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Monumental launch date: G-Slate third-wheeling T-Mobile’s G2x and Sidekick 4G tomorrow

Today may seem like a very peaceful and steady day in the Android world, but tomorrow will be a completely different story for T-Mobile users (surely you have heard of “the calm before the storm”). Tomorrow, one of T-Mobile’s biggest launch dates will take place, with the release of the T-Mobile G2x, and the successor of the beloved Sidekick family, the Sidekick 4G (As T-Mobile announced last April 7). If that was not enough goodness for a Friday, T-Mobile recently announced that the G-Slate will also be coming to magenta tomorrow.

The prices will be the following (Click on the device name to see specs):

The numbers seem rather interesting. The Sidekick 4G and the T-Mobile G2x are priced very reasonably, but the tablet seems to be off the trend here. The G-Slate is a very good tablet, but the price is quite high as well, as it always is when these devices are first released (at least with the “big” manufacturers). Sure, it is nice being an early adopter, but there are prices to pay for it.

With three highly anticipated devices launching on the same day, tomorrow should be quite a busy day for T-Mobile stores around the U.S., so you should hurry and get your gadgets soon, especially if you are planning on getting the Sidekick 4G, which is expected to have supply shortages. Are you going for any of these devices? Remember that the HTC Sensation 4G is also on its way here, and many of you have been debating between the Sensation and the G2x.

Don’t Forget to check out the videos of the LG Girl with the G2x and the G-Slate, as well as T-Mobile’s introduction for the Sidekick 4G.

Via: TMoNews

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  • http://blackkristos.blogspot.com Black Kristos

    I’m holding out for the Sensation. I want to see hard specs and price data of both the Sensation and G2x before I decide if I’m staying with Tmo.

    • http://Website Farhan

      The specs on the Sensation are already out and the price is the only one left. Based on the specs the G2x is mostly on par with the Sensation with one or two things being better on both sides. Ex. the LG has a better front facing camera and the Sensation has more RAM and a better display resolution. Notice how I mentioned “disply resolution” since the LG does have an IPS panel on a lower 480×800 resolution. The CPU in the LG is the Tegra 2 while Sensation has a dual-core Qualcomm which I think is much slower performing than the Tegra 2. But without the Sensation being fully ready one can’t be too sure just yet.

      Hit the link below for more info.

      The price of the Sensation would also end up being $199.99 with a 2 year contract since it doesn’t actually offer any “sensational” specs.

      Overall, I’m probably going to end up buying the Sensation, since I like the look of the HTC phone over LG’s G2x and don’t use my phone as much to warrant a better processor. Plus the back on the G2x just isn’t doing it for me. :)


  • http://Website Mark S

    I have to wait for the sensation or galaxy 2 because I got the Vibrant on launch date last year. I would love to jump on the G2x but think the sensation may be one of the first Netflix enabled phones so I can wait on that.

  • http://Website thaghost

    i have a mt4g but I’m eligible for a full upgrade. Sense 3.0 looks amazing and the g2x is blazing fast (check the unboxing by phobedog) I’m stuck on the nexus 3 rumor tho.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i have my heart set on htc sensation sorry g2x.

  • http://Website Hip Hop 555

    im waiting for iPhone 5, meandroid is garbage. G2x is the poor mans iPhone!
    btw, im dreaming of a threesome with the lg girl and the t-mo girl. Is this possible? How much is it?

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      I didn’t know Apple people where into women….. huh… found out something new.

    • http://Website Eric R.

      If you are so happy from all the happiness your iDevices bring you, then why do all pro-iDevice people spew nothing but negativity?

      Oh you must have not read the name of the site correctly, you must have thought it was iOSandme.com

    • http://Website Haditw/trolls

      It looks like G2x will out perform anything apple has to offer. Present and future. Don’t get me wrong, they are seamless devices, but really slow. Those 2 hot women would never give an apple owner any action. Just what the hell are you doin on this site for anyway?

  • http://Website Greg

    Let’s face it- we all know that a slate is not a necessary purchase, albeit a good one. We can wait. Which is why we’ll wait till the price drops. Every time.

  • http://Website Devin

    Stock > Sense.

    ∴ G2x > Sensation.


    • http://Website RxR

      This phone will have so many ROMs and games to play with.

