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Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Intercept is getting the Froyo treatment tonight

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for Samsung Intercept owners! Phandroid is reporting that some Samsung Intercept users are being notified to update their phones to Froyo. We’ve known for a few days that the Intercept will get Froyo today, but now is official. Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Exchange Active Sync updates
  • Ability to install applications to external memory card
  • Improved Bluetooth device support
  • Bluetooth Voice dialing
  • Improved operating system performance
  • Dedicated phone, application and browser icons on every home screen
  • Many speed improvements

So, have any Android and Me reader received the update? Is it better/faster?

Via: Phandroid

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  • http://Website Kyle

    If VM intercept’s 2.2 is anything like Sprint Intercept’s 2.2, the update is great. The phone goes from very frustrating to use to more than acceptable, especially for it’s price tag. Throw a custom kernel into the mix, removing bloatware (If VM has added any that is) and change the phone’s file system and BAM, it runs great!

    Good to hear VM Intercepts feel the Froyo love!

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Agree. Eclair and Froyo are completely different beasts, specially in terms of speed. Even a low-end phone like LG Optimus One runs very good with Froyo.

  • http://www.prenuptialagreementform.org prenuptial

    i agree. I think this one has captured by heart from its appearance and it also seems an improved device.

  • http://Website Dude, smell my Phone!

    I received sms notification about the Froyo 2.2 update on 4/8/2011. I receieved the update files automatically on 4/11/2011. After hours figuring out how to back up the things that will get deleted (memos, phone contacts not tuned with gmail, calendar entries not associated with gcal), I installed the froyo 2.2 on 4/12/2011. My identical second Virgin Mobile Samsung intercept hasn’t received either the sms or the update yet.

    The first thing you will notice is they turned down the volume of the annoying Virgin Mobile track that plays when turning the phone on and off. Next, the phone feels more responsive, as it always seemed to lag behind my keypresses in 2.1. My apps are all still installed, all in the same places. In the Application Management settings, you can move applications (market apps only, not built-in apps) from phone memory to the SD card and back. There is a soft dock near the bottom, with 3 icons: phone, applications, and browser. Standard icons have been given a facelift. The notification bar along the top is white now and the icons have been updated. The clock on the notification bar is black text on a white field.

    There are some new applications installed by default: “Where”, “News & Weather”.

    Give me a few days of using it and I’ll come back with a more comprehensive review.

  • http://Website MetabolicBugg

    Yeah I’d like to know an estimated time for when VM thinks all the updates will be done. I know that they are going to happen in waves, but when will it end so we know at least a rough estimate.