• http://Website Daniel

    This isn’t really a matter of double-core CPU. Nearly all these features are actually GPU-intensive. Well, I’m not surprised, I’m sure my Desire would never get even close to running that at a smooth rate anyway…

  • http://Website Jon

    Part of me wants the bling of Sense 3.0 on my Desire Z… but the sensible bit of me recognises that actually I appreciate battery life a lot more. I don’t mind an active wallpaper (it’s only on for a few minutes a day) but if the 3d stuff worked, presumably it would drain the battery even faster than the not-quite-a-whole-day I normally get under moderately heavy use.

    It’s not something I’ll find myself missing.

    • http://Website Jon

      …although I’d appreciate it if they added that awesome little unlock screen. It looks like a brilliant little feature.

  • http://Website james

    Strange really.. spb mobile shell 3d runs really well on my dhd.

    Well I’m hoping the update will stop the phone deleting all my SMS..

    • Nick Gray

      SPB 3D is a lot different. That has a 3D carousel for the home screen while Sense 3.0 has 3D features for all the widgets on the phone screen. Simply tilt the phone and the widgets tilt and show off their 3D features.

  • http://Website Mike

    Need to correct…. “@htc: Clarification: aspects of the latest HTC Sense won’t work on some previous devices. We are working to incorporate other aspects that will”

    Tweet from HTC

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Technology is technology it will always change. Last year June 2010 Evo 4g was KING OF THE HILL. This year 2011 it’s the Htc Evo 3d and Sensation both dualcore beasts that will have to hold us down till May 2012 when a Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon device comes to market on sprint which probably will be called the Evo 2.. These devices in 2011 deserve seperation from last year’s devices ie evo 4g, mytouch 4g, desire z, desire hd, inspire 4g and thunderbolt the 2011 models are clearly better and if you want the best you go out their and get it which I will do day one of the Evo 3d launch.

  • http://Website Mark

    Why anyone would want an overstuffed screen marring their Android experience is beyond me. Yuck…

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    Disappointing for sure, but HTC will probably bring some of the features without the 3D elements to older handsets. I really want that unlock screen.

  • http://Website Hans

    O noes! HTC FRAGMENTATION!!111! D:

  • http://Website JayMonster

    Why anybody would buy a phone with such heavy requiements for the homescreen and eyecandy is beyond me. If you need that much horsepower to display a screen… you can keep it.

    • http://Website Daniel

      The hardware has this power, using it or not. What exactly do you lose by not taking advantage of it? Nothing. Not even battery life (provided sensible use).

  • http://Website bjhoppy

    While it would be nice to have, I personally could care less. I’m more then happy with my EVO the way it is.

  • http://www.apple.com/iphone/ Podcast HTC Sense 3.0

    HTC Sense suck, it cheap, it poor Mexican people ha ha