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T-Mobile launches new plans, unlimited everything starting at $60 (Update: never mind)

Earlier today T-Mobile announced two new unlimited everything plans. The first one — the Even More Plusâ„¢plan — is $59.99/month for “unlimited” everything without a contract — T-Mobile will throttle your connection if you go over the 2GB data limit. The second one — the Even Moreâ„¢ plan — is $79.99/month for unlimited everything with a two-year contract . It’s always nice to see T-Mobile lowering prices a bit to keep the competition on their toes, I’m sure I’ll miss them once they merge with AT&T.

Update: TmoNews is now reporting that T-Mobile has cancelled the launch of  the Even More Plusâ„¢plan at $59.99/month. Oh well, I’m sure this has nothing to do with that other company.

Via: Engadget

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  • http://Website Droidwolf

    I could be wrong but dont these plans allready exist? I’ll have had the even more plan for a year in december and its allways been 79.99 for unlimited everything. What changed?

    • Prince77

      Nothing changed that’s just their way of getting people in right before AT&T takes over. How do they call the first one another unlimited plan when they are capping your data, even if it isn’t a a contract. Don’t call it unlimited if everything isn’t unlimited. I had the second one before I jumped back to Sprint, so what’s new about it?

      • http://Website watbetch

        Data isn’t capped, USAGE is unlimited but the speed won’t be 3G/4G for anything after 2GB’s.

        The $99 “Simply Everything” plan Sprint has also has a Simply NOT everything fee of $10 for any smartphone you want to use with the plan.

        For a family that doesn’t use much data, or for a person that finds them self on WiFi for a majority of the time this plan is awesome for them if they had the $99 unlimited plan before or at any other competing carrier where it was still more expensive than T-Mobile.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I see what you’re saying.

      The plan you have on “Even More” for unlimited talk+text+data is now the same as Sprint at $99.99 per month.

      Seems T-Mobile has raised their prices a little, like $20. per month. So now, in the $79.99 plan is the same plan, just with a 2GB allowance, then throttled.

    • http://Website Droidwolf

      Correction my even more plan is 59.99 plus 30 for 4g data.

  • http://Website Phasna

    I just confirmed with a tmobile rep that you do have to sign a 2 year contract for the new even more plus plan price. Can anyone else confirm?

    • http://Website Anonymous

      “Even More Plus” is the no-contract plans. So, that wouldn’t make sense what that rep told you. Perhaps the rep meant “Even More” plans need a new 2-year contract.

      I would check with a corporate store, or try phoning them back to speak with someone else. And heaven forbid you’re on “FlexPay”, bc those people there are hard to understand as it is.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell
  • shadowxof

    I’ve always been happy with how well t-mobile treat their customers. The throttle does suck a bit but I was almost sure it was a 5GB cap under contract.

    • http://Website Kimbo

      Yep, they are throttling me at 5G. I know this because I just got throttled. lol.

      So is the $79.99/month plan totally unlimited? As in no throttling? Or is there still throttling at 5G?

      • http://Website Anonymous

        If you’re still talking T-Mobile, they throttle data plan, and the “most” you may use before they throttle is 5GB, unless you have the 2GB or 200MB data plan.

        Of the 4 major carriers:
        Verizon throttles after 5GB, same as T-Mobile.
        AT&T doesn’t even have unlimited data to compare to.
        Sprint doesn’t throttle their internet.

        However, I like using 4G and having a battery that lasts more than 6-8 hours while using it.
        So I’m still with T-Mobile until I’m forced off by AT&Fail. Whoops, AT&T.

  • http://Website Usain Bolt


    2gb , no way. I will stay with my current 5gb.. it is needed with my free hotspot on my nexus s

  • http://Website jlo

    The limit is now 2gb? I thought T-Mobile was 5gb

    • http://Website Anonymous

      If you are already on a data plan and don’t change to the 2GB plan, then you will continue to get unlimited 3G/4G internet until the 5GB, then get throttled.

      If you want more than 2GB, then stay on the plan you have now, and don’t change to the 2GB plan, and you should be fine.

  • http://Website ♥♥♥♥♥

    where is Carly????
    We ♥ you, Carly!

  • ootherocoo

    I just called in and switched my plan.

    I was on the “Even more plus” [no contract], for $79.99 Unlimited. I’m now on the $59.99 “Unlimited”, the only difference in the two plans are they will throttle my data at 2GB.

    I have never used as much as a 1GB of data, so this is great for me.

  • http://Website marcel

    So if I have tmobile when the merger is complete will I have to get a new sim card and phone or will att adopt tmobiles 1900 mhz frequency.. I dnt know whether to stay with my contract or opt out.. I’m saving to buy the xperia arc but I don’t wanna if its not gonna have 3g or 4g speeds when the merger happens any ideas on this anyone I’m hella confused

    • http://Website surfcat

      If you have a TMO smartphone, if the AT&T acquisition is approved, sometime in the next few years you will be limited to only Edge for 3 g with your existing phone. AT&T says they will provide new devices to TMO customers when TMO’s 3g is turned off.

      • http://Website marcel

        So with new devices does that mean new sim cards .m example if I have an unlocked iphone on tmobile when the merger completes will that sim card now give me 3g speeds as well since its an att phone or will it still be on edge because of the tmobile sim card.. Like I wanna get the xperia arc but don’t want it to be obsolete because of the browser speeds

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Dick are you ok bro?

  • http://Website snowbdr89

    Poll question, does anyone other then the troll dick yarrell care about sprint an their shitty coverage, piss poor hardly can speak english customer service an that slow ass crap they call wimax the same wimax that can’t penetrate a cardboard box? Id take tmo over sprnt amyday!!!