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Google gets ready to launch new Market, Music, Camera and Gallery apps

Call it controlled leak or honest mistake, but according to TechFrom10, their Samsung Galaxy S phones started receiving a new test version of the Android Market this morning. Aside from a new “Content rating” section for apps, the new Market app is not that much different. However, this new version includes some interesting alpha and beta apps from Google. Among them is the upcoming Music app, which looks a lot like the baby brother of the Honeycomb version. You can download the app here if you’re of the adventurous type. (Update: TechFrom10′s servers seem to be down, luckily I had the app. You can get it here.)

The other three beta apps are “Google Gallery 3D New 10.2″, “‘Google – Camera v12″ and “Google Desk Clock 10″. By now everybody and their mothers knows a new version of the Music app is coming soon — probably launched along Google Music at something called Google I/O I hear is happening next month. But the other three apps are really surprising to see in the Android Market. Maybe this has something to do with that rumor we heard a year ago. It looks like Google is getting ready to decouple standard Android apps and components from the OS and start moving them to the Market. Apps like Mail, Gallery, Camera, Browser, Calendar, and Messaging would be available for everybody from the Android Market. Not only apps, but also things like the standard Android keyboard, widgets, and Launcher will be available for people running HTC Sense or TouchWiz.

Clearly, Google is trying to fend off this so-called “fragmentation” Android suffers from. By doing this, everyone with an Android phone will always have the latest version of all these apps – without waiting for an OTA update. Furthermore, those people running HTC Sense would be able to make their phone look just like a Nexus S by getting all these apps from the Market.  It also allows Google to iterate these apps faster and fix bugs much quicker than it can now. Next step, figure out how to completely update Android from the Market app.

Via: DownloadSquad

Source: Tech From 10

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  • http://theandroidreviewer.com Nate

    Link to download is not working.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      It’s fixed now. Thanks.

  • http://Website hinds

    I downloaded the music app and its sick. I do hope they launch Google music. It improves the music app exponentially! Good on Google.

  • http://Website Eric

    Im surprised they are putting the open source android apps I’m the market. I figured they would always be coupled with the OS.

  • http://Website Patrick

    Best thing would be to update the browser via market, so they can put html5 stuff in it…

  • http://Website Richard Yarrell

    This is clearly the best they have done for the android market. We should all be happy cause this will help everyone to benefit from the goodness of android regardless of what carrier you have or whatever manufacturer makes your android device. I support that in every way.

  • http://Website alex

    Thats awesome it would be great for sense and etc. To bbe a launcher

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The Music app still needs some work… I had the other leak this one seems more stable but the randomness from Landscape to Portrait is weird. Like if you’re looking at “Recent Music” in landscape mode, it looks like the Scollable album art view in Honeycomb but it doesnt look the same for other tabs like “Artist” or “Album” . . . it needs work…… but its nice.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I’m glad you said the market wasn’t much of a change because on another site they were making a big deal of it and I was looking at the screen shots like unmm, looks the same to me. I like the new look of the music player. It needed some life. Ben though I don’t play music on my phone cause it’s a batt drain. Still nice.

  • http://Website Manny

    Someone make a vid of the new music app…please

  • http://Website andres

    about time they upgraded the music stock app. it is awesome so far, I am sure the final release will be even better. Thanks for the tip

  • http://Website Jonathan Nichols

    Thanks for the link to the music app. Anyone have a link to the others?

  • http://Website Rushdamian

    Just installed the music app on my old, beat-up, tired MyTouch 3G and I have to say it’s pretty slick! Kudos to Google for refreshing the app. Can’t wait for the Market and Camera apps!

  • http://Website revssssssss


  • http://Website Murad Kheraj

    Anyone able to link their Google Account with their “new” Music App?

  • KaiserJay

    I’m hoping that as the Music app has been decoupled from the OS, they may start optimising it a bit more so they can add features like a equaliser.

    I know a lot of people say that the reason smartphones don’t have equalisers on their standard music players is because they drain the battery faster. I’ve been using PowerAMP with the equaliser on for over a month now, and my battery levels are no different to the standard Music app.

    Here’s hoping the team working on the Music app take some hints from the PowerAmp team, cause competition is always good for the consumer :-D

  • http://Website panic

    I don’t know if the amount of music I have on my phone effected performance but it was a bit slow when scrolling up and down through music sometimes not moving at all. I’ll have to stick to my mixzing premium for now. It’s a great idea though I support it 100%.

  • http://Website carlos

    I can’t install music app on my rooted Droid x with gingerbread. Why? And is there a way to do so?

    • Alberto Vildosola

      I can’t install it on my phone either. I guess we’ll have to wait for Google to release the app.

      • http://Website carlos

        sorry for the negative, i pressed it by accident. i was able to install. if ur rooted jus download root explorer, delete stock music apk from /system/app and move file to this same folder. reset ur fone and voila app installed. if u have any questions feel free to contact me

        • Alberto Vildosola

          Thanks, I’ll try that.

  • http://Website poinck

    It looks very good, but the app is a bit slow on my Nexus One

  • Gone

    Music app is beautiful good job google!!!

  • http://Website Ruben

    It would be nice not to have to flash gapps everytime I flash a new rom.


    looks good. thanks for the link….

  • http://Website heyzuz

    I got the music app to work but the camera and gallery get fc’s.

    • Alberto Vildosola

      Yes, the Camera and Gallery apps are not working for anybody right now

  • http://Website chekorama

    it’s awesome!!!! i already download the link direct to my nexus one and works PERFECTLY SMOOTH, Alberto thanks for you post and the APK.

  • http://Website joe

    I was loving it until I realized it didn’t have .flac support.

  • http://Website pip 73

    Hope they add these to a new category in the market so they are easy for all to find – keep it easy and straightforward for people to find them.

  • MitchRapp81

    I got so used to Winamp … the new Android music app is that nice?

  • http://www.coffeepotsfarberware.com Pots

    I couldn’t install it in my mobile. Hope to fix the problem soon.

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