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Samsung Droid Charge might be released this Tuesday (Updated: Further delayed)

Verizon has been advertising their 4G LTE network to be the largest in the world, as well as the fastest in America, and the recent 4G LTE outage caused great disappointment among their customers. Aside from all the commotion, though, what really bugged some people was the fact that the Samsung Droid Charge was delayed. This device was supposed to be released along with the HTC Droid Incredible 2 and the Casio G’zOne Commando last Thursday, April 28, but Verizon’s second 4G LTE smartphone didn’t make it to the fantastic trio.

Our friends over at Android Central got a hold of some screenshots of a document from Costco, which seems to indicate that the device might be available for purchase this coming Tuesday, May 3rd. The Droid Charge shipments should start arriving this Monday (along with confirmation or revision of the launch date), and all locations should be stocked by the end of Wednesday.

Whether the Samsung Droid Charge will be released this Tuesday or not, we are not completely sure, but the date should be near, since preparations are clearly being already scheduled. If you have been interested in this device, stay tuned to see if it will make it to the shelves on Tuesday, and don’t forget to read Russel’s hands-on with the Droid Charge. As always, share your opinions and comments with us, and keep coming back for more information about the topic.


  • Android Central has also received an image of Costco’s inventory screen, further proving that the Droid Charge may be coming on May 5th. The image is now added to the slideshow below, so go ahead and check it out.
  • So there are good news and bad news. The good news is that it is finally monday, and Costco did end up receiving information about the Droid Charge’s launch. The bad news is that apparently it will not be released tomorrow, and it is now further delayed. Android Central’s new picture (4th image) is now added to the slideshow below. If you read the bottom of the document, it mentions that another update will be coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for more information about this.

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  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    They should wait till January1st 2012 to release this device cause all it really is anyway is LAST YEARS SPECS on a device in 2011…Nobody is missing anything if this never makes it to market.. Just because they add LTE does not mean it is a top level device…Verizon has everyone HOOD WINKED on this LTE stuff.

  • http://Website Philip Davis

    Yawn. Still awaiting Bionic details. If my contract didn’t end in January I would have jumped off the Verizon ship long ago.

  • http://Website Spideralex90

    Droid Charge?! NO WAY! It’s the Phone I’ve always wanted! Wait, it’s not 2010 anymore.

  • http://Website spoimimiglype

    Individuals are all excellent factors. Thank you for sharing them.