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Is Verizon’s “Droid” branding helping or hurting?

Whether you are aware of it or not, and completely regardless of whether or not you believe it, the Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless saved Android. More accurately, it saved Andy Rubin, or at least his job, after the G1 underwhelmed and failed to impress many. It’s release, coupled with the release of Android 2.0, launched Android into the foreground of the tech community, encouraging manufacturers, developers, and eventually users to flock to the OS. I can’t help, despite how important a contribution the Droid moniker and device was to “the cause” if it’s still necessary. Android has seen explosive growth since the Droid, and not just on Verizon. Carriers all over the world can lay claim to a sizeable Android army on their networks, yet easily 45% of the time I explain to a new user that I have an Android phone, the response is similar. “Oh, so that’s a Droid phone?”

Don’t get me wrong, it was brilliant on behalf of Verizon’s then brand new marketing company to come up with the idea. The “Anti-iPhone” vibe that really took root after that was really something to watch grow. Plus, like it or not, the “Droid Does” campaign carried a fanatical wave of loyalty to all devices. During a recent interview, actor David Della Rocco was heard talking about his “Fender Phone”, a MyTouch Fender edition, lead him into the quote “Fender DOES” during the interview. There’s no arguing it’s effectiveness not just for Verizon, but for the entire Android ecosystem. I am starting to think, however, that it might be time to hang that particular bit of culture up for the betterment of the platform.

Over the last couple of months I have seen an incredible increase in Android marketing that includes the little green guy. Sprint, who has consistently used a 3D Andy in their commercials, has been routinely using him as the focal point to their commercials. Sony, during the SuperBowl, stitched thumbs onto him in the basement of some third world city for the Xperia Play. Kyocera and Motorola both have put employees in Android costumes for their device launches, and let’s not forget the Motorola Xoom. The initial activation of a Xoom is simply covered in wireframe Andy iconography. When you hear a Droid commercial, Android is listed as a feature, as though at some point there would be a Droid that isn’t running an Android OS. When you look at the marketing, it’s difficult for consumers to tell that these devices are supposed to be similar.

It’s obvious that Verizon has no plans to retire the Droid franchise. In fact, there is quite the wave of Android phones with the Droid brand headed to Big Red, including a first ever Samsung phone. While it’s not entirely a bad thing, especially considering Verizon’s plan to not include Bing on their Droid branded phones, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of consumers who see Android phones and Droid phones as being completely different. Is Verizon the only guilty party here? Of course not. In many ways the same could be said of T-Mobile’s MyTouch line, and at least Verizon doesn’t go as far as to include a special button on their phones. There’s little comparison in terms of popularity between the two brands, as obviously the Droid line has seen a much larger number of activations. It may be that Verizon is simply the biggest kid on the playground when it comes to branding Android, but no matter how fair you think it may be the biggest kid in this case is also getting the most attention.

So, is the attention good for Android? In terms of activations, it’s terrific. I am more than sure that Verizon contributes quite a bit to the 350,000 handsets that are activated each day across the world. However, as things start to even out, as the Smartphone market begins to cool down, and it will eventually cool down, it’s lines in the sand like Droid that will blur the landscape for users considering leaving another platform.

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  • http://Website Wasim

    I’m a salesman for an indirect company for phones, I sell verizon, tmobile and at&t, and I HATE when people say things like “Does Tmobile have any Droid phones”?….I’m glad Verizon did what they had to do, I love the “Droiiiid” sound, but they kinda effed it up with the brand! And now some people are confused cuz Droids aren’t just Motorola either! Lol! its all good, as long as they ain’t buyin the CrapPhone!

    • http://Website Joe

      I agree. A year ago, so many companies were saying droid that it seemed as if motorola was purposely trying to get people to think that “android” was really called “droid.”

      Even my local news channel said “droid” during the fall of 2009 when they released their app for android.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com/ Aaron

        Same here. My local radio station marketed their app for “Droids”. Even the morning DJ started pushing the app for the “Droid”, and I sent a text in to correct her. She read the text on air and called me out saying “who DOES that?? Geez!”, and made me sound like a holier-than-thou arrogant know-it-all, when I was just trying to do my part to undo the damage done by the Droid moniker.

    • Alan Reboli

      +1 to this annoying me too. “Droid” is a brand, not an OS.

    • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

      I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
      Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

      iPhone is the only way to go.


