind type and you don’t have to switch screens back and forth to enter numbers or special characters. You just hold down shift or alt on the fly. Plus when you type fast physical KB’s are just faster.

        • http://Website zedklind

          after every phone that ive had had a qwerty physical it will be hard to get used to a virtual. ive tried out the new gingerbread keyboard and damn is it quick and has great autocorrect! i think ill be ok with virtual as long as its swype or gingerbread keyboard. i liked swype as well. its just as fast if not faster once you get used to it :). im on my 5th year of cellphones with qwerty. sidekick 2,3, tmobile wing, g1.

  • http://Website all booked up

    i wonder how much this phone would cost?


    common taylor can ya please find out if free hotspot is on board :)

  • http://Website wrenchy

    THIS should have been the Nexus phone. Not the Samsung.

  • http://Website jjank

    I’m pretty sure that dual core is not supported in any current version of android. I think 2.4 or whatever it is being called is going to support dual core and obviously Honeycomb is baked for tablets (and dual core). I’m going to wait it out for a few months to see what type of roadmap google will be laying out for the next few versions of phone based android.

    I’m extremely pleased with my G2 and its physical keyboard with CM7.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Do you think Google will have a dual core Nexus out by the end of this year or start of next year? The Nexus One came out in Jan 2010 and Nexus S came out in the same year but in Dec 2010, just a few days maybe a month almost for a yearly successor. Maybe brand. I think Nexus is just a brand not a line really. But each one will be better then it’s last. So would it be smart to get the NS4G on the side so I can have a pure device along with my main device which will the SGSII when that comes to all carriers (Sprint), or wait for a dual core and assume that they will have one for Sprint as well ?

    I mean the Nexus performs so well even though it’s not dual core. It does everything so fine. Dual is awesome but it’s not needed. But I will get a pure dual google ex. if it was to come to Sprint.

  • http://Website ACR

    I’ll take this phone over any other phone right now. Stock Android with dual core processor, HDMI, front/back cameras, and 4G. Can’t beat that.

    • santi

      Do you know when the g2x will be back in stock?