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An LG Nexus 3? Here’s what we know.

What an emotional week for the Android and Me team. Bringing on new writers and breaking them in, Clark stepping in as the full-time bossman, and Taylor’s farewell post all shoved together. It’s a pretty exciting time here at Android and Me, and rest assured that with Clark at the wheel, there’s going to be some interesting things on the way for the website for sure.  As far as the news goes, however, I felt it was appropriate to address Taylor’s final words to everyone. An Nvidia Tegra 3 powered LG Android phone with the Nexus branding to be the next Nexus device. That’s a pretty audacious tip to leave someone with nothing there to give it credence, aside from the fact that it came from Taylor. How crazy is it, though? Let’s take a look!

Clue 1 – The Open Handset Alliance

While everything you will see in this article is purely speculative, there’s a pretty clear line drawn here, I think. When the Open Handset Alliance was formed, four device manufacturers threw their hats in with Google, amongst the 34 companies that were the OHA’s “Founding Fathers”. Those companies were HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and LG. Now, of these four companies, LG is the only company who has not released either a “Nexus” device, or been the first to market with a new version of Android. HTC and Samsung both have Nexus devices, and Motorola has been first to the market with a new version of Android, not once, but twice with the original Droid and the Xoom. Additionally, LG has only recently started making competitive high-end handsets, as anyone who has touched a G2X will confirm.

Now also part of the OHA founding fathers is nVidia, who has not sat idly as Qualcomm soaked up the adulation of Android fans the world over. Their Tegra line provide the dual core capabilities that Android fans crave, and toss in high quality graphics without the high power consumption to boot.

Given all the attention Google has NOT given LG and nVidia, and considering the impressive displays both companies have made recently, it’s not hard to imagine Google giving both companies a shot at their handset.

Clue 2 – nVidia and LG are already partners

If my first attempt to address the possibility wasn’t enough, consider that LG and nVidia are already working together on devices such as the G-Slate tablet for T-Mobile. The success of either the G-Slate or the G2X would ensure that nVidia and LG would be in business in the future, and LG’s internal development team will already have a unique relationship with nVidia’s products. If Google were to call on these two companies for a device, their existing relationship would make the steps from concept to product go much faster.

Clue 3 – nVidia’s roadmap fits the schedule

Everybody knows that nVidia is planning the Tegra 3 processors, expected to be a quad core offering at the high-end of the spec and a dual core at the more power conservative end of the spec. If a Nexus device is announced in December, then it’s likely it would be on the shelves by late January or early February. According to LG’s own roadmap, samples of the Tegra 3 will be available to some companies late this fall, with an expected release for production in late Q4 2011. The Tegra 2 was scheduled for a Fall 2010 release, and the first handset, the Atrix, was available this February. nVidia’s own production schedule matched the time needed to produce and prepare the technology for use.

Based on the information that’s out there, and the schedule of events, I would not at all be surprised if Taylor is spot on with this tip. I think it’s very likely that Google’s next Nexus device, maybe even their next Dev phone, ends up being an LG phone with nVidia’s Tegra 3 chipset. Would you buy an “LG Nexus T3″?

I write things.

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  • Nathan

    as long as it dosn’t look like the G2X i’d consider it.

    right now seriously tempted by the HTC Sensation (pyramid) but i’d always rather have a nexus.

    • http://Website Eric

      I actually like the G2x look. Not sure how it feels in the hand, but if it feels good as well, I’m all for keeping the style around. Different strokes I suppose.

    • http://Website Clara

      Im not buying it, im waiting for iPhone 5 as most people do!

      • GRAW

        Your wait is in vain.

      • http://Website statik

        baa baa little sheep

      • http://Website Christopher

        What the hell are you doing on an Android website you blind follower

      • http://XDA Synack

        iphone is crap. android has surpassed iphone technology and is just taking off and the iphone will be dead in a couple years. iphone will be staying with their crap 800Mhz single core processor while android sees its quad core gaming monsters that still can do everything else better than the iphone besides the ipod app, but we have poweramp for that.

        in short, iphone is an expensive phone that can text and do simple apps, might as well use it as a paperweight after all these new android phones roll out.