      • krazytrixxxsta

        lmao…i know it deeply hurt you guys that people are buying android phones and the fact that android has surpass the iphone market share here in the U.S. and globally just make it worse. there are other ways to deal with the pain. you can try therapy, talk to someone about your feelings and emotions. start going to the gym and exercise to let off the steam, and if those doesnt work for you guys then you can always commit suicide : )

      • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

        I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
        Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

        iPhone is the only way to go.


        • http://Website Haywood Jablowme


        • http://Website truth

          you’re right dude….
          android needs to put put an stop on new phone being release every month. they should settled for a bi-annual release date that all manufacturer agrees to

        • http://Website Something Witty

          @The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

          You’re name says it all. Thank you.

        • http://Website Something Witty

          I would spell ‘your’ wrong. Fuck.

        • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

          I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
          Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

          iPhone is the only way to go.


      • http://Website CactusCat

        This will explain it to you in simpler terms that you can comprehend my little iSheep buddy.

      • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

        I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
        Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

        iPhone is the only way to go.


    • http://Website R.S.

      Personally, I think it’s a little silly to get annoyed or upset about people referring to all Android phones as Droids.

      It reminds me of how Apple fans get upset when the iPod Touch is called an iTouch.

      One name is just catchier than the other. So long as people know about the product (Android phones), does it really matter what name they call it?

      Afterall, a rose by any other name would still smell sweet, would it not?

      • http://Website Tyler

        It’s more like people calling the the ipod touch and every other ios device an apple. It is annoying not because there wrong, but usually because there ignorant enough to argue with you about it haha (several personal experiences)

    • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

      I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
      Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

      iPhone is the only way to go.


  • http://Website Joe

    The first droid was great, and it was a very “high end” device at that time.

    However, I think the recent droids, especially the biontic, fail to out perform other high end devices.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      that how you know android is winning. when iphone had more market share than android, there were no apple fanboys trolling and hating on this site. the second android surpass iphone internationally and here in the U.S they came out of nowhere. the more you guys hate the more you let us know android is winning. this whole android, apple, sony, microsoft fanboys waste of time bullshit need to stop. to each their own.

    • http://Website Joe

      The first droid was great, and it was a very “high end” device at that time.

      However, I think the recent droids, especially the biontic, fail to out perform other high end devices

  • http://Website ApplesNAndroids

    :::starts slow clap:::

    Good write up.

    • http://Www.twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

      Agreed. I’m loving Russel’s articles and contributions to AandMe.

  • http://Website Mark

    I don’t see what the big deal is all about. This is typical. In an open environment. One will come out on top to lead the name brand or “pack”. If it isn’t Verizon or Motorola, then it may be T-Mobile and HTC or AT&T and Samsung. Either way, there will be one company that will be on top of the others. Typically, it’s the one with the deepest pockets. In this case, which just happens to be Verizon. If the other carriers or manufacturers are so worried about the Droid line stealing all the limelight, then I suggest that they invest money like Verizon did and market a brand.

    GASP! SPEND MONEY? How absurd. It didn’t just happen overnight. They worked hard, marketed aggressively to get the name out there and where it is now. Now….they are reaping their rewards.

    • Russell Holly

      I can’t help but feel like you missed the larger message here. I think that ALL of the private brands are detrimental. The fact that Droid is the biggest kid in the sandbox just means that it gets the most attention, and therefor my criticism. In a perfect world, I’d like to see the carriers touting the little green guy, not their private armies.

      • http://Website Farhan

        What message are you talking about? You obviously don’t care about what your readers or anyone else thinks which is clear that you are biased and think you’re right. Why else start with an opening line of “Whether you are aware of it or not, and completely regardless of whether or not you believe it, the Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless saved Android.”

        Tell Motorola to put WP7 on their Droid handsets and see how much they sell. The only thing Droid actually saved was Motorola who were losing money each quarter until THEY moved to Android and started making the Droid range of phones.

        There is no message here. You might as well have said “I just dropped a huge deuce this morning that looked exactly like me. That’s all I wanted to share today.”

      • http://Website Mark

        “All of the private brands are detrimental”? LOL. In that case, Google should just shut access to all manufacturers, make their OS in house and design/manufacturer their phones in house or on special contracts as well. But that would be going against the traditions of open source and will be imitating the Apple style and we all know how that goes…

        I find it scary that you want Google to put tighter claws over a trivial issue such as whether a bunch of non tech savvy people can tell if an Android phone is a Droid or not over other issues like what hardware manufacturers are doing to Android.

