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The Wi-Fi HTC Flyer stops by the FCC

Has anyone been wondering where HTC was planning on sticking that mandatory FCC label on the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer? The image above should give you all the details you need on that subject.  Now, on to the more important part of this story.  The FCC has finally given the Wi-Fi HTC Flyer their stamp of approved which means that Best Buy could start selling the tablet at any time.  Pre-sales for HTC’s first Android tablet kicked off earlier this week at Best Buy stores across the country, but we have a feeling that there will be plenty of inventory to go around once the Wi-Fi Flyer goes on sale.

Many Android enthusiasts are not happy that the HTC Flyer will launch with Android 2.3 rather than the tablet certified Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).  Though Gingerbread may not be ideal for tablet use, HTC’s customized Sense user interface has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the Flyer’s 7-inch display.  HTC has stated that the Flyer will be getting a Honeycomb update later this summer, but with all the bad press surrounding Honeycomb, we’re hoping HTC may choose to jump to Ice Cream once it’s made available.

Will any of you be passing on the HTC Flyer simply because it is not running Honeycomb or is the $499 price point simply too high for a 7-inch Android tablet?

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website Ben

    “…is the $499 price point simply too high for a 7-inch Android tablet?” – Yup

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Android 2.3 and 7 inch screen… $500…. Fail. This one will quickly be forgotten and buried the tablet avalanche.

  • Nick Gray

    I do think that the price is about $50 too high, but the lack of Honeycomb is not enough to keep me away. I’ll be picking up the HTC Flyer as soon as it shows up at my local Best Buy.

    I actually tried to pre-order it on Monday, but no one at my local store knew anything about it and couldn’t even find it in their computer systems. It’s a bit sad that Best Buy scores a retail exclusive on the Flyer, announces a pre-sale and then fails to inform their employees about it.

  • http://Website lorimac

    I ordered mine at the store. Went to computers and they didn’t have a clue. Stopped by the mobile phone center and they knew what I was talking about. They have a form they print for you to fill out. Sold my Ipad for this because it was just to big for my use. Looking forward to getting this!

  • http://Website Strongbowsix

    Price is way too high for what you get. New Lenovo tablet announced that will have 3.0, pen, keyboard for 499. Though the latter two options will add to the 499 price. I was initially excited when I first learned about the flyer, but now I am going to wait. Unless the price drops to the 300 point. Then I will be all over this regardless of its specs.

  • http://Website Raptor007

    I am very interested in it, except the $499 price is too high for a 7″ single core (read: non Tegra2 Dual Core) tablet. If it was $399-$449 I would get one.

  • http://Website Infant

    You guys are cheap skates. This isn’t just another tablet. It has a capacitive pen with gesture recognition. Much more of a business tracker than most others. And you know htc put some sweet sense version on it. Price sounds pretty fair to me.

  • http://Website Student2000

    Tablet is great and it is one of a kind sure to size and the pen/audio functionality make it perfect for me as a student. The only issue is I have no idea how the battery life is, how slow or fast it is at handwriting recognition or running apps in general. The main issue is price. If a nook color is $250 then the flyer should be no more than $350.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Seriously? You’re comparing an eReader that has a few tablet features to one of the most unique tablets of the year? I’d agree that the price is too high (should be no more than $450) but the pen functionality, 1.5 GHz processor, and stunning UI make the Flyer a much more desirable tablet than all of the Honeycomb tablets currently on the market.

      I’ll be getting one from day one.

  • http://Website Dap

    Battery life is a problem for me. Tablets should last longer than 4 hrs. That’s the same as a netbook.

  • http://www.GameDiversity.com GameDiversity

    I order mine last week … did the same as lorimac …. can’t wait to use it! Lack of Honeycomb or the price isn’t stopping me ….. do wish it was dual-core …. but we will see!

  • http://Website Martin Lynch

    I own an HTC Flyer and the £600GBP price tag didn’t put me off at all. It works brilliantly (the pen is a bit of a joke I must admit), its fast the screen is excellent and I have almost stopped using my iPad 11 – why? 7″ is the best size for everyday use. I use it for business, personal, you name it. As for all the gripes about poor battery life I get almost a day and a half out of it using it practically every hour. Not bad for something running at 1.5GHz and sporting one of the brighest screens available.

    It’s running push email via exchange server, usually has Skype running too. Don’t knock it until you’ve actually tried it.