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Verizon’s spring roadmap has 8 Android phones releasing in less than 60 days

Our friends at Phandroid got their hot little hands on the table below which shows that Verizon is about to really put the pedal to the metal on Android.

Verizon Roadmap for Spring 2011

April doesn’t hold any big surprises with the very tough sounding Casio Commando and Droid Charge blazing the trail on April 7th.

The next week will see the launch of the long awaited Sony Xperia Play (The Playstation Phone). Casual gaming on phones has seen an explosion over the last couple years, but the gaming phone concept has not fared well in the past so we’ll have to see if Sony and the Playstation brand can succeed where others failed.

Rounding out April we have the HTC Incredible 2 launching almost a year to the day after the original. The Incredible was a huge seller last Spring for Verizon, but the Incredible 2 will have an uphill battle to see anywhere near that kind of uptake with the myriad options vying for buyers attention on Big Red.

The LG Revolution is the only device with a firm date on the books in May. The Revolution will be the 3rd 4G option for Verizon buyers and may have the distinction of being the first Android phone to offer Netflix.

The Droid Bionic is still looking to set a date in May to usher Verizon into the dual-core smartphone era.

The last two on the list come as the biggest surprises as their predecessors were released in July and September respectively. The Droid X2 remains somewhat clouded in mystery, as some of the reported specs seem to place it far too close to the Droid Bionic to seem logical for Motorola. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 on the other hand is crystal clear as it was officially announced by Samsung last month and spec for spec might be the most interesting phone on the list.

Unless you are a die-hard HTC fan that is completely sold on the Thunderbolt this may be one of the single worst weeks to buy a smartphone in Verizon history.

Source: Phandroid

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I say the Casio Commando will be a rugged phone. Not a Big Red customer but I have to say they have some beastly things coming. I think some of those May releases will pan out to early June maybe. I can see them taking a little shine from another. Or they could not. We will see. I’m just glad to see the SGSII. That does it for me for a US confirm.

    Sprint customer though.

    • Sean Riley

      I’d guess that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Droid X2 will slip to June so as to not run head to head with the Droid Bionic, but even if it slips to a 3 month timeframe this is a crazy run of devices on Verizon.

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        I have to agree

    • http://Website Sandra

      Me, my family and my friends already got the iPhone 4 from VZW :D :D :D
      As a matter of fact, this is an incredible device and its turning heads whenever we use it.
      People LOVE it! :D

      Bottom line is – we arent interested in android phones any more! :D

      *kisses and hugs*

      • http://Website CactusCat

        Well, that’s just dandy Sandra. You will be left behind like the rest of the iSheep…. Nothing like a bunch of Apple fangirls to sway my opinion. Me, my family and all my friends have purchased Android phones and we continue to turn the heads of iPhone users (and everyone else) wherever we use it!! And we love it! :-)

        Bottom line is….. we aren’t interested in the iPhones anymore.

        Cheers… ta ta

        Here’s you a little something that will somehow sound familiar to you.

        • http://Website Dnar56

          BAHAHAHAHA +1

      • http://Website Droid Dude

        Hey IPhone girl. What are you doing in an Android forum? Just looking? No one to talk to in the IPhone forums since everyone has moved on to the Droid?

      • http://Website the helping hand

        Sandra wrote

        Me, my family and my friends already got the iPhone 4 from VZW :D :D :D
        As a matter of fact, this is an incredible device and its turning heads whenever we use it.
        People LOVE it! :D

        Bottom line is — we arent interested in android phones any more! :D

        *kisses and hugs*

  • http://Website J

    “Unless you are a die-hard HTC fan that is completely sold on the Thunderbolt this may be one of the single worst weeks to buy a smartphone in Verizon history.”

    Amazing. Ordered a TBolt yesterday! The only other phone I’d consider is the Incredible 2, especially if it’s Global. I’m a die-hard HTC fan. But coming from a qwerty keyboard, I’ll probably like the larger screen of the TBolt for typing. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

    (Seems like the Merge is never coming to Verizon.)

