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Weekend deal: Get the Motorola Atrix 4G for a mere $49.99 from Amazon

Are you looking for a new phone? Are you looking for a new phone that is also a laptop? Are you looking for a new phone that has the latest specs and features? Are you broke like most of us? Then Amazon has you covered. During this weekend, you’ll be able to get the Motorola Atrix 4G for the holy-cow-that’s-cheap price of $49.99 from Amazon. As always, you’ll have to sign a two-year contract with AT&T for this offer to apply. To refresh your memory, here’s a summary of the Atrix 4G’s many features.

  • Full Adobe Flash support
  • Fingerprint recognition technology
  • Powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core CPU
  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • AT&T’s 4G network support
  • 5MP camera with LED flash; front facing camera

That’s lot of goodies for just 50 bucks. Will any of you guys be jumping on this offer?

Via: Gizmodo

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  • agentdiscount

    So, should I keep my T-Mobile Even More Plus plan (non-contact) and buy a G2x at full retail ($500) OR should I drop my line from the family plan and get a 2 year contract while picking up the Atrix?

    I really don’t know how to begin to figure out the pros/cons, especially with the merger looming.


    • http://Website Caelia

      Compare the prices of the two different plans over the course of 2 years and add in the cost of the phone. AT&T plans are pretty expensive but the great price for the Atrix might make up the difference.

    • http://Website Zach

      Go for the atrix, bro. I hve one and it’s awesome! As long as you’re into android (I’m assuming you are since your on this blog! xD) it will be an awesome experience. Especially with the 4G possibly being activated later this year.

      • AME


        NEXT YEAR?!?!?!

        Who needs that?! Keep T-Mobile and use 4G NOW!

    • agentdiscount

      As much as I like the increased resolution display and fingerprint scan, separating into an individual plan with AT&T while keeping tmobile for rest of family breaks down into at least 80 more per month. Also, I am excited for vanilla android plus hotspot ability in G2x.

  • http://Website at&twat


  • http://Website Gl3n

    As it is only available in the USA for $49… that’s a no! :(

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    Wow that’s really tempting. However I like my unlimited data where I am now. Atrix is a great device, but I can’t justify giving money to AT&T.

  • http://Website shyla styles

    atrix is obsolete

    • http://Website hacknet

      Here come the trolls.

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    Atrix 4g great device for android but never will I join At&t too get it NOT EVEN FOR FREE

  • http://Website tmopal

    The atrix is a great phone. My best friend has it but the 3g speeds are super slow and you can’t do off market downloads. So for me that’s a no. Holding out for the g2x in a couple days and goin to switch to that sweet even more plus plan for 60.

    I currently have two lines on tmo’s even more plus plan for 139.99. Obviously if I break the lines up it will be cheaper. But does anyone know if tmo came up with a tweaked even more plus family plan for like 109 or something?

  • http://Website

    Atrix is Gaytrix

  • http://Website HackNet

    I own the Atrix 2G and the internet works just fine. lol
    Hopefully At&t sends the upgrade to the device so I can torrent larger files via 3g/4g.
    The 2G data speeds just aren’t cuttin it.
    Other than the data, everything else works great.
    Stop trolling crApple lovers. This site does not need your opinion when you don’t even own one.

  • http://Website bobby

    Does upgrade also costs the same price 49$?