      • http://www.ampers.me.uk/ Andrew Ampers Taylor

        I would like to be able to say I have never and would never buy any Apple product but, alas, it would be a lie.

        There are so many people who blindly follow Apple that I bought a load of APPLE shares when the Mac first came out, and another load when the iPhone came out.

        I sold 20% when Jobs became ill, and a further 20% when he resigned. But still have quite a load left and am watching carefully.

        I really love people like Clara. And love them all the way to the bank. Don’t knock her or persuade her to change :-)

    • http://Website motoxer913

      Nathan, your comment about not liking the “look” of the G2x, I don’t get it…all smartphones pretty much look the same these days, so I don’t understand how the G2x is so different looking that it would prevent you from buying it solely on it’s looks. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

      IMO the looks of a phone have very little to do with my purchase, it’s about functionality, speed, battery life, stability, and things like that. Atleast that’s what my dollars vote for! The G2x doesn’t look any better or worse than the others to me. But if “looks” is what floats your boat and the G2x doesn’t do it for ya I guess that’s your prerogative…

      I on the other hand think the G2x just might be my favorite android phone on the market…can’t wait to go check it out in store tomorrow.

  • http://Website anon

    Please don’t say it is going to tmobile. tmobile gets all the good phones. How about some Verizon LTE?

    • http://Website elarella

      I actually see the phone possibly going to Sprint if the merger happens. Sprint and T mobile are part of OHA, which seems to reason why they got the Nexus phones and Verizon didn’t.

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        I think Google will get this thing out to all carriers. Idk about a timely manner (Nexus S) but I do think it will see all carriers. That would be perfect. You need a pure high end device on every carrier. Nexus S slowly did that. Minus Verizon but I mean I’m not a Verizon customer so..

        • http://Website anon

          It’s because verizon uses a different network (CDMA only for a long time and they are now adding LTE) and therefore, historically, has needed different phones. Plus they make deals for exclusive high end phones to run on their network.

          • http://Website anon

            Verizon using a CDMA 3G network isn’t the real reason since Sprint is also CDMA and (finally) put a Nexus phone on their network. What I remember is Google originally wanting the Nexus One available on all networks but Sprint and Verizon opting out because they already put out their own exclusive high-end Android phones (EVO 4G and Incredible). There was no real business incentive for carriers to care very much about the Nexus One, especially if it’s spread out on every network when they’re in the business of attracting consumers and differentiating their own brand. Beyond that, Google insisted on selling it directly online, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out at the time it wasn’t going to sell very much regardless of how much of a fantastic phone it was. That is why the Nexus S was sold in Best Buy (not many people buy phones they can’t actually hold or see up close beforehand) and Google managed to get at least one more carrier on board.

    • http://thedroidguy.com Thedroidguy

      Although it’s business as usual right now, with the time frame Russell is talking about in this article it would be a safe bet that AT&T would have control at this time. With the Nexus S at T-Mobile and Sprint Id bet that there’s a good chance the Nexus 3 could come to Verizon.

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        Verizon won’t see no Lg Nexus 3 until Tmobile, Sprint and At&t gets it first that’s for sure

  • http://Website AndrewInCali

    My 2 year contract will be up in Jan 2012 for my Nexus One… so the timing would be perfect. Let’s hope it pans out that way.

  • http://Website Yorick

    If Google is going to go for cutting-edge hardware, then perhaps it will be an LG device indeed. A Samsung device would probably use a Samsung chip, of which there probably won’t be one that can match Tegra 3 at that time. A Motorola device would probably use TI OMAP. Have they announced anything quad-core yet? An HTC device would use a Qualcomm chip. Have they announced anything quad-core? Not that I remember (correct me if I’m wrong).

