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Motorola dishes on the Droid Bionic delay and Xoom 4G update

A little over a week ago we caught wind of the possibility that the Droid Bionic may be canceled which quickly gave way to the more palatable rumor that it was merely delayed with an eye to improve some of the specs. Motorola’s line was that based on feedback since CES they were going to be “incorporating several enhancements to make this (the Bionic) an even better consumer experience.”

Our friends at Droid Life listened to the Motorola earnings call yesterday afternoon and while Sanjay Jha didn’t reveal any specifics regarding what upgrades the Bionic we handled at CES will see, but he did offer up additional info pertaining to the delay as well as a nod to our favorite upgradeable to 4G Honeycomb tablet.

Jha confirmed that the Bionic we will see hit retail sometime this Summer is going to be borrowing from a future handset (Targa?) which has apparently been shelved in favor of putting all of Moto’s eggs in the Bionic basket this Summer. In short it looks like we went from two high profile Verizon device launches from Motorola in Q2/Q3 to one which depending on the device the Bionic has become may be fine with everybody. I don’t think anyone is particularly excited to see their new “best phone ever” outclassed within a matter of months, by the same manufacturer no less.

According to Jha the decision to make these spec enhancements to the Bionic came only after it became clear that the ship date was slipping anyway. Obviously this doesn’t quite gel with the story that it is being upgraded based on feedback, but we’ll have to let that go for the moment. What caused the initial delay? Not surprisingly the answer is LTE.

Jha admitted that both the Xoom 4G upgrade and the Bionic will be able to march out hand in hand when they can get the software to play nicely with LTE on them both. Whether that means that the Bionic should be expected near the projected May 26th 4G upgrade for the Xoom or if this instead points to the Xoom upgrade seeing a delay into the 3rd quarter is not known.

I’m glad to see Motorola doing something with a delayed product rather than just letting it rest on its laurels and launch it as is months late, but I do find it a bit strange that they are having such difficulties integrating LTE considering HTC and Samsung (well almost) have managed to get their offerings out the door already.

If you want to see the transcript of the Q&A’s you can hit up the source link below.

Source: Droid-Life

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  • http://Website Bradb

    Yes, HTC and Samsung have gotten 4G LTE phones out the door. Samsung really hasn’t hit the street, but it’s not like the Thunderbolt has not had its share of LTE issues. Maybe Motorola would rather wait until things stabalize and they correct some of the issues (like hand offs between 3G and 4G and maybe better battery life). I read the Thunderbolt sucks battery.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I agree that would be a logical reason to hold back the product and if the Bionic makes it to market without any of the problems we are seeing in the Thunderbolt then their decision will be vindicated. After the Xoom I can’t blame Motorola for wanting to follow up with a highly polished hardware/software package.

  • http://Website medwa

    Hopefully one of the “better consumer experiences” is an unlocked bootloader!

  • http://Website Cromag

    The problems they were having were related to the Tegra 2 Processor interacting with the LTE and CDMA radios. HTC thunderbolt and Droid Charge both have single core processors from different manufacturers.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    I see LTE has turned out to be nothing more than a HEADACHE to everyone. WIMAX RULES BOYS..

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Yeah dick your right 16 + mbps compared to wimax dial up speed is a headache and with lte we can walk inside a building without dropping out of 4g but your right its a headache. Dumb bastard

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell


      • http://Website J.

        Oh, Dick.
        You even fail at reading.
        It’s Snowboarder89, not Snowbird89.

        But, Dick just wouldn’t be Dick without a good herp derp insult…

        OHEY, DICK – Y U SO preDICKtible?

        • http://Website Willard Potter

          I LOL’d…

          Anyway… glad to see the Bionic is going strong. Impatiently awaiting its release so i can replace my Droid 1 and its physical keyboard that ive used so much that the letters are shifting over one another because the glue is finally giving out. Lol

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Haha ty j, dick you never did explain the lte vs wimax test and why wimax an sprint got their ass handed to them in that test!!!

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      No need for explanations our devices on wimax work and work everyday. When LTE device accomplish that feat give me a call. Meanwhile I have an Htc Evo 4g for sale that you or any other person might need at least it will work as intended daily

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Haha evo 4g moron

    • http://Website Richard Yarrell

      Don’t be jelous go out and buy yourself a real device don’t hate on people that have graduated to true smartphones.

  • http://Website kazahani

    Why is everyone so hostile here? Are you all a bunch of kids?

    Is LTE faster? Yes, in part because it is a better technology, and in part because there is no load on the network right now. I wonder how they will compare when there are the same number of users…

    Is Wi-Max more reliable? Yes, because it’s been live for over a year now and they have worked out most of the bugs.

    Is one or the other “better”? That depends on what you want out of your network. Quit flaming and act like grown ups.

  • Galk