        Also, people I meet hardly refer to Android phones as Droid. Maybe in like what? 09 or early 10, yeah but not now. There are just so many different phones out there now being marketed so much that Droid isn’t the single handed warrior it was before. When the Droid came out, there were only like what 2 or 3 phones. We have so many now that the Droid really isn’t getting the spotlight it used to. You have the MyTouch getting constant airtime on TV and web ads everytime a new version is coming out. The Evo? You already know how successful that one was. Even the G2 got its fair share of marketing from T-Mo and HTC. Anyway, what I’m saying is that this article is nothing but a storm in a tea cup trying to find issues that just simply don’t exist and quite frankly, would have been relevant one or two years ago.

  • http://IamAndroid.co Eric Richardson

    I have to say that the Droid brand may have outlived its usefulness. I was a huge fan of Droid back when the original came out. The brand feel and name itself was one of the best marketing moves I think Verizon has pulled for as long as I can remember and, like you said, it really catapulted Android into the spotlight among the masses.

    Now though? Android is now mainstream. And Droid just feels like the next “Razr”. They’ll milk it until the teet is dry, but I don’t think it’s in Android’s best interests.

  • http://Website JoAnn

    I liken it to “Coke” being a trade name and generic (at least in the South) for “cola” sodas.

    Not only did “Droid” save the “Android” OS, Android saved Verizon from becoming an also-ran vs. AT&T. I really doubt that Verizon could have had any chips to bet with in its own relationship with Apple having the Blackberry as its alternate smartphone strategy.

    My only gripe about the Droid ads is that they are male-centric. Get off the “turning into a robot” thing please. It’s a turnoff. Ads that are more like Sprint’s or T-Mobile’s are much better at selling Android phones to women. Show us what the phone does not just the tech it has.

    • Uncemister

      Agreed. Android should be marketed to everyone, not just tech guys

  • http://Website panic

    This is total b.s the droid was just another Android phone but hardly the “reason” why Android was saved seems like ur a droid fan boy.

    • http://Website KC

      I can personally attest to Russell not being a Droid fanboi. In fact, when I owned my Moto Droid he routinely made me quite jealous of some of the other Android phones that existed as, by and large, a great many of them were significantly nicer phones. Honestly, I’m going to have to agree that the Droid line probably did save Android at the time. I remember quite clearly evaluating the landscape of phone and being so thoroughly unimpressed with the smartphone market, and Android’s state at the time, that I had resigned myself to sticking with my iPhone even though I strongly disagreed with the way Apply ran it’s show.

      The Droid brand entered with very, very strong marketing and a clear message that it intended to be awesome. The reputation that Android had amongst the non-fanboys, I being one of them, was that of being an interesting but unimpressive gimick. Android needed the Droid brand’s strong message coupled with Android 2.0, which was significantly more polished than 1.6, in order to come back. Android 2.0, given the state of 1.6, just wasn’t going to cut it on it’s own.

      And honestly, I find that people who form an even moderately cogent argument without resorting to name-calling are probably just haters anyway ;)

      • http://Website KC

        should have read “people who can’t form”… woops.

    • http://Website cf81

      You might want to check out this article. http://goo.gl/fWeNN

      May not be B.S. after all. And for the record, I have never owned a “Droid”

      • http://Website Dave H.

        Very interesting read. Thank you.

    • http://Website zee112

      Prior to the Droid, VERY FEW people knew what Android was. After the Droid, EVERYONE knew. That’s why it saved Android. Period.

  • http://Website Jamie

    It’s kinda like asking McDonalds to give up Ronald. Or apple giving up the “i”. The word “droid” was used in the community before Verizon used it(long time Android users know this). It should not be a debate, its a part of the community and has not hurt the community. We’re supposed to be open, community based not closed (minded) like Apple.

  • http://Website Mike

    Thank to the Droid branding I have a brother-in-law that refers to every Android device as Droid. It’s as if he can’t seperate the branding from the device.

  • http://techloaded.com Dave

    I don’t think you have to worry about the Smartphone market or Android “cooling down” anytime in the near future.

