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Verizon launching $50/month prepaid talk, text and data plan?

Verizon might be feeling a bit of pressure from prepaid competitors like Virgin Mobile and MetroPCS. According to Droid-Life, Big Red could soon be launching some brand new prepaid plans. The first one is $50/month for unlimited everything except data. The other two are day to day plans, costing $0.99 and $1.99 respectively. These prices are still a tad more than Virgin’s popular $25/month plan for unlimited everything and 300 calling minutes. But at least it’s a step in the right direction for the wireless carrier,¬†which is generally known for not-very-cheap plan rates.

Via: Droid-Life

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  • Prince77

    Everything but data????? That means if you get data too it’s still going to be over more because they will have it capped and most will want to have enough data so they won’t go over……. Sprint is still has the best plan.

    • http://Website smart guh

      R u stupid? Includes data too.

      • Prince77

        R U STUPID???? You need to read before you make a comment………………..The first one is $50/month for unlimited everything except data.

        • http://Website Oreo


        • http://Website Oreo

          I think he only read the title(but it is a tad bit miss leading), but its still amusing that he’s a “smart guy”. Smh

        • http://Website Jerry

          Well, that was unproductive guys.. Lets grow up a bit.

          Prince, in Verizon-eese “Mobile Web” could be taken as data. Although, it usually refers to the “feature” phones data plan and is a bit of a dated term for VZW to bring back.

          That said, I am not sure I believe this or maybe someone dug it out of the archives for another go.

        • http://Website soldier1980

          if you read the heading it says UNLIMITED TALK,TEXT,AND DATA

      • http://Website Dumbo

        Reading fail

      • http://Website Joe


    • http://Website smarties

      You mean T-Mobile since it truly is unlimited and that includes unlimited roaming unlike sprint.

  • http://Website r3publ1can.bum

    1s d1s 4 fak3b00k and twatt3r???

    g0tta luv as0c1al n3tw0rx

    • Drew


  • http://Website Hasna

    Am I missing something? The commentary shows $50/month for unlimited everything except data, but the image shows that includes data for $50/month (mobile web)

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