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HTC to release an NFC-capable device “slightly above” the HTC Sensation

Though still making its first baby steps, NFC (Near Field Communications) has great potential. As we see more phones featuring NFC, the way we deal with daily matters (like transactions) will change as well. Currently, the only Android device with an NFC chip is the Samsung Nexus S, and though we wish many of the phones coming out would sport NFC, that just isn’t the case today, but HTC is coming to the rescue!

Bright Side of News has reported that at a recent press event an unnamed HTC Sales Manager stated that HTC is planning to bring an NFC high-end smartphone, which should be positioned “slighly above the recently announced HTC Sensation.” This device is expected to be released during the 3rd quarter of 2011, probably not too long after the Sensation hits (you just might have a reason to wait a bit… again).

Though this device is supposed to be “slightly above” the HTC Sensation, we are not sure if this only constitutes the addition of the NFC chip or whether there will be other enhancements. We do know that the new HTC phone will have a 4.3 qHD display, similar to the one found in the Sensation. Will it be that much better? Most likely not, unless you consider NFC to be highly important, in which case it might be worth the wait for you.

What do you think? Will you go for the Sensation or this NFC-capable device? Is NFC that important to you? Maybe you want another HTC device, like the EVO 3D, so let us know!

Via: Phandroid

Source: Bright Side of News

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  • http://Website AceoStar

    I’ll take it.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    The top Htc device in 2011 is and will be the Htc Evo 3d specs wise no device will top that in 2011. The Htc Sensation is a nice device if Htc decides to come out with the added NFC technology that would be great and pretty much guarantees that all their devices in 2012 will have NFC technology. I admire Htc for their pushing the envelope in technology their Htc likes, Htc hub, Htc watch, Htc.com, Htc sense 3.0 all new technologies that all their customers can use and benefit from. Trust me other manufacturers have a long way to go before they can ever be better than Htc…

    • http://Website revs

      i might go with the my touch 4g slide now i seems to be right on par with a qwerty
      boo yahhh

  • http://Website Austin

    With phones now, after I finally get a good dual core phone I won’t have much left in my bank account anyway…so I don’t care either way!

  • http://Website K

    If it’s an LTE Droid, I want it. Otherwise, I’m getting a BIONIC.

  • http://Website Janson

    I’m locked into getting the Evo 3D which, with the 8660 snapdragon seems like it will be faster than anything else on the market through at least the Christmas buying season. I’m not against the 3D, but it’s the ram and processor and 960 pixel height that motivate.

    I’m uninterested in NFC. Hell, I just started going back to cash, instead of plastic. NFC is the wrong direction!

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Something to honestly think about. This is what the 2012 Htc Evo will be packing.. The world isn’t ready for this.. NOTHING BEATS QUALCOMM/HTC…. http://phandroid.com/2011/04/29/qualcomm-leaks-details-of-next-generation-snapdragon-processors/

    • http://Website bobby

      Im sorry buddy but Samsung and ti make better processors. The exynos is better than Qualcomm’s . I’m still getting an EVO 3d though but I do envy Samsung’s processors

  • http://Website Hans

    The Galaxy S II will be sporting NFC,from what I’ve read. The Snapdragon has never really been known for quality 3D graphics, really.

    When it comes to these dual core chips, I’m starting to see it this way:
    Qualcomm’s chip may be powerful,but they may not be that energy efficient.
    Samsung’s may not be ad powerful, but it may be more energy efficient.
    TI’s and NVIDIA’s may be in the middle.

    Remember, Samsung’s Hummingbird was the best single core processor of 2010 and seems like it still is for 2011. It was more powerful than TI’s and Qualcomm’s single core chips.

    Point is: the three major processor manufacturers(Samsung, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA) will be making very powerful,yet similar phones.

    • http://Website sansenoy

      None of the dualcore chips have been tested, only one is actually shipping in volume, not sure where do your facts come from… Smartphone performance is all about the software expertise, HTC managed to keep up just fine last year despite running on jumped-up silicone from 2009. The current singlecore Snapdragon is just as good as the Hummingbird, although 6 months late to the party…

  • http://Website Lex

    YES I WANT the Evo3D…

    But what about the GSM Version..? can u find out if its coming 2 Europe.. plsplspls ^^

    • http://Website Hans

      The GSM version will be The Sensation. They’re both the same phone, it’s just that Sprint wanted to add 3D.

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      The Sensation is a great device but it is not the Evo 3d.. The processor on the Evo is the MSM 8660 it is much faster and the evo 3d has 1gig of ram not 768 like the sensation. The next device made by htc that will include the NFC chip might also include various 3d sense related options and also might have 1gig of ram which will place it on the same wave length of the evo 3d

      • http://Website chris

        The evo 3d looks like it will be a stellar device. It just would’nt make a difference if the ram is higher than the sensation 4g because of sprints network. It all comes down to network speed, not ram. In this case, T-mo has the advantage over sprint.