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      HTC will always be something to go for, but I have to admit I’m not a big user of them lately. Everything is looking the same and to many devices are pumping out. Most people will think that is a good thing, but that’s what makes it the same. If you have so much coming out every year then you have no room to innovate on all of them. It’ll be little things that make them differ but not really noticeable to the consumer. Not trying to bash them, as they are one of the best manufacturers. I think they should focus on a line for each carriers and anything in between should be group target phones for certain consumers. Like maybe Evo line for Sprint, Droid line for Verizon, and G line for T-Mo, and I guess At&T can share with T-Mo. It will slow down fragmentation and make everything a lot smoother. It may even set a good example. Just saying.

      The merge will be a nice device for some consumers who want the Sense feel but nothing to flashy. It’ll be solid for what is does. It will be overlooked once it comes out for sure.

    • Sean Riley

      You are my poster child for someone that was right to purchase the Thunderbolt then. If you like HTC and Sense the Thunderbolt is the only device currently out that stands up well to the rest of the Spring competition. The only way I’d tell you to consider waiting for the Incredible 2 would be if you are put off by the large screen on the Thunderbolt and/or are in an area that won’t see 4G in the next year.

  • http://Website Sdotuome

    I’m gonna be agry if that Samsung Galaxy S 2 doesnt come to T-Mobile!

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      It’ll be on all carriers. All it took was one carrier to show a leak and that is pretty much it. The S is a line. They want to make this global like they did before. Remember last year every US carrier pushed them around the same time. I say May to June for all carriers

  • http://Website bdbaba

    Will the S2 on verizon be LTE?

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      It says 4G Android by selected phones. So I would assume yes it is. I believe every carriers SGSII will be a 4G phone. The native one comes ready for HSPA+. That takes care of At&T and Magenta. Sprint, you bet they will have the successor 4G ready as their original was. This leak says 4G beside it plus the Stealth is LTE, so Sammy is already in there.

  • http://Website adryan

    Is samsung following moto and now HTC with the locked bootloaders? Cause i really want the SGSII but i want to be hackable.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Androidandme, you guys come up with some creative pictures for your articles.

    • Sean Riley

      All hail to Angie for that.

  • http://Website Hans

    Ahh, news like this makes me glad to be a Verizon customer. Great lineup. And I knew the X2 was going to be LTE compatible.

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    All I want is a Tegra2 based device with 1GB of RAM and an unlocked bootloader. Is that really so much to ask?

  • http://Website mikeyDroid

    Honestly… I don’t see what you’re all saying about an amazing run/great lineup…….. What here is desirable? A lesser Atrix (Bionic) 3 months late/dated?… Guess I expect too much.

    Sigh.. OG Droid will be with me forever..

    • http://Website Hans

      Did you know?
      Supposedly, the 1GB of the Atrix’s RAM is split in two? 512 for the phone and 512 for the laptop app? If that is true, then both the Bionic and Atrix have the same amount of RAM. Wait, but the Bionic has DDR3 RAM I believe while the Atrix has a lesser version.

      • http://Website Hans

        Well,it’s either that or 512 is reserved for the phone itself while the full Gig is for the laptop app.

      • http://Website Zer0-9

        The Atrix reserves about 120mb of RAM for webtop, it does not divide the RAM in that way.

  • http://Website Joanne

    What happened to the Droid 3? I’m hoping it will be added to the May lineup. All the phones coming out all look the same……they are in need a of new Qwerty phone to add to their line-up of new phones.

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Lets not forget about the moto targa and possibly the moto t2 if it even exists but that it an impressive line up of phones!!!

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Im also going to bet the dx 2 with be a dual core tegra phone, dont make sense for a new phone with almost the same specs as the older version unless im wrong. : )

  • Drew

    Thank you Verizon for supporting Android even when you have the hipster phone. I thank you.

  • http://Website Joe

    We shall see. Bought a T-Bolt on launch date. The Sonic is intriguing, but for a casual phone user, this device is just fine….and actually surpasses my needs in many ways. If they ever get the Skype mobile situation figured out, along with rooting and ROMs ( which are already available)….this device is damn near perfect. Atleast for those of us not demanding the latest and greatest as soon as its readily available.