  • http://Website Larry

    I disagree. The only thing Verizon has to do to change the perception of the Droid line being separate from Android is add a little Android robot as walking around as the Droid Eye boots up. Verizon’s Droid marketing is essentially a way to let Android users know which are its high end, Google Experience phones.

    • Russell Holly

      With the exception of the OG Droid, Verizon’s Droid lineup has been nothing BUT skinned UI’s.

  • http://Website rigo

    Before DROID hit the market at Verizon I had never or knew what android was. I heard of the G1 at the time but really know what it was, and I had blackberry storm at the time I started hearing Verizon was coming out with two new os phones that was going to compete with phone called android. I had no idea what that meant and at the time I really didn’t like the slow blackberry os and its browser, I was looking for something similar to I phone but at the time Verizon had nothing to compete with I phone and the reason I didn’t convert to phone was because I really loved the Verizon service. So when I first walked in to my Verizon store near me on release date of these so called android I was intrigued but not sure about it, I had my mind set on the blackberry 2 that had come out a few weeks earlier. So shriveled to say I walked in that morning with an open mind to compare the new storm two and this new platform, so I decided to play with the eris and DROID first. After the first minute of playing the the browser on the Motorola I haven’t looked back since and that day I didn’t even glance at the storm two lol and now I have a DROID x that I truly can’t live without and if it weren’t for the DROID line I probably be with a blackberry storm 3 today. If Verizon hadn’t released DROID I would still stay with Verizon phone service, but I thank Verizon every time I use my DROID x. So related to this story Verizon has did indeed create an iphone killer, maybe not one particular phone but just the DROID brand itself

    • http://Website jjl84

      I had no idea what Android was before either. I think T-Mobile messed up by saying “with Google” on the G1 ads. I couldn’t figure out why that was a selling point. My Omnia had Google search, so my Droid opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Android. I thank Verizon for pushing the platform so much, even if I’m now on T-Mobile using a Nexus S :-)

    • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

      I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
      Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

      iPhone is the only way to go.


  • http://Website Mikey

    Motorola saved android!?!? Boy do you got your history wrong. Moto was basically bankrupt when android saved IT. By april 2009 the G1 had sold over 1 million units, and android wasn’t going anywhere.
    As for your concern about android/droid confusion you’re late to the party. There are already splinter android fans. I for one would not purchase a phone from anyone other than HTC.

    • Russell Holly

      For the Record, Andy Rubin has been quoted on the importance of the Droid “I was betting my career on it.”

      • http://Website Mikey

        You’re talkng about two things rubin and android. Even if rubin had lost his job, android was firmly in place on tmobile by april 09.

        • Russell Holly

          Sorry, I was under the impression you had a basic concept of marketshare. T-Mobile, arguably the smallest of the “national carriers” had adopted Android. That was not nearly enough to keep it going. See, Google is a company, and companies will put X amount of dollars into a project, see how it pans out, and then inject more money based on effect and response. If the Droid had not offered the results that it did, Android would not have the financial backing, and therefor the developers on payroll at Google would be doing other things right now.

          So, In conclusion, a phone that was a hit on Verizon was a requirement for Android to be what it is today. Verizon used the Droid brand to make it that hit, and now I think it’s time to retire the brand.

          • http://Website Mikey

            Brin and Page have stated over and over again unorthodox business practices, and have even warned shareholders that there are times when profit might take a hit. It was clear the iphone was a threat to the longterm health of google, as such there was no chance of giving up on the android experiment 6 months in.

          • Russell Holly

            Huge difference between “Giving up on” and cutting the dev team in half for more lucrative projects.

          • http://Website Mikey

            More lucrative than the future of the smartphone market?

          • http://Website Mikey

            In a strange way you seem to be arguing that verizon and moto chose an OS, in this case android, and made it successful. If that were true we would all be using blackberries.

          • http://Website jjl84

            I think he’s saying that while Android was/is a great platform, it needed the kickstart from Verizon’s marketing department. Yes, Android saved Motorola and helped Verizon, but Verizon did more to help Android than anyone else. Read that Wired article posted above with an open mind and you might learn something. And another thing, if Android didn’t take off Google wouldn’t have kept dumping money into it, even if the market is lucrative. Just ask Nokia.

