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Remote control your PC with PocketCloud, now with Honeycomb support

There are many remote desktop control apps to choose from the Android Market, but a personal favorite of mine is PocketCloud. The well-featured app just got a handful of more reasons to keep it in your app drawer. The guys at Wyse have added Honeycomb support to its popular app. Aside from the obvious advantages of using a bigger screen on a tablet, the new app also has a redesigned look and performs much better thanks to Honeycomb’s hardware acceleration support. PocketCloud also contains several more features, including:

  • Three connection options:
    • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
    • VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
    • Auto Discovery (through your Google account)
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Multitasking
  • Touch Pointer: high accuracy screen control
  • Auto Discovery: hassle-free setup
  • Keyboard auto-activation

If you want to give PocketCloud a try you can download the free version here, or if you need more features like Pinch-to-Zoom you can get the pro version here. We’re always glad to see developers adding support for Honeycomb — well done, Wyse.

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    I dl’ed it and i must say it works fine on my xoom.. but i have to give it a shot ooutside of my own network and off wifi

  • SoCalBrad

    I was using this even before the awesome update today! A fantastic App for any Tablet owner, not so much for my Nexus S…. just too small a display to be useful.

    • http://Website yo

      Its definitely not “ideal” for phones but it does work well if you need it to. I use it a lot to throw files into dropbox or to start/monitor downloads on my pc when I’m at work.

  • http://Website Toha

    As you wrote the article there are many apps….but my favo is http://teamviewer.com/en/index_android.aspx and its for free.