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HTC ad on Google ‘HTC Sensation 4G – On 6/8′

Looking for more clues as to when the HTC Sensation will be launching on T-Mobile?  We typically rely on leaked inventory system images or an anonymous tip, but this time HTC has done all the work themselves.  It’s unclear if it was a simple mistake or a calculated promotional plan, but if you happened to do a Google search for “HTC Sensation” yesterday, you may have noticed a sponsored link at the top of the page which read “HTC Sensation 4G — On 6/8 — w/HTC Watch & HTC Sense.” 

If that wasn’t enough, the official image for the Sensation that was sent out in HTC’s press release and is featured on their site also shows the June 8th date on the clock widget.  Coincidence?  Not likely. 

Many have jumped to the conclusion that T-Mobile will launch the HTC Sensation on June 8th, but we don’t think that is the case.  T-Mobile and HTC’s press release stated that the HTC Sensation 4G would launch during the summer of 2011.  If they had plans to launch the Sensation in June, they most likely would have given a Q2 launch window.  Our guess is that T-Mobile will allow current customers to pre-order the HTC Sensation on June 8th and will launch the handset during the first or second week of July.  But we really, really hope that we’re wrong.

How many of you would be willing to stick things out with T-Mobile in order to get your hands on HTC’s first dual-core Android handset and HTC Sense 3.0?

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  • http://Website Tim

    I’m not sure yet. While it’s an awesome phone the 2Gx is impressive to me, especially stock Android, and the fact that it could work on AT&T if there is a merger is beneficial too. Contract isn’t up until Sept. so I have time to look around and decide if I want to upgrade.

  • http://Website Reggie

    This was on the Tmo news blog for the whole of yesterday.

  • Nick Gray

    Yes, T-Mobile did post this yesterday, but it was a close to 9 P.M. when the story went up. I wouldn’t consider that 3 hours as “the whole of yesterday.”

  • http://blackkristos.blogspot.com Black Kristos

    Yup, this is the phone that is going to keep me with T-Mobile. Just in time, too. If HTC didn’t release this I was going to jump to *gulp* Sprint.

    • http://Website ms_matrix2515

      Me too, I was all ready to go to Verizon but this phone coming out caught my eye, now I want it bad. So I don’t blame you for staying.

  • http://Website thaghost

    just ten short months ago we, especially me, were complaining about the low end phones on tmo…now we arguably have the best line up. great job tmo.

    im gonna sell my mt4g and buy the g2x. if the sensation is better then ima buy that too, lol. anyone with an upgrade thats too far away interested in a mt4g to hold them down for a while? contact me at [email protected]

    • http://Website dneff

      Or contact me at [email protected] if its more than one person that wanna get the mt4g, its a great phone but I have a extra year on contract and wanna upgrade to the sensation.

  • uzunoff

    I pre-ordering this phone as soon as I can. Cammon T-Mo, 6-8 launch sounds awesome.
    Also a very timely upgrade from N1.

  • uzunoff

    So another discrepancy.
    Again if you perform the same search, in the title will say
    “HTC Sensation 4G – Discover the NEW HTC Sensation.
    Coming Soon. Pre-Order Now.

    I don’t see nothing about pre-ordering on their web site?
    Where would that pre-order happen, and when would “NOW” be?

  • http://Website Chike

    This is the phone I’ve been waiting for. I wasn’t ready to give up my nexus one for any of the crappy phones out now but after seeing the beautiful/powerful HTC Sensation In June ill throw the piece sign to my nexus(its been real)

  • ayocuz

    Don’t wait get yourself a g2x and call it a day

  • http://Website AndroidLuvR3R1

    Technology will progress no matter how long you wait. G2X just barely reached the US market and we already have the HTC Sensation and a re-defined 1.2 GHz Samsung S2 . If you were to wait on the Sensation you might be surprised that 2 weeks after that you hear that Samsung is releasing a 1.5 dual core super phone. All I have to say is that if you want a phone that bad just get it because at the end of the day, they are all dual-core phones that can basically handle anything thrown at them. Quad core is already in the making and might be out by Christmas, so are you going to keep waiting or just settle?

    • http://Website clocinnorcal

      Well said. Upgrade time is the hardest time to buy a phone with android. You already have one in mind, but a new one is leaked so you wait and wait until the phone is just about to release…..Bam another sweet even better phone is leaked, so you feel obligated to wait.

      Eventually you have got to settle on one of the many sweet phones.

  • http://Website Ms_Matrix2515

    I wasn’t even looking to stay with Tmo, I was researching the HTC Merge that was going to end up on Verizon. But then I noticed the 3.0 Sense UI and I said I have to get this phone. You know whatever phone you get now will not have the newer Sense on it and whichever older phone you have will not get upgraded. I don’t know about anyone else, but I like Sense so this phone will be top for me.

    Since I’m not up for an upgrade yet, I may have to buy this phone straight out. It’s going to cost me, but I’m treating it as a birthday gift to myself. So bring it on! I’m sooooo ready for it.

  • http://Website dansoccer

    I have read in other websites that the HTC Pyramid is now the HTC Sensation? is this true? i have the Nexus 1, I was really disappointed with the Nexus S, so i think the Pyramid would be a great upgrade. I hope this is false -_- I’m waiting for the Pyramid!