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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer coming on April 26

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer has grown to be a very anticipated device for many Android enthusiasts out there, and since CES, everyone has been wondering when this nifty device will be coming to the U.S. We now know that ASUS’ honeycomb tablet will be arriving this April 26, for the already known price of $399 for the 16 GB version, and $499 for 32 GB. Many of you have also been loving the idea of the unique keyboard dock, this accessory will actually be sold separately for $150. For those that missed the Transformer’s first unboxing, the specs are listed below.

Eee Pad Transformer Specifications:

  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb
  • 10.1-inch touchscreen (1280×800)
  • 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16/32 GB of internal storage
  • 5 MP rear facing camera / 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, with bluetooth 2.1
  • 2 USB ports
  • Mini-HDMI
  • Attachable keyboard dock
  • Though carrying a very generous price tag, the device does not lack strength at all, mostly matching the Motorola Xoom, which goes for $600 (WiFi-only). According to Engadget’s review, this was actually the “best honeycomb tablet yet” (Ouch, Motorola!). For $400-$500, this nifty device is a steal. What do you guys think of it? Will you guys be getting one?

    Via: Android Central

    Source: Engadget

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    • http://Website Jon

      It’s the tablet I’d be tempted by, but it still doesn’t do anything that either my Desire Z or my MacBook don’t do.

      It’s too big to bother with as a camera – if I’m carrying that much bulk I’ll take my DSLR. I can see it being a lot of use to reps going round shops or doorsteps, for example – the ability to use it as a normal tablet, but also to sit down and enter large amounts of data would be great but I can’t see how it fits into my life.

    • http://Website alexandroid

      coming from someone who wasn’t sold on tablets, and then received one for christmas (viewsonic’s gtablet) i can tell you that they are great, but not for everyone (although I would say most people would enjoy having one).

      Mine has essentially replaced my laptop because most computer usage for me is browsing sites, checking email, twitter and facebook, and chat. All of that is easily done with a more-comfortable-to-use tablet, IMHO.

      As for the “my phone already does that” argument — it’s not even a comparison doing the above tasks on a phone vs. a tablet — it’s a world of difference. I rarely even use my phone at home anymore.

      The tablet has become my go-to multimedia/internet device, and that happened instantly for me.

    • http://Website Don

      I will say I am very tempted. The button pusher for me is the dual function. Between me and the girlfriend we are constantly on the laptop. So if I had this as well, one of us could be doing the online thing and one could be productive on the laptop. Then there are also apps for running word, PowerPoint, and excel on android. That would mean we both could get work done. So it just makes life a little easier all around. That and you can’t beat the price. I still might wait just a bit longer though.

    • http://trueacu.com acupunc

      The best form factor for a tablet/netbook that I’ve seen yet. I really expect this to be a more ubiquitous form factor in the future especially with Win8 tablets.

      I do wish Asus included a USB with host control on the tablet instead of only on the dock.

    • http://www.devolute.net Ian P

      There is a lot to like about this, although I’m not totally sold on tablets as a whole. However, the overly trendy models in the advert don’t help this product at all. Show off what the thing can do, not sell us a great-haircutted lifestyle!

    • AME

      It’s not clear to me that a tablet would fit into my life so well that it would warrant paying so much money (+data plan), but I will say that out of all the tablets I have seen so far, this is the one I would go with.

      It’s a traditional tablet + netbook and with so many apps and programs being made for cloud computing, this is the tablet that covers all the bases.

      Tablets aren’t so important to me that I am willing to be an early adopter and put up with any glitchy devices though.

      • http://Website messtech

        Looks like transformer is wifi only. No data plan required.

    • http://Website joe

      That looks amazing, assuming they didn’t totally screw up their Android install with a bunch of crap that just gets in the way and slows them down on the sofware updates.

    • http://Website Haggie

      I’ll be upgrading from my eLocity A7!!!

    • http://Website flcowboi20

      Anyone know where this device will be sold… I’ve checked Bestbuy.com and have yet to see it as coming soon. That 150 is a bit on the high side for a keyboard so I’ll grab the device 1st and get the keyboard later.

      • http://Website steve

        I’m pretty sure they are carrying it, maybe just not on their website yet.

        • http://Website mihaelb

          there was a bestbuy.com website that was caught for a few days showing the transformer as ‘out of stock’, but that got taken down, so odds are that bestbuy WILL be offering it. They were pretty early up there for the Xoom too, so…

          Looks like I’m driving down from Toronto to Buffalo to pick one of these babies up! Have been contemplating spending $650+ through ebay to get my hands on one in the past few days!

    • http://Website linda paul

      I’ve been watching both ASUS and TOSHIBA and would like an intelligent comparisin of the two befire I choose. Right niw I don’t see a good reason to dump my netbook.

    • http://Website kazahani

      I love the $400 price tag on the tablet itself, but there are a couple of nice bluetooth keyboards out there for less than $150. Does honeycomb support bluetooth keyboards?

      • http://Website Andre

        This dock is more than a keyboard. It doubles the battery life of the tablet, adds a couple of USB ports, has a full SD card slot and a trackpad (not found on BT keyboards).

    • http://Website bgolden84

      there is nothing it does that my g2x cant do

    • http://www.droidweb.com Droidweb

      I’m trying to get a hold of one tomorrow, but no store in town seems to have a clue what it is, much less whether they will have one in stock :(. A sales rep had the nerve to ask me if I meant an iPad. So depressing…

    • http://Website Tim

      This is the one. Great price, great features, intuitive. The android tablet to buy!

    • http://Website Joe from Ohio

      I have had a laptop for ever, and when I got my EVO last June of ’10, it instantly replaced my laptop for 90% of what I had to do. It has basically served as a tablet, a very small tablet, but large enough (4.3 inch) to do a lot of my web things on it. A co-worker recently let me borrow his Galaxy Tab (7 inch) for a week, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to settle for 7 inches over ~10 inches. But I fell in love with the 7 inch galaxy tab and if it were not for the price tag, I’d have bought one. But now the price has come down and so I may get one. But I still have not yet felt what it is like to have a ~10 inch tablet. I think I want that still, but wonder if it will be too large to keep taking with me every where. But then again, I carry my laptop everywhere so I think it won’t be a problem. The only thing is, I really liked how I could use the 7 inch Galaxy Tab in more obscure areas (like in a chair at a meeting, etc…it looked more like a large cell phone… and wasn’t as socially frowned upon as I could imagine using a ~10 inch tablet in the same environment.