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Thunderbolt update ready, OTA rolling out soon

Though the HTC Thunderbolt is a great device, we know that you may still have some grudges about Verizon’s 4G outage this week. If you need something to improve your mood, you will be happy to know that Verizon is ready to push out a software update for the HTC Thunderbolt.

This update was actually leaked through a rom last week, which led us to believe that this was coming soon, but with Verizon posting a pdf file on their website, things are now starting to look good. As you can see, the first improvement is “Enhanced data connectivity when accessing the Verizon 3G network,” which could have probably helped many users during the outage, but regardless, it is nice to hear that better days are coming. Aside from the 3G enhancement, the update includes better organization for text messages, and better access to some apps, as well as some other performance improvements.

Verizon’s PDF is posted below if you would like to check out the specific details on this update, and stay tuned for your next OTA, which should be here anytime. Don’t forget to share your comments and opinions below, and let us know when you start seeing your updates!

Via: Android Central

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website Barry

    I was running the leaked ROM during the outage. It did not help AT ALL.

    I had 1X connectivity the entire day.

  • http://Website Joe

    so what about gingerbread

  • http://Website RichardV

    @ Barry
    There was an issue with cdma eHRPd 3g and lte, setting the phone modem to cdma rev. A, allowed the phone to work in 3g during the outtage.

  • http://Website Cool Phone

    That didn’t work for me at all.

  • http://Website phill

    When is the TB getting a sence ui update? So it runs the same sense as the inspire from ATT.

  • http://Website Kate

    i have the superior iPhone 4, morons!

    • http://Website Casey

      @ Kate

      I switched from an iPhone 4 after a week and a half with it. After having the Thunderbolt for a couple of days, I was infintiely happier than with the iPhone. It really is a fantastic phone!

      • http://Website 480volts

        Who cares what you think.

  • http://Website on_no

    Great phone and welcomed updates!

    You can get hold of the thunderbolt for a little less than the asking price on Verizon http://bit.ly/mJpnVn

  • http://Website 35

    I agree, the iPhone is better

  • http://Website Alex

    @ the iPhone fans, go suck a dick

  • http://Website Shel

    yea, after only nine months, Apple was able to deliver us… wait for it….. wait….

    a WHITE iPhone 3G!!!!

    Yeah!!! FANTASTIC!!!!


    Take THAT, Android fanbois!!!!

  • http://Website Pavel

    Ah, I just rooted this weekend! All I did was move some bloatware to the sd card… any tips?