• http://Website Daniel

    CHaCha, ChCha… slightly off-topic, but you guys should check again the article tags.

  • http://Website CJ

    How about we call it the “HTC Nobody Gives A Damn” and move on along to something else? I’ve yet to encounter 1 person that’s interested in this phone.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The hardcore geeks might not be interested, but I think this could easily sell a couple million units to the younger crowd.

      • http://Website Eric

        Spot on. This will be a BIG hit with the younger crowd, as long as it’s priced correctly.

      • http://Website Greg

        Yes, Taylor, because that’s the demographic of people who read Android blogs.

        What about the Nexus One being updated to Gingerbread last week? Where is your article for that?

    • http://Website dans

      Now you’ve found one. Not everyone wants what you want.

      Really looking forward to the is bad boy, the ‘HTC I Really Dont Care What Its Called, Just Get It To Market.’

  • http://Website Tyler


    Lets name it the HTC ChaChaChaCha…

    Or, while we are at it, why not the HTC ChaChaChaChaCha?

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    how about the HTC bla bla bla?

    • http://Website Anon

      Nope, Ke$ha infringement.

      • http://Website Uneducated

        LMFAO too funny i swear. seriously this comment was jokes. Cracked me up the most LOL

  • Nick Gray

    As you guys already know, I’m not a fan of the Facebook integration, but I work with teens who would trade in their Blackberries in a heartbeat for this device.

    I’m actually hoping HTC will launch a second version of this phone with a more traditional Android UI. I love QWERTY keyboards.

    My name suggestion would be…. HTC F-The-Cha

  • http://Website Mark

    How about the “HTC POS” because this phone will not be a good seller at all. People will just buy a regular Android phone and then install the facebook app, there’s no need for an annoying facebook button.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      I think you should do a little research before dissing a phone that you clearly know nothing about. The Facebook button will allow people to contextually share things with Facebook just like the search button does contextual searches within the app you are using.

      Press the Facebook button while listening to music and you share you’re the song title on your Facebook status. Press the Facebook button while in Google Maps and you can use Facebook’s checking feature. Press the Facebook button while taking a picture and you can upload it to Facebook and tag people in the image.

      The Facebook button allows you do things that seamlessly without needing to use the Facebook app.

  • http://Website Rodrigo B.

    FYI, in spanish the name of the dance is Cha-cha-cha, not Cha-cha as I’ve heard in english.

    For more information, https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Cha-cha-cha_%28dance%29

  • http://Website Drake Paulsen


  • http://Website Mike

    It’s a really, really stupid name anyway.

  • http://Website ablkida

    They should call it the HTC Mucha Muchacha, like the song on the Big Lebowski hahaha… I know people are dissing this phone because of the Facebook button, but I think HTC is trying to appeal to those people that like the BB form factor. I know the wife would like this phone just for that reason.

  • http://Website Anon

    Seriously, thirteen chas in the name or its a no for me.

  • http://Website dans

    HTC Chat.

  • http://Website Owain

    HTC Mercury (as in the messenger).

  • http://Website iknowcare

    i was goin to say the htc chat as well. Gkad I read the comments before I posted.

  • ViktorPrime

    HTC Desire Social

    • http://Website nexus

      or what about switching it? The HTC Social Desire??

  • http://Website Pitogyro

    Well, Cha Cha (with the accent on the 2nd cha) means a female pimp or madame if you like, in Greek. No word on chaning that though.

    “Hi, I’d like the HTC Pimp please.”

    • http://Website AC

      “HTC Pimp” sounds good…

      With so many phones coming, sooner or later they will run out of politically correct words anyway. I can’t wait for names like “HTC Diarrhea”, “HTC Bankruptcy”, “HTC Decline” etc.

  • http://Website cristal

    HTC Jalapeño.. lol ??

    • http://Website Anon


      • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet


  • http://Website himynameis

    htc “i like to tell everybody what i do on facebook all the time so i need a facebook button because i have no life”

  • http://www.naughtygirlguide.com deltaslight

    How about the HTC “effbee”?

    • http://www.naughtygirlguide.com deltaslight

      as in FB…

      as in Facebook…

  • http://www.avaqom.com HackNet

    how about HTC Fail

  • http://Website Uneducated

    They should scrap the phone. I am a huge HTC fan but the ChaCha looks crap and is a total piece of crap. HTC are gonna have another phone with the facebook button anyway (HTC Salsa), so they won’t lose that much money.

  • http://Website Johnny

    HTC Meh…

  • Damon

    I for one, DESPISE this phone. No offense but who’s fingers could fit on that touch screen? I tried it in a store and I couldn’t press the right button. This is why I’m going with the awesome Wildfire S. I mean, as someone said, they’ve already got the HTC Salsa…
    I get where their coming from with the line of FB buttoned phones – that’s a good idea.
    And the new name should’ve been HTC Funk or HTC Rock.