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Sony Ericsson keeps true to its promise, gives us bootloader unlock goodness

A few days ago we heard that Sony Ericsson was going to provide us with a way to unlock our Xperia phones. Well, the company just posted on its website how to do just that. But hold on a minute eager Xperia X10 user, I’m sad to inform you your phone is not supported. Yep, this unlock method only works with 2011 Xperia models like the Xperia Play and Arc. Also, even you own a 2011 Xperia phone it needs to be SIM unlocked — that about leaves out everybody in the U.S.

If you’re one of the two people who fit these parameters, you can go ahead and visit Sony Ericsson’s website. After a brief spiel about how unlocking your phone could damage it, avoid the warranty, and kill unicorns, you should be able to get to unlocked paradise with ease. We have to give huge props to Sony Ericsson for taking the initiative, in a world where most OEMS are going in the opposite direction (cough cough Motorola).

Via: AndroidCentral

Source: Sony Ericsson

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  • http://Website heeros

    I have to say that I’m impressed that sony actually went through with this, it makes me think much better of them.
    Even though I prefer HTC phones, this definitely increases the chances of me buying a sony phone instead (assuming they have a phone that is identical, or better than an HTC, and the build quality is solid)

    • http://Website oscillik

      you’re getting confused between Sony and SonyEricsson. they are actually a different entity completely.

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  • http://Website nate

    This isn’t going to be enough.

    I’m sticking with htc.