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Samsung Galaxy S II will launch in the next two weeks, followed by global domination

Apparently, many people have been asking Samsung about the Galaxy S II. Today, the electronics giant got back to its fans through its Facebook page with a somewhat accurate launch date.

It will be released in April and then gradually rolled out in each market according to the local launch timetable.

In other words, you can expect the Galaxy S II to officially launch in the next two weeks. Once the phone it’s launched, Samsung will begin the roll-out to different markets. We can probably expect the Galaxy S II to be available for every single carrier, like its popular predecessor is. Here’s a list of the Galaxy S II’s specifications to refresh your memory:

  • 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus, 480 x 800 pixels screen
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Dual-core XMM6260 CPU running at 1.2 GHz
  • 1024 MB RAM, 16GB/32GB ROM
  • 8MP camera with Auto-focus and LED Flash + 2MP Front-camera
  • 1650 mAh battery
  • Built-in gyroscope

Looking at the specs on this phone, I have no doubt this phone will turn into another huge success for Samsung. Kudos, Sammy.

Via: AndroiCentral

Source: Facebook

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  • Galen20K

    Ugghhh This or the htc Sensation!! – D

    • http://www.brandonvfletcher.com Brandon


      • http://Website whosaidwhat

        CyanogenMod > Both


        • http://www.brandonvfletcher.com Brandon

          this is true lol

        • http://Website CactusCat

          TeamWhiskey > CyanogenMod … all day long when it comes to Sammy’s best phones.

        • jeanpaul145

          I agree wih your statement, but for it to apply CM first has to be officially available for this phone. Seeing as how even CM7 doesn’t officially support Samsung’s Galaxy S, I’m a bit skeptical.
          Also, your point is moot.

          • http://Website CactusCat

            I will agree with your statement. If you’ll take note of the list of devices that CM7 supports, you’ll see something very interesting. While crossing over the lines to the various carriers, virtually 100% of the phones are of the HTC family. So all CM has done, is taken their experience and expanded it on the phones that they know. TeamWhiskey knows Samsung phones and their ROMs (current Frost and Bionix) are super fast, stable, customizable and reliable. So while CM7 gets the accolades for appealing to the masses, TW has scored a home run on the phone with the best hardware and without question, the best screen. I have no doubt that if CM7 tried, they could produce a ROM almost as good as TW’s, but they never took that path. So, if you’ll kindly notice what this entire article is about (Samsung Galaxy 2), who do you think is going to support it? BTW, I was responding to the previous users who’d stated that CM>both. Since CM is not available on the Samsung series, you need to reply to their statement, not mine. You may move along now…..

          • http://digibits.org j0rd

            I’m using CM7 experimental (nightly) builds on my Galaxy S and they work great. There’s a minor bug with starting the data connection on reboot, but other than that, it’s not giving me any problems. I’ve tried a couple roms and lag fixes and so far Cyanogen is my fave on the Galaxy S.

            I do miss a lot of minor touchwiz features, which I felt improved the experience. After the stock android app gives me digital zoom, I’ll prefer it to the samsung one. I’d also like more video codecs as wel.

            Never tried a Team Whiskey though, so I can’t do that comparison.

        • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

          I’m not a fan of the stock Android camera app. I would take the Samsung and use LauncherPro with it. Plus the stock Samsung Galaxy S video player can playback just about any codec I have thrown at it.

    • http://Website DroidCLH

      Well if I can hack it I’ll get it

  • agentdiscount

    What?!? 2 weeks?

    Do you guys really expect all the carriers to have this available in April for purchase?

    I suspect this is just a planned leak to get people to consider waiting for this. Is it a coincidence the HTC Sensation was just announced a day ago and a number of 4G phones are nearing release like the Sprint Nexus S, G2x, Sidekick 4G, Thunderbolt, etc?

    • cpk86

      Who said anything about the phone being available on any carrier an April?? The phone is launching in the next two weeks. We won’t see it in the US for a few months at best.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Did you not read it carefully my friend? April is the launch & then it will come to other carriers according to their launch dates. So whatever carriers launch date is in April then they get it in April. & so forth.