    • http://Website ari-free

      yes, Motorola saved Android. At the time, the best HTC phones were based on WinMo, such as the HD2. Android was only good enough for low end phones until motorola decided they’d go all in with android.
      Eventually, everyone responded to Motorola and Motorola may not be the best anymore but Motorola did start the ball rolling.

      • http://Website Mikey

        Its easy to sit back now and claim the G1 was a low end phone but for its time it clearly was not. Android had already been around for a year when the droid came out. HTC and tmobile had already done all the heavy lifting establishing android in the marketplace. Thanks for playing anyway droid fans.

        • http://Website zee112

          Despite the “heavy lifting” that HTC and Tmobile did, Android had 3% of the worldwide smartphone market in Q4 2009. By Q4 2010 it was 30%. Before Droid 3%. After Droid 30%.

  • http://Website Jamie

    I watch breakfast with Andy, I’m kinda surprised you bring up things that breed angst within the now bigger Android community. The Evo did fine without ” droid branding “.

    • Russell Holly

      While true, the Evo came out much after the Droid, and it could easily be speculated that without the success of the Droid, the Evo would have never come to be. The “Superphone” builds were done in response to the Droid.

      • http://Website Jamie

        I remember watching the phone blogs with excitement to get my new phone. The whole android community was a buzz with an upcoming sholes device, the other buzz was a device with a snapdragon processor.–the Nexus 1 was already in the works when the Droid was getting released (before sales ). Heck the Eris ( no response needed )was released on the same day. Neither device were paused to see if the OG Droid brand took off.

        • Russell Holly

          The Nexus One was Google’s project, AFTER Google OK’d production on the Droid. Here, take a look at this, maybe I’m just not doing a good job defending this. http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/04/mf_android/

          • http://Website jamie

            “easily be speculated that without the success of the Droid, the Evo would have never come to be. The “Superphone” builds were done in response to the Droid.” <Rus.

            the whole idea of the article was the Droids affect on Android (Nexus 1 did not run Win Mo). Google project or not it was an Android superphone and not in "response" to the Droid. Some of this stuff was in the works. I did read the article, makes me proud to own an android device be a part of the community. ;-)

  • http://Website panic

    HTC has carried Android on its back since day 1

    • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

      I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
      Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

      iPhone is the only way to go.


  • Aspeds2989

    I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE the Verizon Droid commercials. I think Verizon’s marketing team just “gets it” with knowing how to market Android phones.

    I wish tmobile would take a cue from Verizon in how to advertise Android phones. The girl in the pink dress is cute, but they’re not using her right.

    Tech and phone geeks want to see “cool” hi-tech commercials showing off a phones capabilities (like Verizon and Sprint do), not a cute girl in a dress. It just doesn’t give a phone like the G2 the attention it deserves.

  • http://Website watbetch

    I have to take the time out to explain that DROID is just the name of your phone and Android is the operating system. These other phones that seemgly don’t mention Android in their advertising (most of the time) seem to be selling just fine without it. The G1 was a weird phone.

    • http://Website Jamie

      Droid commercials were the first to use and mention the Android Market.—-not even T- Mo.

  • http://Website doug

    lol, I usually enjoy the articles here, but sorry… I thought this was crap. Who cares if people think that Android’s are Droid’s? Seriously.

    • http://www.droidweb.com Droidweb

      I would take this a step further and say that its a good thing that the average user finds “droid” and android synonymous. You see, the end user the doesn’t care what “Android” is. Open means nothing to them and Google is just what it is… a brand name to them. It is a good thing that Verizon found a hook by which to reach the common, non gadget-hungry tech user.

  • http://Website chillidip

    The funny thing is that it isn’t just the Droid brand,many times its the manufacturer too. I have heard the same guys on two seprate occasions argue about which one out of their Eris or Incredible was actually the “HTC Droid”.

  • http://Website WTF

    In your first paragraph, in fact the core sentence of your argument: “I can’t help, despite how important a contribution the Droid moniker and device was to “the cause” if it’s still necessary”

    Well there’s some first rate copy editing.

    But leaving aside your battle with the English language, who the eff cares if people get confused about Droid the phones vs Android the OS? I mean really, you woke up today and decided you had to write about this?

    You also say, “It’s obvious that Verizon has no plans to retire the Droid franchise.”

    Why would they? It works for them, it sells, why would they throw aside a winning marketing campaign and brand name just because you’re concerned that some folks may not differentiate? I can just see you advising Coca Cola back in the 1980s: “Ok guys, we’ve got the world’s best selling and most famous soda brand, how about we change it up a little…how does New Coke sound?”

