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Google: 350,000 Android devices activated every day, 3 billion apps installed so far

On its earning call today, Google revealed some very interesting statistics about Android and its growth. The first one, more than 3 billion apps have been installed from the Market. A formidable milestone, but even more shocking is how fast Android reached it. It took 20 months for Android  to reach 1 billion installed apps, then 5 more months to reach 2 billion, and finally only 2 months to reach 3 billion.

If we take that kind of exponential growth and project it into the future, it should only take a few weeks for Android to reach 4 billion installed apps. That’s mind blowing! In comparison, iOS just passed the 10 billion mark — but I fear they won’t hold that lead for long.

Google also disclosed that the number of Android activations sits now at 350,000. That’s roughly 10,500,00 devices a month. Every month, the whole population of Portugal gets an Android device. That number keeps growing as we speak, I wouldn’t be surprised if during Google I/O the company says it’s something like 375,000 activations/day.

Finally, Jeff Huber — Senior VP Commerce and Local — said during the call that “there are many exciting products and innovation coming along to the Android platform”. Hyping Google I/O much, mister Huber? It’s not like we need any more hyping, we’re already counting down the seconds to May 10th as it is.

Via: TechCrunch

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