    • http://Website Louis

      Nope, samsung has it on their facebook page

  • http://Website Freddayyy

    Galen….don’t even think about it…..the HTC Sensation is the best. Samsung may have pretty screens, but there’s no doubt the Sensation will beat it. With the new Sense running & HTC watch along with the qHD screen, Samsuck will be put down to rest. Plus it also has a much prettier design without the cheapy material :)

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      Clearly your a fan boy to sense & HTC. Respect a device as is. The SGSII will definitely be the best if not one of the best dual core devices on the market until it’s own successor. It’s not just because if it’s screen. If that’s the case you might as well say the same thing for the Sensation. Sensation is a fine phone but it’s everything the Evo 3D is minus the 3D. Your making it sound like it’s something new all together. Will you be wrong to get the Sensation no. But the SGSII will be an awesome device period. The Exynos processor is amazing. Most fluid & responsiveness I’ve seen & actually handles flash like a rag doll the way it performs. These Tegra 2 processors still jitter. & yes I know the Sensation is Snapdragon. The qhd vs plus screens. Okay, one has higher res but the plus makes up for that due to more pixels packed in a smaller area. & it’s bumped to 1.2ghz now. I’m pretty sure at 1ghz it would of done just fine. Please don’t bring up benchmarks as that does nothing. I want real life use. Your not going to show no damn test to your friends like look at how fast it runs this. Look at the videos on androidforums.com in the SGSII thread & tell me it’s not a champ. That update cry is lame & dumb the day it was complained about. Ask your US carriers to work closer with Samsung to get it moving. Overseas seems to do just fine. HTC is sweet but Sammy makes all kind of shit. You mean to tell me they don’t know what they are doing? Where did all the success come from then? I’m getting the SGSII when it comes state side. I’m going to be just fine. Most people never experienced the myths & dumb excuses you guys make & just go with what the articles say etc. For ex, the cry about the Evo 3D having a 3D screen. It only comes into play when you take 3D pictures & 3D movies. The entire experience is not in 3D. Sensation comes out & people jump on the wagon. Same damn phone. I’m just saying respect great mobile tech. It’s okay to like one better but the excuses used to bash are ignorant. Probably never even seen a 3D phone in real life. SGSII will be sitting beside my NS4G proudly. One of the best if not the best dual core phone & fast updates with the Nexus S4G.

      • http://Website Hans


      • http://Website thegreatone

        could not have said it any better. SGS2 FTMFW

    • http://Website Scott

      I’m considering both. I have a Nexus One.

      On paper I like the HTC design, body build, sound and even screen (not sure if there is a burn-in issue with the Samsung). I dislike the limited built-in storage and it looks like the battery can’t be replaced?

      I need to see some real demos and reviews!

  • http://Website anti_samsung

    meh. Samsung’s software release strategy = release a new phone with the newest version of Android = screw the prior buyers of the galaxy lineup

    • http://Website fryhole

      I’m beating a field of dead horses here, but Samsung has updated their international Galaxy S’ quite speedily, with a leaked build of gingerbread coming out some time ago. US carrier testing by and large seems to have been the problem with getting our regional models updated, and even then the Vibrant, Epic, and the S 4g are all on froyo if I’m not mistaken.

      Stop hating and lighten up. Everyone releases updates slower than everyone wants, and Samsung has done fine outside of the US.

      • http://Website anti_samsung

        I’m speaking for the US lineup because I’m in the US. take your own advice and lighten up. thanks.

        • http://Website Ryan

          Have you been living in a hole? Clearly the update problem is with the US carriers as Samsung has had 2.2 ready for a long time. You don’t have to buy a Samsung if you’re still butt hurt over the Behold 2, but please spare us the tiring anti-Samsung rambling.

          • monlosez

            I won’t buy a Galaxy S2 in US if it has too many variations.

  • http://Website Jordan

    can’t wait…really pumped for the april release date instead of may!!

  • http://dolphinking-software.com d0lph1nk1ng

    Does this have NFC? Do we know what US carriers yet?