    My choice for an Google Nexus Optimus (?) would depend on the design of the phone I think. I’m pretty sure Google will demand some high quality hardware, but I’m not sure on what the design will be like..

    • http://Website UniqueNaten

      Yea, hardware I wouldn’t be worried about. The design plays a big factor for me.

    • http://Website jjl84

      All of Motorola’s latest devices have nVidia chips, so the TI assumption is slightly off. XOOM, Atrix, Bionic, Droid X2, etc. all have (or are rumored to have) the Tegra processors. Just wanted to clear that up.

      • http://Website ACR

        Tegra 2 is the way to go right now. The list of exclusive Tegra 2 games is growing.

    • http://Website Adam

      Qualcomm has released specs on a 2.5 GHz Quad Core, but not for availability until 2012..

  • MitchRapp81


    can’t wait for a solid Nexus One replacement … so far no other phone has given me enough reason to change… but a 4-CPU and 12-GPU cores Tegra 3 Nexus from LG with Google Experience …. hell yes.

    • http://Website Kazahani

      Boing? What was that?

      Do I want to know?

    • Scotter

      Yeah I was vastly disappointed in the Nexus S. Still holding on to my Nexus One. The [lame] Nexus S caused a bit of faith loss in me for the Nexus line. Luckily, things can change. I won’t hold my breath, though. I will probably be getting that HTC [Pyramid] Sensation this Summer. Drool…

  • http://Website Paul Atreides

    I have a feeling this will come to Sprint first this time around. I might have to shelf my EVO 3D for this! Just maybe, way too early to tell.

    • http://Website Eric

      My guess is AT&T first for a few reasons.

      1) The N1 was released on AT&T, and the NS may very well launch there.
      2) T-mobile is potential going to be entering it’s final months at that point.
      3) AT&T is GSM. They most likely won’t make a CDMA device first, since most of the world does not use it. However, they did with the XOOM, so I could be wrong.

      My guess at least.

      • http://Website Andre

        The N1 was never released “on” AT&T. Google just sold a version with AT&T compatible UMTS bands. AT&T’s restrictions on sideloading would make them the least likely carrier to launch the Nexus.

    • http://Website alan

      IMHO, it will more than likely be introduced in Europe, as the majority of decent phones are!

    • http://Website CactusCat

      Yarnell will be broken hearted for you to make such a statement…..

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Tmo gets all the good phones an vzw doesnt? Hmm tbolt, bionic, incredible 2, dx2, samsung stealth, moto targa, lg evelution, samsung galaxy s2 compared to mytouch 4g g2 sammy vibrant hmm ill take vzw line up anyday

    • http://Website Allen

      Vzw gets:
      Tbolt (outdated at launch)
      Bionic (locked down dual core)
      DX2 (same as bionic sans LTE)
      Incredible 2 (more outdated than Tbolt)
      Samsung Stealth (Galaxy S+ basically)
      Motorola Targa (same as DX2, it’s the same phone, but the codename for it)
      LG Revolution (same outdated internals as Tbolt)
      Galaxy S2 (not at all confirmed)

      Tmobile Gets:
      G2x (stock open dual core)
      HTC Sensation (Dual core probably more open than Droid line)
      If Vzw gets SGS2, so will Tmobile.
      Nexus Line

      I think Tmobile lineup is much more appealing, which is sad as a verizon customer

      • http://Website jkeene81

        I second this, Verizon is all about bloatware and outdated software, anything coming up for those of us who have to futureproof our phones for their now two year only contracts are forced to look at locked down phones. Bullshit, sprint and tmobile are looking nice to me right now!!!!

