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WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab may finally arrive on April 4th for $399

A new flier has surfaced which may finally have the launch details of the WiFi Samsung Galaxy Tab. According to the document, the WiFi-only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will launch on April 4th for $399. We’ve known about the WiFi Tab for months now, but this is the first launch update to come through since before CES.

At $399, the WiFi Samsung Galaxy Tab certainly sounds like a decent deal, but since it’s still running on Android 2.2 and a slower Hummingbird processor, most hardcore Android fans will probably opt to pay a little more for the WiFi version of the Motorola XOOM that’s expected to hit store shelves within the next few weeks. While we all want the newest product with the latest version of Android, is the WiFi Galaxy Tab still appealing if is costs $200 less than the WiFi XOOM?

Source: DROID-Life

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  • http://Website SoCalTeknique

    Too late, should’ve released last December.

    • http://Website ivan

      (I HAVE IPAD 2)

      • http://Website cupid stunt

        ivan said

        (I HAVE IPAD 2)

        • http://Website fck apply

          you use you ishit 2 to read android forum? so sad

        • http://Website cupid stunt

          ivan said

          OMG IPAD 2 IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!
          (I HAVE IPAD 2)

  • http://Website Dave

    Do you know any idea whether the original Galaxy Tab will receive honeycomb? I am trying to decide what tablet to get, and a 399 price tag would be quite convincing… however, with no honeycomb update, not so much.

    • Nick Gray

      Samsung has not officially announced the the original will be getting Honeycomb. Once Samsung launches the 10.1 tab and the 8.9 they should finally give us a clue as to what their update strategy will be for their tablet family.

      • http://Website Dave

        Cool, thanks Nick. I will just wait til we hear from Samsung!

  • http://Website daniel

    que lo compre su madre. No han actualizado la tab 7″ , pues no les vuelvo a comprar ni boli si lo vendieran. AL PUTO IGNORE SAMSUNG

  • http://Website Android lover

    Too much time for this, I’m gonna wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or until fail to buy a tablet with NVIDIA Kal-el

    • http://Website Android lover


  • http://Website Austin

    Too little too late! If I’m gonna be dishing out $399 already in April for a tablet I’m going to go ahead and pay an extra $100 for the Blackberry Playbook…..dual core, better screen, also runs android apps….nope galaxy, should have released earlier!

  • http://Website wayne

    Xoom kills galaxy. Save up and get wifi zoom. Good things come to those who wait

  • http://Website droidsam

    Yeah, the XOOM is better, but is it really worth 50% more? Unless you NEED an Android tablet, I say simply wait until the holiday season. The wifi XOOM will be under $500 and the wifi tab will probably be under $300, which are both pretty good deals.

    • http://Website midtoad

      @droidsam, that makes zero sense. Wait until christmas for the price to fall $100 from $399 to $99? So, it’s not worth $100 to you to be able to use the device for 8 months? (i.e. buy it in April for $100 more than the price next December?)

  • http://Website adam

    Im waiting for the 8,9
    400 is too much for a 7 inch tablet also. And the zoom and ipad are too large.

  • http://Website 支持开发

    iPad 2 但MS好像用太淡的系统配色会不协调

    • http://Website rrrrrr

      iPad 2 但MS好像用太淡的系统配色会不协调

  • Prince77

    Can someone please tell what is the purpose of a tablet? I need to have a legitimate reason for buying on in the first place.

    • http://Website Mark

      Consumerism. That’s what it’s all about.

  • http://Website Mark

    Too little, too late. Revel in the dust, Samsuck!!!!

  • http://Website Shanikwa Jackson

    My best friend Bumquisha told me not to by this, she said “ooooh gurl you know how ghetto Samsung is, you will never get yo self some Honeycomb gurl, you better get to love Froyo”

    She knows what she be talking about.

    Time to make some grits, love ya’all

    • http://Website Mark

      I admire Rednecks like yourself. It can’t be easy for you to make the time to create such clever posts. I would think that the NASCAR races, gun shows, raising their inbred children, and being abused by their unemployed husband would occupy most of their day. Kudos to you for treating all of us to a daily dose of bigotry!

  • http://Website Samsuck , breed of betrayal and customer scam

    Gaylaxy Tab can kiss my azz!

  • http://Website karthikraj

    Yours content is good, i ve gone through some other website that give more information about samsung galaxy tab,