    • http://Website zedklind

      the structure might be off but he makes a good point… i used to go day to day with people acting like jackasses asking me stupid questions. i tell them the truth politely but i think in my head… wow what a dumbass. its just frustrating. what if someone came up to you and asked you if your beloved charger (and you love cars) was a mustang? or if you loved shoes and they asked you if your jordans were chuck taylors? dumb people will be dumb but verizon isnt helping.. and seriously.. i thought lucas still had that “droid” copy righted or something.. ughh

  • http://Website *kisses* Hillary

    iPhone is better (i have the iPhone)

    • http://Website Haywood Jablowme


    • http://Website zedklind

      i have people asking me if my phone that has a qwerty keyboard is an iphone.. i tell them no, its better you idiot.

    • http://Website *kisses* Hillary

      iPhone is better (i have the iPhone).

  • http://Website zedklind

    i just dont like having people come up to me saying “is that the evo?”.. go* damnit does it look like an evo? this is a G1! evo is completely different… f*cking idiots! its just frustrating being a hardcore android fan from the time of announcement and all these kids cant tell the difference between a small but fat black phone with a physical keyboard and a large and wide all screen one.. I’ve honestly gotten that comment more than anything else. Its ignorance. I dont take the “is that a droid?” question seriously because atleast the droid has a qwerty(and their lack of knowledge just makes them sound stupid) lol. dont get me wrong, i appreciate the “droid” helping the android boom but now that its concrete i really want people to know what phone is what.. theres no excuse for an evo and g1 mixup.. especially if they have an android phone themselves.. atleast know whats out there before you buy a product, compare products before you buy something.

    • http://Website zedklind

      atleast people arent asking me “is that an iphone?” o.O

    • http://Website rj2885

      Off topic a bit, but being a honecomb lover I have to agree about about being frustrated. In an executive meeting other day a VP kept pointing at my xoom and saying our company should get more Ipads like that.

      I didn’t have the luxury of calling him an f*&in idiot at the time but was seeing red. I guess spending a certain $$ figure on an invetment that you heavily researched first creates a certain loyaly in a way.

      Its a shame that the majority of people could really care less though. They are consumers and will buy what they perceive (rightly or wrongly) is the latest hot thing. Agree or not, DROIDS are the latest cool thing to have….in the consumers mind….Just like I pads are the coolest tablet to have….cough…puke…

  • http://Website Lemonz

    The droid line is just verizon’s version of the nexus series…they are the phones you know won’t be dropped or forgotten. If they really wanted to verizon to stop with droids, then make a nexus phone that starts on verizon.

  • http://www.twitter.com/raiden dan

    Wouldn’t go as far to say Droid saved Android. In the US, yes, but remember Verizon operates nowhere else globally. HTC probably saved Android in the UK

  • http://Website David

    I don’t see what the big deal is. People shorten the names of objects all the time.

    Are you guys annoyed that folks don’t say, “I own an Android celular telephone”; but prefer to say “I gots me a ‘droid ‘phone and it’s awesome!”

    I had an English teacher who insisted that all his students use the full names of things and never abbreviate: aeroplane, motorized carriage, perambulator, etc. Do you want to be like him?

    Sent from my Nexus One

  • http://Website AceoStar
  • http://Website 5n4r35

    I liked the products of the “Droid” brand. It was good for android. But what needs to be done is Google needs to really put out a top notch phone. High end manufacturing and software wise. Maybe they will do it with the Nexus line. The Nexus line should be like the “Droid” line used to be. Droid phones were/are if nothing top notch phones. But Google should put out a phone within the echo system of android to keep manufacturers moving forward. The Nexus S is a great phone. I got one myself. But I do wish it had higher build quality and specs that were more ahead of its time. If nothing else we must agree that the iPhone does have excellent build quality and an app market that, honestly does beat android’s own. Fragmentation/contamination has somethign to do with this. Plus the fact that there is such a hogpodge of android phones. This is a blessing and a curse. With the once elite “Droid” brand fadding into the darkness and becoming similar to all the other android phones. There has to be one that trumps them all. If for nothing else to keep manufacturers from giving use the same stuff year after year nad to draw more and more developers to develope top notch games and apps. The “Droid” phones made manufacterers and developers jump in and make android what it is today. We still need that. Who better than Google with the Nexus line?

