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SONY Ericsson launches dedicated channel on the Android Market

In an effort to enhance the Android Market experience for their customer, SONY Ericsson has just launched their own channel within the market.  Customized channels within the Android Market are nothing new.  We’ve seen T-Mobile, Sprint, and a handful of carriers roll out their own Android Market channels over the past year, but SONY Ericsson is the first manufacturer to do so.  

The SONY Ericsson channel will replace the “My Apps” button at the top of the screen when you first access the Android Market.  SE handset users will still have access to My Apps by pressing the menu button on their handset.  SONY Ericsson’s current plan is to use their app channel to offer plugins and enhancements to Timescape as well as feature exclusive games and application that are only available to SE customers. 

Now that SONY Ericsson has their own channel within the Android Market, it shouldn’t be too long before other manufacturers push Google to get a channel of their own.  Options like the HTC Hub are nice, but it would certainly be more convenient for consumers if they could manage all their download needs all in one spot. 

What do you think?  Are manufacturer specific channels a good idea for the end user or is it simply another way for handset makers to assert more control over their devices?

Update: As a few of you have pointed out in the comments, it looks like HTC actually beat SONY Ericsson on this one.  The HTC Desire S features an HTC channel on the Android Market.  We’re waiting to her back from HTC as to what their strategy will be with their market channel.  Thanks guys!

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Source: SONY Ericsson Product Blog

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