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HTC Flyer pre-sale starts April 24 at Best Buy carrying a $499 price tag

We’ve known that the wifi-only Flyer was coming exclusively to Best Buy for awhile now, but as with many of the Android tablets the exact date remained somewhat elusive. While we are still short an actual shipping date the pre-sale will begin this Sunday and typically that means the device will be in customers hands in the next couple weeks (Thunderbolt notwithstanding).

The Flyer has been a bit polarizing due to its lack of a dual-core processor in the face of largely Tegra 2 fueled competition and probably more significantly its lack of Honeycomb. The latter is due in large part to HTC’s heavy skinning with Sense to support both the N-Trig digitizer and the array of pen-based functions that come with it. If you are at all curious about the Flyer and never took a look at this video from HTC that I posted about last month I would highly recommend going back and watching it.

As an old Windows tablet user I can’t help but be tantalized by the promise of what HTC is doing with the Flyer and I can’t wait to get one in my hands. Anyone else planning on getting their order in for a Flyer this Sunday or are you content to let someone else play guinea pig for now?

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Source: Best Buy

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  • http://Website nick

    Finally! $500 is a bit more than I expected, but certainly within the budget.

  • http://Website Austin

    I think it will be a tough sell considering there are several tablets with dual core for the same price….and you can use a pen with those too. Why would anyone not get a more powerful tablet and with honeycomb for the same price? It’s going to be a good year for Android but not this tablet.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Technically a capacitive stylus works on other tablets, yes, but it’s nothing like what the HTC Flyer does. This is akin to saying a Windows XP tablet is touch-sensitive, completely missing the point that the UI is simply inappropriate for fingers.

    • http://Website Raveesh

      What HTC has done with the Flyer is different from everyone else in its handling of the stylus. If you’ve seen the video, you’d notice that you can pretty much use anything akin to a page, websites mails and eBooks.

      I personally feel this is what tablets should be, and students really should love it. I love the thought of having wikipedia textbook of sorts, and finally have the proper ability to annotate on my eBooks. I’m definitely going to buy one, but will probably wait a while to see the true feedback about the stylus sensitivity, and maybe also for the larger 10″ version

  • http://Website pax

    Too expensive.

  • http://Website JayMonster

    I will let others play with this and wait to see if developers take the bait at all. I like the potential that having the Stylus as an option brings, but a proprietary SDK means coding for HTC devices alone. This one i will sit back and watch how (and if) the market develops.

  • http://Website msgnyc

    This is the first tablet I’ve seen that has the potential to finally replace my old dated TC1100.
    The N-Trig digitizer for sylus input is a MAJOR selling point from those of us coming from the old pen styled tablets.
    I’m extremely excited for this tablet.

  • http://Website Anil K Solanki

    Looks great but the price in Europe is around $950 for the 32GB model! Even with 20% sales tax that is ridiculous, the top spec iPad 2 is around $1050 with all the trimmings.