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French Nexus S commercial hits the web

A new commercial featuring the Google Nexus S has been showing up on televisions across France over the past few days and has finally made its way onto the web.    In an effort to push their stock Android 2.3 handset onto the France masses, Google’s ad highlights a few of the standard features offered by the phone and a several of their own applications (Google Goggles and Google Maps). 

 The 30 second ad is a little bland and honestly gives us a better look at the robotic arms that hold the Nexus S than what the handset is truly capable of. I’ve  always been huge fan of the Nexus One and the Nexus S, but I think Google needs to refine its ad strategy by showing consumers why Android is a better than what the competition has to offer. 

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Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website DROID Sam

    Boring. It’s almost like the DROID DOES APPs commercial that verizon put out last year but with a lot less style and inspiration.

    Maybe Google should stick to selling ad space rather than making ads for their products.

  • http://Website allyMe

    I still have to type that sudoku feature in google goggles. I’m glad google is running ads on TV, but they need to really…. really step things up if they want to impress anyone with the Nexus S.

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  • http://www.theandroidphone.com Derek

    It’s all about a feeling, that’s all advertising is, in this ad they are conveying the feeling of advanced technology.

    So mom and pop who see this say, wow this must be the latest greatest phone cause look at those advanced robots.

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    They have stolen my idea from an animation i did for uniwheels.
    Follow this link and push the Play-Button and you’ll see the theft!!! ;-)