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Rumor: Google working to mix Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Google TV into tasty Ice Cream

According to GTVsource and Phandroid, Google is hard at work to merge Google TV and Honeycomb into the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Google is expected to make an announcement at Google I/O in five weeks. This will of course make it easier to maintain and update the three different products. Having a unified platform will also make Android a much stronger and full-featured OS.

Details are scarce, but a handful of ideas come to mind if Google were to merge these three different Android branches. Google could bake Google TV right into Ice Cream, making every new Android phone a potential Google TV box. Many Android phones are already sold with accessories to connect to your TV, why not make Google TV appear when you dock them. Much like Car mode pops up when you connect it to a car dock. Why stop there? Throw Chrome OS in there as well and pop it up when the phone is connected to a laptop dock. Again, the possibilities are endless and I bet Google won’t disappoint us at this year’s Google I/O. What do you guys want out of this freaky three-way Google is planning?

Via: Phandroid

Source: GTVsource

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  • http://Website Jeremy

    I think we’re really looking at the end of having more than one item for music, movies and productivity and full featured internet…

    • http://Website B

      And I can’t complain. Amazing how far cell phones have come in such a short time. We had monochrome screens just about 10 years ago.

  • http://www.nightshadelabs.com David Shellabarger

    Google TV you say.
    I guess it is about time to relaunch that sucker with api support.
    Sound like a win to me.

    • http://Website President John Kerry

      i already have tv…i love direct tv…wont need another tv

      • http://Website CactusCat

        Ummm. I hate to be the one to break the news to you. You didn’t win the Presidential race Mr. Kerry. You lost…..

  • http://www.marioplanet.com Zach

    This could really be a turning point for Google. I think this is a smart move because individually, these operating systems are awesome.

    Together, these would be unstoppable.

  • http://www.thechromesource.com Daniel Cawrey

    While I won’t disagree that there will be some sort of convergence at some point between Android and Chrome OS, It’s unlikely to happen at Google I/O in five weeks.

    Chrome OS isn’t even a commercial platform yet. It’s going to be released this year, but the focus is going to be strictly for laptops at the outset. Maybe when there is a regular user base it could be included on dockable phones as long as the wireless carriers don’t try to throw their own UIs on top of the browser.

  • http://kan.gs/ Anonymous Coward

    It sounds to me that this is less of a “feature merge” and more of a “code merge”, where the end result will be a bunch of code that can be compiled for a specific target device (google tv, tablet, or phone) and it will commanalyze the overlapping pieces. So fixes applied to the common code can be rolled out across all devices simultaneously for bugfixes and new features in new releases. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Google TV functionality on Tablets any time soon.


    • http://Website Wilbur

      do you continue streaming on TVants?

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I think this is really awesome. I also hope they come with another nexus device by ends year. Either way I think Google is finally going to put their foot down to have Android firmer then ever. More unified & less frag. Purness across all carriers. One solid OS & community & not all over the place.


    google I/O cat come fast enough ! lil more than a month.. HURRY UP !! lol

  • http://Website Alan

    Sounds interesting, although I bet Google TV will remain US-only :-(

  • http://Website Honeybread fragmentation

    Its going to suck!

  • http://Website •••

    —DISH is better—

    • http://Website Teen-Mobile

      How much is dish networks currently? Is it worth it?

    • pchristensen

      Dish doesn’t seem to think they’re too good for Google TV

  • http://Website Kindroid

    There would be no point to Chrome OS if it doesn’t serve as the backbone that unifies Android and Chrome across all devices. The involvement of Citrix seems a pretty strong indicator of this unification.

  • Jeffroid

    Threesome is awesome

  • http://aol.com william bogardus

    Make it faster and 4G everywhere. Not only in some restaurants, or book stores (how ever long there around for?).

  • http://Website dan

    The next iteration of Android will officially be Ice Cream Sundae… you heard it here first!!