    • http://Website alex

      for me stock is a little too boring, sense all the way! plus upgrades with “stock” only apply to Nexus-es i mean look at G2. anyways can’t wait for new mytouch

  • agentdiscount

    I had to tell someone, since my friends aren’t phone geeks. I got my G2x from UPS today which replaces the trusty G1.

    PROS: Fast, Fast, Fast! Feels solid plus like the grey metal around the side. Impressive screen.
    CONS: No HDMI included in box, back cover feels like i’m going to break when i’m opening it.

    This is really what I’ve been waiting for since last Fall. Wanted to get Nexus S, but when it didn’t come with dual core decided to wait.

    I tried out a Samurai game from TegraZone app. It looks fantastic.


    • Edgar Cervantes

      Thanks for coming in here and sharing with us. It must feel incredibly different to go from a G1 to a G2x… Come back and let us know how well it performs with day-to-day use! Congratulations!

    • http://Website motoxer913

      I too got the G2x and to describe it in a single word: FAST!!! OMG is this thing fast. The UI is ultra fast and responsive, the 4G coverage where I live is incredible with 2-3Mbs every time I’ve tried SpeedTest. Haven’t had it long enough to comment about battery life, but so far it seems fine…not like the dreaded Thunderbolt 4hour batter problems I’ve read about. The screen is ultra bright and looks fantastic, the size and weight feel great in my hand and pocket. Bundled games are some of the best I’ve seen on mobile.
      My only complaint is a very nit-picky one, the touchscreen doesn’t always register light touches…but like I said that’s being nit-picky on that one…not a big deal. Oh and one more complaint, should have come with an HDMI cable…again, not a huge deal.
      LOVE THE G2x!!!! If you go check one out in the store you will probably go home with it after being amazed by the raw speed.

  • http://Website jampac9

    Great day in t-mobile history!!!!! If I make it to the store tomorrow and there are no more G2X in stock, I’m gonna be heated. It’ll ruin my entire 10 hour shift day, which isn’t that hard to do. But due to the non-advertising on any of these besides the sidekick I doubt it will happen.

  • ayocuz

    Last hours with my beloved sexii nexii:( imma have to put her down tomorrow for that lg g2x all the many rom swaps im gonna really miss that for some old froyo. I sure hopes cyanogen support this phone I really do

  • orginn

    tmo again dropped the ball on ordering the devices online again

  • OnIn2

    Put the ole G1 out to pasture this morning and picked up a G2x. 4G speeds here are pretty good, nothing to jump up about. Course Android 2.2 is different that 1.6 on the G1 but I like it. Can’t wait for 2.3 and gingerbread.

    Haven’t played with video etc yet

  • http://Website thaghost

    I’m selling my red mt4g. Very good condition. 3 batteries and more. Interested? Contact me at [email protected].

    • http://Website thaghost

      Sorry, ny/nj/Li only

  • AME

    I’ve been playing with my new G2x all day. Here are my initial thoughts:

    (By the way, I upgraded from an overclocked G1 with Froyo.)

    One big difference I have noticed is when 4G is available, it flies! I was able to get 4500+ on speedtest. Unfortunately, it is stuck on 2G for 95% of the time and I only get ~146 there. It doesn’t seem right since I haven’t left my couch at all since I got it. My G1 registered 3G and 4G (couldn’t use 4G, of course) about 50/50 on my couch.

    The feel of it is not bad. I know a lot of people complain about plastic on their phones, but the plastic back on this seems ok. The metal strip on the back is completely aesthetic, but I think it looks cool. Overall, I think it feels pretty sturdy and has a good amount of weight to it. I wouldn’t say it feels cheap or weak.

    The vanilla Android is much appreciated. There is a decent amount of bloatware, but it could definitely be worse. I’m stoked that an update to Gingerbread will be coming to this phone soon. Even if it wasn’t, from what I have read online, the G2x is pretty easy to root which is also much appreciated. You have to hand it to LG and T-Mo on this one for making a phone that everybody can love (software-wise at least).

    The only thing I find truly bizarre and not cool about this phone is that it doesn’t come with an SD card. Just about every other phone comes with one. Not to be stingy, but for $500, I think they could throw in an SD card… especially since one of the coolest features of Froyo is the apps2SD!

    Overall, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I miss my trusty G1 a little though, but it’s time for a change!