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Trust me there’s nothing TOO SPECIAL ABOUT ANYTHING VERIZON IS PEDDLING AT THIS TIME. The Droid Bionic is only packing 512 of ram and regardless of the dualcore and LTE those specs are LAST YEAR ONLY even the Atrix 4g on ass t7t tops the Bionic today. Verizon is working with nothing in comparison to tmobile. Droid X2 another 3g device that’s nothing. Incredible 2 another 3g device yeah world phone but nothing else. The iphone 4 is garbage, what do they have that compares to current heavy hitters like the Htc Evo 3d, Htc Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola Atrix 4g, today’s specs are 1.2 ghz dualcore processors with 1 gb of ram anything under these specs are EXACTLY THAT SECONDARY DEVICES…

    • http://Website carlos

      Samsung stealth? Galaxy s 2? When did those came out that are not at the Verizon stores? T-Mobile has nexus 1,s galaxy s, galaxy s4g,LG g2x, without saying HTC sensation do you want me to keep writing names ?

  • http://Website was

    A quad-core stock android phone with Google in charge of OS updates??? Ummmmm, yes, please!!!!

  • joogleme16

    I can’t wait for a dual-core Nexus! I’m still upset that the Nexus S doesn’t support HSPA+ :-( So I’ll keep my One! But I do wonder if sprint’s 4G version holds up to expectations?

  • http://Website kid_352003

    Plan on getting the G2X Friday for the upgrade of my N1, the wifey has the NS and I will surely give her the G2X for a N3 with Qi charging, nfc, QHD display and a Tegra 3 chip. Guess I know where my taxes will be going!!!

  • http://about.me/MaximeRoy Maxime Roy

    Everything Google branded is a ‘must-buy’ for me. LG or others.

  • http://Website PeterP

    If the Tegra3 Tablets are going to be in the shops in August then surely the phones should easily scrape in before Christmas? Why can’t the hardware if not the software on it arrive at the same time as the tablet?
    I hope this phone gets the Sony camera, maybe 3d and huge retina like display. Design is what’s going to make it, hopefully not typically rounded Nexus.
    Wanted a Tegra2 phone, but the 2X became available in UK April 1st, just as I had to leave the country, so still using a tytn2 ((

  • http://Website Usman

    No offense, but didn’t Taylor also report that the Nexus S would be a dual core phone?

    • Angie Strickland

      I think he said it was a suspicion based on some of the delays that were occurring.

  • http://Website bambam

    i always thought the g2x was nexus phone lol just the fact it’s runing stock android and no ui ha

    • http://Website arika

      nexus phone not only means stock android, but also means google take care of updates itself

      • http://Website Bambam

        Yeah but sense it run stock android doesn’t google have ablitiy to update it. Because the g2x doesn’t have lg ui so lg can’t update it if they wanted to

  • http://Website Jay

    Yes if it goes to verizon first . No if it goes to at&t .

  • http://Website rrrrrichard

    The G2X is in everything but name the Nexus 2. The Samsung thing was a huge disappointment. It was obsolete at launch. I’m going to get one if it looks and feels good and if T-Mobile gives me either a decent upgrade deal or dinner with Carly.

  • RonWeez

    Nexus s was a disaster.. wouldnt trust another “Google Experience”

  • http://Website lattelady

    Now it’s just getting so hard to decide what to do! It’s going to take a great complete package to retire my Nexus One, I <3 it. Another Nexus, well I'll consider that for certain. The Nexus S was a great bore, so this needs to pack. I actually really like the :

    Galaxy S2
    Pyramid (don't like the name Sensation!)

    Then I'm still trying to decide @ the tablet: I'm thinking Asus EEE Transformer.

    So, what should I do? Do I even need a new phone?????

    • http://www.dallascowboys.com chris

      What the hell do you think? Of fucking course you need a new phone, why didn’t you get the Nexus S or My touch 4G? The Nexus One was a good phone but it doesn’t stack up against these phones. The Multi touch implementation on the N1 is horrid. Get the G2X or the Nexus 3, as for me, more than likely i will be getting the G2X and also the next Nexus device. My only gripe about the G2X is the 512 MB RAM. That sucks.

    • Scotter

      I’m with you except that I’m boycotting Samsung.