      • http://Website Dags

        Why do you keep saying – over and over – that the MSM8660 will be faster? It makes you seem ignorant. They are the same chip – same CPU, same GPU, clocked at the same rate. The only difference is one is HSPA and the other is multi-mode. Performance will be exactly the same!

  • http://Website *d.*

    To be frank, the exact same phone without Sense UI would be a step up.

  • http://Website Blah

    You all keep assuming that the 3d screens are going to look as good display wise when the 3d is not in use (most of the time)

    For all you know, those screens could look a bit wacky in 2d. Noone has seen them, so dont pretend to know.

    For whay its worth I played with a nintendo 3ds and after 10 minutes I was carsick..

    • http://Website Porkpied

      Seriously you prob have an eye problem. After the initial shock adjustment I’ve never had head aches. Except for the non 3D part the 3DS looks just as crisp. Maybe next time try adjusting the 3D display unit. Btw I do own a 3DS. The 3DS is as close an example to an EVO 3D until we get the real thing. Although the higher resolution camera will be way better than the 3DS.

  • http://Website Inhuman

    Sensation>Evo3D imo
    I would rather have an 8mp camera than 3D.
    Sensation also records 1080p video at slightly higher frame rates.
    Also the Evo 3D is thicker, wider and heavier (over all bulkier).
    Only thing I would say the Evo 3D has better than the sensation is the ram, but not by much.

  • http://re revs

    i agrre the evo 3d seems to be the phone to beat as f right now the sensation will be amazing
    bothh good looks for sprint and tmobile
    i really torn tho as we wait the news on the merg
    if tmobile does merg i am gone with the wind headed str8 to sprint and an nice evo3d
    if not ill be looking forward to the mt4g slide
    im reallyyy liking this one
    not only is it amazing spec wise but its rumored to have full 3d capability liek the evo3d
    and a qwert which i really miss evenb tho i love swype
    plus t mobile 4g is still the best for me
    sprint does not have 4g on longisland as of right now im hoping tht changes
    verizon…been there done that not impressed

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Can’t wait for the faceoff’s when these devices come out. The Galaxy S2, Evo 3d, Sensation, and so on. Everyone will see exactly which device is the best after real world usage. We can say whatever we want but actually nobody know’s anything until it is in our hands and some face time can be given to all these devices…..I know engagdget/phonearena/cnet all said that the evo 3d is extremely fast and one of the smoothest device out and that camera button is the best on the market ever made. People can sleep on this device all they want the 3d part is extra candy this phone has stupid technology in it

    • http://Website chris

      Evo 3d this. Evo 3d that. If this device had a certain organ, you would be all over it. I can see you spending intimate moments with the evo 3d even w/o a certain organ.

    • http://Website Inhuman

      There have already compared some of the upcoming devises and even reviews.
      Engadget said that the “Galaxy S 2 is the best smart phone period!”
      Also the Galaxy S “UNROOTED” stock, scored 3700 in quadrant which is insane.
      The EVO 3D doesn’t come close to that.

      • http://Website Richard Yarrell

        Real world test is what will matter…Forget engadget and all these sites. The test will be when the devices are in stores and consumers are actually using them then we will see which is better…You sound scared and truthfully you should be

        • http://Website getouttahere

          You are right in saying that real world tests matter when it comes to performance. Saying these sites don’t matter is bogus. Here you are commenting on an article about one phone, yet talking about another that is mentioned in the very last sentence. C’mon Richard.

    • http://Website Inhuman

      There have already compared some of the upcoming devises and even reviews.
      Engadget said that the “Galaxy S 2 is the best smart phone period!”
      Also the Galaxy S 2 “UNROOTED” stock, scored 3700 in quadrant which is insane.
      The EVO 3D doesn’t come close to that.


  • http://Website Sid

    QUAD CORE processor phones please!!

  • http://Website Almost

    Google will haveanother flagship device in december… I can wait.

  • http://www.devicefidelity.com android fan

    DeviceFidelity makes microSD’s that allow any device to enjoy NFC functionality. Full disclosure, I work there.

  • http://Website snapdragon

    snap dragon series are always fu**ing shit.

  • http://Website Dreamkiller711

    The addition of NFC, a kickstand, 16/32 GB of internal storage and a battery that last longer would put the next Sensation-like smartphone on the top. What else?

  • http://Website Arun

    I am planning to go for the Sensation. Should I wait for the version with NFC? And when exactly is it going to be launched in India?

  • http://Website Jim

    I’ll wait for the NFC device. I did a stratregic buy of a high-end HTC (Windows) phone in 2006 & still use it daily… Worth the wait then and a few more months will be well worth the wait for this phone as well.