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Digitimes: Low-end Android devices are about take over the world

If you think Android is popular right now, you haven’t seen anything yet. According to Digitimes, low-end Android phones are about to propel the already-popular OS towards world domination. The reason? A handful of handset vendors are rushing to launch low-priced (sub US$150) Android devices. Digitimes predicts that 20-25 million of these devices will be sold this year. That’s a tenfold increase from last year’s 2.5-3 million phones sold. The report explains that while competition in the high-end smartphone market  has been going on for a while — ever since the original Droid — the same is just starting to happen in the low-end section.

You can already see the signs that low-end Android phones are about to become very common. The LG Optimus One is the first low-end Android phone to become incredibly popular. You can get the device from every carrier on the face of the Earth. You can get it free with a contract, or unlocked at a low price, or even get it with plans as low as $25/month. For those people more concerned with price than flashy features, getting a cheap Android phones is a no-brainer — the iPhone and WP7 phones don’t even stand a chance.

The LG Optimus One is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll be seeing come out in the next few months aimed at the low-end range of the market. Thanks to Moore’s Law, today’s high-end phone is tomorrow’s low-end. In the near future, we’ll see cheap Android phones come out with front-facing camera, NFC chips, HD video recording and dual-core CPUs. Meanwhile, phones like the LG Optimus One will eventually reach dumbphone-like prices, making Android accessible to that 80% of the world who can only afford a dumbphone. And that’s how Android will rule the world.

Source: Digitimes

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    2012 android powered laptops
    2013 android powered set top boxes
    2014 android powered tvs
    2015 android powered toilets.. ohh yea

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      android laptops, set-top boxes and TV’s all already exist. Theres also fridges, satellites, ski goggles and probably toasters. I wouldn’t doubt there’s already an android toilet in production. Your predictions of android ass-kickery are way to long term.

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        I like where this is going, but I’m a little bit afraid of the inevitable Force Closes on my Android-powered toilet.

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      2016 Android Powered Cars
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      2018 Android Powered Wife!

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      You forgot about the Android powered aquariums!

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    again goes to show where android really stands, low end phones, low prices. thats why all android fans complain about the cost of great devices, i mean i wouldnt waste a whole months salary from burger king on a xoom either. lol

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    you think of android taken over the world look what stagecoach did prices shot up buses run less frequent passengers unhappy fair compitition makes cheaper products not dommination like microsoft stagecoach gooogle