  • http://www.dallascowboys.com chris

    I will take the G2X, Sensation, and the next Nexus phone when it comes out. Anything Google branded is the best in my books.

  • http://Website CactusCat

    Clara, here’s what I’d like to see happen. Since you’re a moron (aka an iSheep troll), I’d like to see you bend over as far as you can, then stick your head up your ass. Once that is accomplished, I’d like to see you jump as hard as you can, and “Poof!!”, you’d just disappear! However, I have finally figured out why you iTrools continue to wander the halls of Android sites. You want to see whats new and cool since your yearly fix of iStupidity hasn’t shown its ugly face yet. The difference between you and me is that I don’t have any time to waste by trolling iPhoney sites. But I’ll take the time to tell the world what a crud you are for doing so.

    Ta-ta dufus.


    I have owned the n1 and currently own a nexus s. So of course I will get an n3. Question is can I hold out for it? Or will i bend and get the sensation off contract. I’m gathering that the sensation will not have free hotspot like my nexus s has. Big plus for me.

  • http://Kevinsdeals.blogspot.com Aj

    Pretty cool! Btw check out this website. They post crazy flipping deals everyday. Kevinsdeals.blogspot.com

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    I just hope it will get an AMOLED screen. So far all Nexus phones have AMOLED, I’d hate to see an end to that :(

    The nexus s was a bit of a disappointment compared to the nexus one. The nexus one had lots of new hardware, that till even today, stands as a good smartphone. I’m not saying the Nexus S is a bad phone, but it didn’t have the same WOW factor as the Nexus one.

  • Drew

    I wish it would be released sooner as my contract is up in May. I can’t stand being with my G1 for much longer!

  • http://Website srikanth

    Why not a Nexus from Sony…..the Nexus Xperia

  • http://Website Solrac924

    I definely buy it on day 1. I won’t ever buy anything from a carrier (don’t want a contract) and cutting edge is a must. I hope it’ll have a SD card slot & plenty of space for apps. Hope it’ll have T-Mo’s HSPA+ bands and that the deathstar doesn’t take over.

  • http://Website Android Sensei

    No I think either the Nexus 3 or Nexus 4 will be manufactured by Google. Check this out: Finally, the iPhone killer! It’s not an iPhone. http://exm.nr/iEKfh5

  • http://Website Ain

    I surely believe the nexus 3 will go to the sprint network.

  • http://Website Jason

    If only companies could get along for once… heres my idea(fantasy): so we start with htc for the qHD540x960 res screen and the body because they have the best looking and feeling phones in my opinion, then we hit up LG for the tegra 3 with its quad cores and over 9000 awesomeness rating, and team up up with google for the software and updates then release it on at&t because that’s what I have (^.^). And only then will we be happy for however long it takes for something better to come out.

    • http://Website Shawn

      I totally agree except in a perfect world if companies are all playing nice, I’d like to see Apple make the body. As much as I hate Steve and his iSheeple, Apple does make a pretty product (even if it won’t make calls). Oh, and I’d like to see it available direct from somewhere unlocked like the N1 because I already give Tmo enough money as it is.

  • http://Website Jason

    ooh sry for the double post but i left out a little bit that i just thought about: completely unlocked bootloader, like i mean we can choose between pure android, ninjablur, htcsense, and touchwiz depending on what we want. Also the nvida graphics card can’t forget that.

  • http://Website Ihate

    I hope the rumors are true… A quadcore droid would be just perceft to make My favorite food: mashed apples…

    • http://Website Greg

      Uhh, do you mean apple sauce?

  • dunxsena

    I’ll Buy it

  • http://Website iphonesux

    damn… this is so going to kick iphone ass! i mean, even the older androids like the nexus one destroy apple in so many ways that theres no point for apple to make OSes anymore with “200 new features to put an operating system that was already years ahead of anything else” (pretty much copying all of the neat features from android and calling it their own)

  • gdf

    i remember when the nexus brand had a chance