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Oviously the droid brand is doing good or we wouldnt be talking about it!! Android rules ijunk is circling the toilet bowl…

  • http://Website lovo

    K idk how u guys bring up release date but come on this level of competition has made the mobile space blow up tech wise thats a good thing innovation cor the sake of competition makes progress besides u guys are missing ths point android is open sourse duh

  • http://Website Hector

    What pisses me off more than people calling every single androidphone a droid is when people ask if my vibrant is a htc or the TMobile iPhone.

  • http://Website revs

    i love the whole droid thinh
    i have the “droiddd” message sound on my mt4g !

  • http://Website jf79

    Verizon deserves a lot of credit for getting Android phones out there and promoted. Just my .02

  • http://Website Johan

    “Wouldn’t go as far to say Droid saved Android. In the US, yes, but remember Verizon operates nowhere else globally. HTC probably saved Android in the UK”

    This so true. I think Rusell Holly should consider that statement coz it seems like he has forgotten it.

    • http://txhoudini.com Eric Weiss

      Actually, in the latest Wired Magazine (US version, not online yet) there is an article that explains that the Droid did indeed save Android from the brink of collapsing.

  • http://Website Elliotte

    You forgot about Sprint expanding it’s EVO line, so Verizon has the Droid lineup, T-Mobile has the MyTouch, Sprint has the EVO line (EVO 4G, EVO Shift 4G, EVO 3D, EVO View).

  • Tangent

    It’s mildly annoying to have people call every Android device a “Droid”, but with my job in tech support I’m used to that kind of thing. On a regular basis I have people tell me their Microsoft doesn’t work when they’re talking about Office, Internet Explorer, Windows, etc or that they need Adobe installed when they mean Acrobat reader.

    Some people will correct their usage when you explain the difference between “Droid” and “Android”, but very many really don’t care. You can’t get worked up about it though; you’ll go crazy if you care too much about people insisting on using incorrect terminology for anything tech related. The average technology user is happily ignorant and many are almost militant about it. Tell them that they’re using a word or name wrong and they almost see that as a challenge they can only overcome by continuing to use it wrong and by teaching it to others.

  • http://Website The few, the proud, the iPhone owners

    I bought the iPhone 4 and never looked back.
    Android is for stupid idiots, thats why they say droid and dont even know what android is.

    iPhone is the only way to go.


  • http://Website the few, the dumb, the iidiots

    My name sums it up about the ijunk an the idiots who buy them… I am androids bitch but can accept the fact ijunk fading out

  • http://www.androidactivist.com BigC_13

    It’s gone too far when I have people up here in Canada coming in and asking for a Droid. That’s a sign that the marketing push is huge, it’s reached into another country where Verizon doesn’t even operate.

  • http://Website Bskaer

    I personally own an iPhone 4 and not a hater of the android either. I try to be reasonable for both sides and tried to chose the best phone for myself. I have looked at many many android phones and a lot of my friends who have had androids, have has many errors with them. I have done a lot of research on the android and iPhone. I believe android dominates in having a more freedom bases system, but a lot of that time the freedom isnt always so free. I have seen apps and other programs access droids and the persons entire data because the droid is a little too open. Even though the iPhone doesn’t have all these functions quite yet. I prefer safety over anything. I personally keep a lot of information on my phone that shouldn’t be accessed by the outside world.

    Another thing is. Ive had around 5-7 friends go from the iPhone to the android. Within a 3 month period. They were right back to the iPhone. I also let a few friends test out my iPhone then they went in, sold their droids or blackberrys and got iPhones. I do think androids have a ton of potential, I have just take a look at all the code between the os’s and it worries me how careless google has been. Yes you have said that they are creating a new kind of phone every month. But the app store and programs between are mismatching code because there are so many different kinds of androids and coding styles. There’s been a calculation that the errors may start really showing up in 2 years. I do hope it is fixed by then. I would like to see the droid battle It with the iPhone for a while so apple will get off their butts and make something worth competing with that’s better than what they have now.

    I honestly wish people who stop hating droid or apple just because they don’t like the company behind them or whatever their reasonings are. I personally would like people to make a decision based on the quality of the item. People see cheap prices so they buy immediately. I would say do your research and figure out your best quality then base your decision.

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