  • http://Website Joe


  • http://Website dagamer34

    I need that Novatel MiFi 4G LTE Hotspot. Apparently the Samsung one that came out yesterday doesn’t work in USB mode on Mac or WIndows. =/

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    @mikeyDroid… Truthfully your very smart thinking outside the box that’s very… IMPORTANT HER… There is NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THESE DEVICES OR OFFERINGS UNLESS YOU ARE A VERIZON CUSTOMER.. We onon Sprint have been ENJOYING these kinds of devices since June 2010 my point EXACTLY… These are SO LAST YEAR.. Verizon and there LTE/4G TECHNOLOGY did not start till 2011 and it’s not even in many areas yet and they didn’t start bringing DEVICES TO MARKET TILL THE THUNDERBOLT.. If you look the above list nothing of REAL VALUE IS THERE OTHER THAN THE DROID BIONIC AND THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 AND POSSIBLY THE INCREDIBLE 2 all the remaining devices on the list have LAST YEARS SPECS which would’ve been great LAST YEARS NOT TODAY… Just because you decide to put LTE on a device that DOESN’T MAKE IT THE BEST ESPICALLY WHEN THE SPECS DOESN’T MATCH… People on verzion are HOOD WINKED anyway people lined up LIKE FOOLS for another product that came out LAST YEAR JUNE 2010 The iphone4 and acted like they were getting something new i was AMAZED… This 4g is not new but your devices better be. I wouldn’t touch anything on that network if IT DOES NOT HAVE DUALDUALCORE AND 1GB OF RAM THAT IS TODAY’S STANDARD HOW MANY ON THAT LIST ABOVE MATCH THESE STANDARDS??? I view the Atrix 4g as the most powerful smartphone on the market today only because of it’s ability to be a smartphone first then docking solution second ii admire that but the fastest device on the market will be the Htc Evo3d only because of the DDR3 RAM it has to go along with the fact it will support 1.2 ghz Qualcomm Dualcore Snapdragon Processor MSM8660 not just 1.0 that’s 1.2 each core not to mention the MUl technology inside of it which is new to the industry meaning the dual hdmi out and micro usb port all in one plus the Adreno 220 gpu and 4gb of rom this device will not only be the best on the market BUT WILL BRING 3D TO THE FORE FRONT RATHER PEOPLE LIKE THAT OR NOT. Sprint was first in bringing 4g to the industry and because of that they will always be entitled to devices that will always appear on there network first before everyone gets a chance TO COPY THEM. Truthfully that all ANYONE IS DOING TODAY COPYING SPRINT AND COPYING THE HTC EVO 4G FORM FACTOR. The granddaddy of 4g The current Evo 4g on sprint ushered in this 4g industry and placed it well on the map no other device or carrier is responsible for that BUT SPRINT… The Htc Evo3d will be copied by many cause that device offers htc sense 3.0 which doesn’t appear in any device today and won’t till the Evo 3d is launched. In short Verizon SHOULD STEP THERE GAME UP and stop PEDDLING THESE LAST YEAR DEVICES MAKING PEOPLE BELIEVE THEY ARE INNOVATIVE. So many people drink this VERIZON JUICE IT’S JUST LIKE APPLE FANBOYS…

    • http://Website Hans

      Here we go again…

      Evo3D: 4GB rom? If you mean RAM, you’re mistaken. That would be 1GB. If you mean internal memory, then that’s not much. Quite a few phones already have over 1GB of internal nowadays. The Atrix doesn’t have DDR3 memory while the Bionic does. You speak of WiMax as if it’s so amazing. Sure, it was quick for it’s time, but it’s nothing compared to LTE. Why do you think almost every wireless carrier is moving towards it? Even Sprint is going to transition towards it. WiMax and HSPA+ are currently in the same boat, while LTE is in a whole different league.

      About these phones: Sure, some don’t come with next generation specs, but they offer what the average consumer wants: something that works smoothly. The majority of people who want dual cores and high resolution cameras are geeks like us. But c’mon, Verizon is getting THREE dual cores. Sprint is getting ONE. Once again, more options. Add to that, the nation’s fastest 4G network and we’ve got winners.

      Now, please be so kind as to stop drinking the haterade. Do you see Verizon fans post on Sprint articles bashing their service/phones? I haven’t. And if they do,it’d be in retaliation. Stop chugging that Sprint flavored kool-aid, please. You’ll drown yourself. ;)

    • http://Website Tonytuba

      Ummm, there’s plenty of good reasons to go with Verizon over Sprint. Phones come and go, but your carrier is WAY more important than the phone itself. As we all know, a new phone is just around the corner (myself, my Moto Droid’s contract is up in June and I’m goin for the Bionic!). I have been treated well by Verizon and I’m sure some of you have been jaded by them. Same can be said about EVERY SINGLE CARRIER OUT THERE! Yes, all carriers have lovers and haters. I like Verizon cause they have taken good care of me and helped me out of several binds, including even getting me a contract with crap credit.