    • http://Website whosaidwhat

      Yes, it’s got NFC.

      It’s really the best phone of the year so far. Simply replace touchwiz if you hate it that much and you’re good to go

  • http://Website Toha

    I’m in Sweden and Samsung have confirmed end of april in stores :-)

    I’m huge HTC fan and their phones are great! But this Samsung acctually got me to try Samsung. One reason is that Sensation wont be in stores for 2 month from now. If Samsung fails and I’m unhappy then I’m 110% HTC owned.

  • http://www.digitaltech.net dagamer34

    How long until Samsung and every other manufacturer moves to qHD screens for all their high end phones?

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I understand people want a higher res but the plus screens handle that just fine. It keeps it just as sharp. Just wait, when qhd hits super Amoled plus it’ll be a serious problem for other manufactures. Res alone doesn’t make the screen.

  • http://Website Silgrond

    Is it a tegra 2 phone?

    • http://Website jose

      No it uses sammys new exynos chip…which is very impressive..

    • http://Website Hans

      There will be two versions. One will have Samsung’s Exynos dual-core while another will have the Tegra 2.

      • http://Website jose

        O that’s right I tought they were using the tegra 2 chips for their tablets only

  • http://Website DIVING CUNTS 1 – SCHALKE 2

    INTERNAZIONLAE scumussolinis got assraped again!


  • http://Website Hans

    This will be my next phone(unless Samsung makes a Tegra 3 superphone by year’s end). HTC makes nice phones and all, but owning a Fascinate just made me love Samsung with their Hummingbird processor and Super Amoled screen. Now this will have a Super Amoled Plus display with better color reproduction and contrast while having a great dual core chip. The new TW doesn’t seem so bad either, and it doesn’t seem to bog down the phone at all.

  • http://Website Name (required)


  • http://infozonex.blogspot.com/search/label/Android Android

    its not good as tab i don’t thumbs up for it :P

  • http://Website RAPTOR

    New GalaxyS is good. Could be better? How you would change it? My picks:

    1) Take Samsung’s current Galaxy S (TmoVibrant/VZFascinate/Sprint) and measure the bezel around the screen, you will get big surprise.

    Which is that the same size design would keep 4.7″ screen without ANYTHING else changed !

    So 4.7″ screen 1280×800 resolution SuperAMOLED Plus would be total perfection. With such screen and reading glasses +2-3 who would need a tablet – the screen virtually doubles in angular dimensions and becomes 9-9.4″ ! That’s how i permanently use all my cellphones for browsing.

    2) New one is 8.5mm thick. Nice. But i’d better get 10mm design AND 3000 maH battery!

    3) Also, is the speaker in front finally ? Hate when it at the back, again, the phone has a LOT of empty bezel with “Samsung “/T-Mo/VZ/Sprint logos nobody needs.

  • http://Website WiionUS3rdPhonecompany

    So, when does Sprint get to bastardize the phone with a slide out physical QWERTY?

  • http://Website RAPTOR
  • AME

    Samsung’s Facebook post didn’t say anything about the S II being released in the US in April. It was known that it would be released internationally in April.


    According to them we get it in May-June.

    Tell me if I’m wrong… this might make me rethink my G2X purchase next week.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      You’re correct, based on everything we have seen this will not launch in the U.S. until at least May or June. Alberto is referring to the international launch date being in two weeks.

  • http://Website Dr. Samsung, CEO of betrayal

    betrayal incoming…..

    (right after the reboot)

  • http://Website Polaris

    Samsung & updates do not belong in the same sentence. This is the one thing that has kept me from buying any sammy handset however great it might be. The lack of timely updates if any update at all keeps me at bay.

    HTC has a great track record with updating its handsets to the latest android version, sammy not so much

  • http://advancedtechnologykorea.com Amy

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  • http://samsunggalaxyii.com/l/samsung_galaxy_s2_release_date_usa.php Jairo Rodriguez

    I understand that the Super Amoled Plus screen is what makes this handset really special.
    About the samsung s2 release date in the usa the rumor I’ve heard is september.