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Eee Pad Transformer gets its first unboxing video

After waking up to what I thought would be a typical Sunday (slow), I was surprised by a very nice treat from Youtube. The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is one of the most affordable options for a Honeycomb tablet this year, with specs that should get the other manufacturers worried. The Transformer is going to be priced at $400, as announced during CES by ASUS, and as seen on Best Buy’s website last month (which was pulled soon afterward).Well, today, this nifty gadget has gotten its first unboxing video, and let me tell you… it looks nice!

Eee Pad Transformer Specifications:

  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb
  • 10.1-inch touchscreen (1280×800)
  • 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16/32 GB of internal storage
  • 5 MP rear facing camera / 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, with bluetooth 2.1
  • 2 USB ports
  • Mini-HDMI
  • Attachable keyboard dock

Check out the unboxing video below, and since the tablet’s release should be just around the corner, let us know if you will be getting your hands on this beauty!


  • For unknown reasons, the Youtube subscriber who posted the unboxing video has set it to private, and it is no longer available for public viewing. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and lets see if he puts it back up.
  • After messaging the owner of the video, he has informed me that he has put the video back for public viewing. For those that did not get the chance to see it, there it is!

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Source: Real Paradyne (Youtube)

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  • http://www.Fashionrockny.com Warren

    I will be getting this without question the price and the features are right. SO GLAD ASUS IS IN THE FIGHT!!!!! I have two Eee pc. Its on baby!!!! so so so happy don’t really anything on the market now, only this pad.

    • http://Website Alexandra Clarkson

      OMFG i cant believe people actually buy this crap!
      They must be complete morons i guess.
      Get a xoom or an ipad 2 instead dorks!

      • http://www.Fashionrockny.com Warren

        What is the difference between this and the Zoom?

        • http://Website v8dreaming

          About $400 or so.

        • http://Website Gladiator_Posse

          That’s good V8! The spec differences I noticed are HDMI 1.4 in the Xoom and HDMI1.3a in the Optimus Prime. Asus has 2 SD readers and 1 in the Xoom ( don’t know if it’s micro or standard size). The Xoom does a/b/g/n wifi, while the Transformer has b/g/n. The Xoom’s front cam is 2mp and Tranformer is 1.2. There’s dual LED flash on the Xoom’s rear cam. The OS is vanilla in the Xoom…Asus put Wave or some crap in there. The Xoom is 50g heavier (and thicker). No USB ports in the Xoom if memory serves correct while the Transformer has not one, but two…the motorola SS fanboys will no doubt blast me if I’m off a bit on the Xoom specs. I thought I heard the Transformer has gorilla glass too. The screen is definitely backlit LED which makes the screen better. I definitely will be going with this tablet over the Xoom.

      • http://Website Alexandra Clarkson

        OMFG i cant believe people actually buy this crap!
        They must be complete morons i guess.
        Get a xoom or an ipad 2 instead dorks!!

        • http://Website Gladiator_Posse

          Alexandra got fired by ASUS. Hell hath no fury…

  • http://Website st4xor

    Wow, i’m impressed!

    I haven’t really been planning on getting a tablet, but something that looks this solid at a $400 dollar price point will go a long way to start to change your mind…

  • http://Website Cruzantis

    Horrible Unboxing. IT IS A PIECE OF HARDWARE not a BABY!!!! omg I hate when ppl touch electronics that way; it is like they feel its a baby or something omg take it out of the box FAST, review on the basics stuff inside the box, show each side and explain what it has and how does it feel in the hand but do it knowing it is a piece of hardware not a baby !!!!

    • http://Website RockinEvo

      I can’t stand that to with 8 min the only exciting thing about that video was seeing the welcome/setup screen. That guy was touching it like he was going to return it or put it on ebay right after he was done.

  • http://Website friedgoldmole

    Got mine on order should be delivered tomorrow, looking forward to it.

    • http://Website Octavio

      Where can you order one of these right now?

      • http://Website friedgoldmole

        Ordered mine from Comet in the uk.

  • http://Website Westy

    Buying Done

  • charrion

    Video is marked as Private?

  • http://Website B

    Says video is “private”; can’t see it.

  • http://Website tati7

    this video is private, so it says.

    • http://Website benny hill

      I love private, my favorite p0rns

  • http://www.droidnytt.se Patric

    The video is private. Can’t see it

  • bluemarc22

    i’m seriously thinking about getting one too, along with a samsung 8.9which weights only 1 pound

  • http://Website linkinmark5

    Can ya fix the video? Its marked private…bummer it looks promising.

  • Taknarosh

    You should also mention is has an LED backlit IPS screen! Which should make it a superior screen than the XOOM and costs less!

  • http://Website Micheal White

    here’s a working link for the vid!!!!!

    • charrion

      Thanks for the updated link.

      I’m definitely wanting this one. Sadly, it disappeared from amazon.ca and hasn’t returned; not even for pre-order.

  • Rubrewskey


  • mattcoz

    $400 for an IPS Honeycomb tablet is a no-brainer, it will be mine.

  • http://Website 20 incher

    iPad is superior….

    • http://Website 20 incher

      iPad is superior…..

  • http://Website leroy

    I don’t know I still like the look of the Eee pad slider more. Will have to wait to hold one. Am I right in assuming that the keyboard base is an additional price ?

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Either he has OCD, didn’t know what he was doing, or had a gun to his head and was told he would lose his life after the unboxing so he did it as slow as he could.

    I mean really lol?! Wasn’t even centered and he talked slow. Was he defusing a bomb? Lol this was to funny & annoying at the same time. If he didn’t even go through the software then idk how an unboxing video is 7+ minutes. It should be somewhere between 3-5 maybe, you show the start up of the device. If it had to be longer he should of said more and at a faster pace. I’m not saying throw everything out the box but it’s not going to bite you.

  • http://Website Michael

    What is up with the charging port?! Why aren’t they using USB? That in itself is a reason not to buy it.

    • http://Website Gladiator_Posse

      Yeah-I’d shy away from proprietary crap (one HUGE issue with me hating apple), BUT…Micro AND Full SD card slots…2 USB ports…that’s a lot of connectivity…and you can charge it with just the USB so no biggie really. My only question is when is it available in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

    • http://Website Andre

      I don’t know of any 10″ tablet that uses a standard USB charging port, and I don’t think there will be. From what I’ve read, you can’t fast charge batteries of that size with any port that’s a standard yet.

  • http://Website Androtten

    fugly tablet

  • http://Website kumadras

    Gosh apple must be kicking themselves!!! Lol after all that spent talking about their pricing!

    Oh and REALLY kicking themselves they didn’t think of the whole click on keyboard that makes it a sexy netbook! I mean seriously how much would they have loved to brought out one of their super slim keyboards?
    This thing is blazing hot!! Eat it iTards (sorry o couldn’t resist :D)