      I’m just saying…let’s just remember who the enemy is, ok? Cause if you don’t have an iPhone, than you’re probably not as big of a prick as someone who does

      PS – Whats with all the caps, makes reading that entire post a pain in the ass. Where you just furiously pounding on the keyboard?

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    richard take your feeble phone n network n shove it up your ass : )

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    @Hans… and @snowbdr89… I have bad for guys part of verizons problem is HONESTY just like the both of you at least I will give Hans credit he is consistent we just differ in our thoughts but this other JERK one minute he is the above name THEN the next minute he is @Snowbdr80… MAKE UP YOUR MIND ASS people need to be themselves not many created people go SHOLVE IT BUM… By the time sprint switches to wimax will be years from now not worth discussion today. Chosing wimax allowed them to take there BUSINESS TO ANOTHER LEVEL I APPLAUD THAT and rather one is faster than the other what does it matter i get 5 to 8up on wimax 4g and 2 to 4 down that is fast enough as far as I am concerned. I hate verizon for MISLEADING PEOPLE AND NEVER BEING HONEST case and point the thunderbolt with all the issues with that one device within this last 30days did verizon ever onetime address there customers on this problems or was it the android community that saved the thunderbolts butt with work around solutions for all its problems. If you choose not to be honest then that’s your choice but whoever heard of having to pull out your sim card to shut off LTE??? WHERE IS THE TOGGLE SWITCH??? You have to pull out the battery to get to the sim card…. GET SERIOUS MAN THIS DEVICE IS NOT NO EVO ON ITS BEST DAY. The Evo 4g is and has been a PROVEN PRODUCT FOR ANDROID COVERING 10MONTHS not some fly by night device as is your Thunderdud…. Being first has it’s rewards I bet you Htc appreciates Sprint much more than Verizon it shows in the products each carrier gets… @snowbdr89 go play on a crowded highway and get ran over by tractor trailer bum

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    @Hans…. You should spend less time trying to rebuttle me and more time getting your FACTS STRAIGHT…. This will give you and everyone else a chance to learn about class and true specs when it comes to a smartphone… LEARN SOMETHING HERE…

    • http://Website Hans

      Thanks for giving me credit :p

      Anyway,what did I get wrong? That link didn’t disprove anything I said. It actually proved that 4GB ROM is normal and nothing out of the ordinary. I never said the EVO3D is a bad phone. It’s a great phone. But certainly not the absolute best out of all carriers. That will be found out when more dual cores arrive.

      Oh, and interesting quote from that site you showed, “Qualcomm has a history of having GPUs that aren’t as powerful as the competition’s anyway.”

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Richard your a moron stop trolling an go clean your room!! We are happy for you and your david blaine magic kit aka evo 3d an dont even compare that feeble network you call sprint with verizon, i have a tbolt an i have got speeds up to 54 mbps compared to maybe 3 mbps with your wimax an you have to walk outside to even get a 4g signal!!

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Bitchard if you really want to compare phones look up the motorola targa. : )

  • http://Website lets wait

    im waiting for iphone 5, too

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    @snowbdr89… Sholve verizon and that USELESS THUNDERDUD up your monkey ass you ugly bum

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Dick please explain what sholve is?

  • http://Website Android Sensei

    Get the full view by comparing to the Thunderbolt, iPhone 4, Curve, Droid Bionic and other Droids here: Switching to Verizon or upgrading, which phone should you choose

  • http://Website JustFine

    Well I must say that my boyfriend works for VZ and every once in a while gets to bring something home for the weekend and this past weekend he had the Xperia Play. I loved it!..AS A GAME! Its hard to do anything with it except play the games. I’ve been playing Crash Bandicot he didn’t really get a chance to test the phone. The game market isn’t quite ready yet though because the phone isn’t ready for release. Of course it has great battery life since it is a “psp” but as far as call quality? I have no idea. Pictures are good. I’m sure it is a great phone as well since I like Android.