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Millennial: Android is winning, but iOS grows thanks to Verizon iPhone

Millennial Media released its monthly mobile report earlier today, and the results are quite interesting. Contrary to what Gartner’s and comScore’s reports showed us last week, this one shows Verizon iPhone having a negative effect on Android’s market share. From February to March, iOS’ ad impressions share grew from 27% to 31%. Meanwhile, Android’s share dropped slightly from 51% to 48%. Way behind iOS, RIM kept chugging along through last month. The once leader of the smartphone world even grew 1%, going from 17% to 18%. At the bottom of the barrel, Windows Phone 7, Symbian and “Other” each commanded a whopping 1% of the market.

Even though these reports are not a 100% accurate, they do give us a sense of what’s happening in the smartphone market. While Android probably didn’t really lose 3% of the market, the Verizon iPhone did have an effect on its growth. Did the Verizon iPhone killed or seriously hurt Android like some were hoping for? Not even close. Does Google need to step up its game to fend off the Verizon iPhone menace? Absolutely. Are you guys worried about the Verizon iPhone at all or was this small drop in Android’s market share expected?

Source: CNN

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  • http://Website Fred

    Worried about which phone OS is “winning”? Of course not, it’s not important enough to “worry” about any of this. Come on people, these are phones (also applies to desktop OS’s) and really not important in the grand scheme of things.

    • http://Website JeffDenver

      I “worry” only in the sense that I do not want to see the iOS “walled garden” become the dominant model. So yeah, this competition matters to me. I like my freedom.

      • http://Website jjl84

        I think Android will be fine. Now that so many people have used it they realize Android isn’t as “scary” and “complicated” as Apple tried to say it was. My wife, who was used to iOS, actually likes Android better now. I was using my brother’s iPhone yesterday and it’s so counter-intuitive compared to Android. Little things like the back and menu buttons make it so much better.

      • http://Website MasterP

        Playing devil’s advocate…would you feel the same way if or when Android becomes “the dominant model”

  • http://Website Noriega713

    Just a question…Who thinks there will be a difference IF the At&t deal goes through and we know they aren’t fond of android…So in other words, who thinks that they will try their best to screw android over and make the Iphone top again…God I hate At&t with a passion…

    • http://Website jjl84

      It seems like AT&T is getting better now that the iPhone isn’t exclusive. I still loathe AT&T, but at least their best Android phone is no longer the Backflip. They seem to be changing now that Android is doing so well. I’m sure they like the fewer restrictions of Android as well.

  • http://Website Tonya Harding worshipper

    Of course, iPhone is winning! Its better than trashy poordroid.
    I have an iPhone 3GS and im upgrading to iPhone 5 soon…

    • http://Website retweet

      Of course, iPhone is winning! Its better than trashy poordroid.
      I have an iPhone 3GS and im upgrading to iPhone 5 soon…

      • http://Website durps

        Poordroid huh? You’re the one that can’t afford an iPhone4 and has to suffice for an old 3GS…

  • http://Website Fenrizzle

    I think it is too soon to know what the effect of iPhone on Verizon will be long-term. Given that a lot of people were locked into long-term contracts they may just be waiting to switch.

    • http://Website Tony

      True, but if a million people on at&t switch to verizon, then there is no net-change in people with iphone’s, so overall OS marketshare isn’t changing. Though i would say some people who are on Verizon that want an iPhone may be waiting for the new iPhone5 since it’s so close. Honestly I don’t care about the statistics, I like my Evo, planning on getting a Sensation or Galaxy S 2, maybe even iphone5 if apple pulls anything really cool with improvements this year.

  • http://Website mikey

    Not worried android has already won. You’re next windows laptops.

  • http://Website ari-free

    Android benefits from iPhone competition. We’ve seen this in other countries where iPhone was available on all carriers. The Android OEM’s are forced to compete and come out with better, more specialized products while Apple is stuck with its one size fits all approach.

    • http://Website Christina

      im so glad Apple is better. Thats why we all have an iPhone.

  • http://Website Jim

    LOL at the two crApple trolls who can’t read a pie chart hehehe… They must be running Mr. Jobbies “Head In The Sand” app.

  • http://Website Russ

    I am more worried about the iPhone trashing Verizon. before iPhone, VW was an android power house, with top notch phones. now their offerings are middle of the road, with the best phones going to at&t and t-mobile. Come on Verizon, the iPhone isn’t what it use to be, keep up!

  • http://Website HackNet

    Apple iOS = Kiosk PC found in hotels and airports (works great, but limited usage)
    Android OS = Handheld PC (Allows users to edit and change applications and setting without receiving a threatening email from manufacturer)

    Any objections?