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Verizon Wireless issues “oopsie” postcard to former customers

So you’re sitting there watching TV, and a commercial comes blasting through about some really neat thing you can do by texting “pants” to 12345. Blinded by the possibilities, you slap that unlock screen and hurry to the messaging app. Now, weeks later, the excitement of that night has passed, and you find yourself in front of a bill that has a few extra charges on it, since those pants jokes were apparently not free. Some may have paid that bill without even noticing. Others, begrudgingly typed in that credit card number, and a few probably even called in to give that cell phone man a good stern talkin’ to. No matter who you are, if you’re a Verizon customer, you might be owed some of that money back.

Now the information here might be different for those who are still Verizon customers, but either way Big Red has stepped up and taken charge of the situation by offering credit to anybody who fell victim to services where it was not spelled out clearly that this was not a normal text message. Be sure to head to www.premiumsmsrefunds.com and see if you’ve got some money headed your way!

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  • http://Website Greg

    Turn… PDF… 90…degrees…

    • http://Website DKConstant

      No way, dude! Didn’t you hear? Taco Neck Syndrome is coming back!

  • http://Website DKConstant

    In other news, millions of cell phone subscribers today didn’t fall for a subscription-based text message “service,” were charged nothing extra and received no refund.

  • http://Website samisgr8

    The url is actually http://www.premiumsmsrefunds.com I manage my companies Verizon account and just got our little flier today. Now I get to go back through several months worth of bills and try to track down the phone numbers that had premium charges…but at least we’re getting money back for it!

  • http://Website mc062

    Could you guys return to posting status updates on Facebook whenever you post a new article? It’s my one way of knowing of a new post besides checking the site which slips my mind often. Thanks in advance. :)

    • http://Website viva la nexus

      Why not just use their widget?

    • http://Website Angie

      I just clicked on the link to this story from my Facebook feed. Not sure what you’re missing.

  • http://Website Michael

    Do you guys do ANY fact checking before you run a story? There is no such website as http://www.premiumsrefunds.com. All references to this non-existent website online talk about the website itself having been part of a scam. Jeez, if you’re gonna write, do the work.

    • Russell Holly

      Link corrected, very sorry. It was correct on the postcard, which was on display in the article.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    What happens when you text the phrase to the number? What do they do that ends up costing you money?

  • http://Website jeff m.

    I own a Samsung fascinated.
    ..I want my fucking updates to 2.2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Bob Give it Edwards

    Verizon will always stink everyday for ever and ever

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